Free Daily Horoscope: Next Three Days 20th-22nd May


Today’s daily horoscope prediction and astrology for all star signs, for the next three days! What’s happening for you?  Monday 20th May- Wednesday 22nd May 2019. These are general based on the movement of the Sun and Moon, as well as key planet transits for each Zodiac sign. Be sure to subscribe and head back on Wednesday for your mid-week daily horoscope, and Friday for your daily horoscope for the weekend.

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The Sun is under the influence of  the ruler of the second house of money, we start this week with the Sun in Taurus for you, your house of finance could really be looking good this week. The Sun’s energy is all about growth and health.  The Moon is in Sagittarius,  the Moon’s energy is about emotions and very changeable. Jupiter the planet of fortune and expansion is also  under Sagittarius in retrograde. At the moment you could be going over old issues,  and for you this impacts on your other house of finance!  Looks like as we start  this week the focus is all about finance for you Aries. There could be some expansion, growth, good news and maybe revisiting your shared finances such as debts. Make sure all is in order.

TaurusThe moon is in Sagittarius

Taurus, it’s all about you. With the Sun in the final degrees of Taurus at 29 degrees this impacts the first house of you, all that you are, your appearance and your wants. It’ a brilliant time to focus in on this area of life…basically you! The Moon is under Sagittarius and for you this impacts on your relationships, business relations, marriage and romantic partnerships.  The Moon is here with the planet of expansion and growth Jupiter. The Moon’s energy brings emotions and changeable feelings. With the Sun in your energy you’re at your  best, with the Moon’s emotions in your house of relationships both business and personal it’s a good time to see how you feel about  this area of life. Jupiter is here also in retrograde pulling you back to this area of life. How do you feel? is it time for any changes?


Gemini this week the energy seems to be surrounding your inner thoughts, feelings, what you hope and wish for in private, and what is done in private. This could be an area of life for you to think deeply about and see how you wish to grow,  move forward or expand your deepest desires- whatever they might be. The Sun’s energy in Taurus is focusing in here, and it’s all about health and growth. What is it you want right now? If you have or need to deal with any large intuitions, law enforcement or legal matters the next few days could be a good time. The Moon’s energy is focusing in on your service to others, how you earn money, your health, day to day routines and disputes with others. The Moon brings changeable emotional feelings. Are you satisfied with how you earn money or the services you provide to others? Could be an ideal time to focus in on your emotional needs here as well as what you deeply want.


Cancer the energy over the next few days is focused on your career, status in the world, how others see you and your creativity, dating, sex, romance, children, risk taking and enjoyment of life! Great energy. The Sun’s energy of growth health and vitality is under the influence of a Sun sign that is all about stability, progress and building ( Taurus). It’s also in  late degrees indicating finishing up one thing and starting a fresh. It could be a good time to look at your career ambitions with a new set of eyes, what will you do next or finish up, or where do you wish to go next in terms of direction? The Moon’s energy is surrounding your area of creativity, dating, sex, children, romance, risk taking and live’s enjoyment. Along with Jupiter’s energy of expansion and fortune also in retrograde. The energy of these planets in this area of life leads to emotional ( Moon) feelings around creativity, dating, sex, romance, children, risk taking and enjoyment of life. Jupiter is asking you to look back  while  he is in retrograde  at these areas, from an emotional perspective with the Moon’s energy. Could be a very good time for love and dating, but how do you really feel?

LeoThe Sun is in Taurus

Leo your higher learning, spirituality, broad views on life, long distance travel and foreign affairs are due for an upgrade under the current energy! It’s a perfect time to start higher learning or education, or you should be really focused on any current higher learning you are doing now.  Travel could also be on the cards or contact with far off places distant places. It’ a good time for this.The Moon’s energy is resonating around your recent past, foundations, family, home, what you call secure along with Jupiter’s energy. The Moon is all about the emotions, it could be a good time to think abut how you feel about this area of life. Jupiter is in retrograde pulling you back, but also offering support with expansion energy. Is there anything around your home life you need to focus on? Now could be the time, especially if you have any ideas for expansion of growth with all you call secure, your foundations, home life and events of the recent past.


There could be some communication, thinking or learning going on for you over this week Virgo. This could also be to do with actual academic learning, childhood or even your shared finances such as debt, inheritance, and any resources your share with others. The Sun’s energy is surrounding your shared area of life. This could bring  growth, health and vitality or even some kind of refund of money owed to you. Check in with your shared finances and make sure you are getting all that is owed to you. In other news the Moon’s energy is resonating in your third house of life. The next few days could see an influx of communication such as emails, letters, texts, or even conversations that need to be had. If so, deal with all communication with minimal delay and use your intuition and how you feel with your responses with the Moon’s energy here.


Libra the Sun’s energy is resonating in the astrology house of life you rule! Your house of relationships and partnership, both business and personal. This is great energy. This week there could be some growth in your relationships and partnerships that you are involved in, especially with the Sun under the influence a Sun sign that rules over progress, building and stability. The Moon’s energy  is encouraging communications, thinking, learning from an emotional perspective.  There could be a need to focus on your relationships and communication within them. Your third house the house of communication may bring some emotions this week. The Moon’s energy is changeable, this week your house of thinking and communications is also under the spotlight as well as relationships.


General health matters could be important this week, and this could be financial health also, with how  you earn money, are of service to others, and your day to day routine. With the Sun in Taurus this is about progress and stability. Are you as healthy as you could be Scorpio physically? It’s time to make progress in this area of life, as well as looking at your routine and how you earn money and financial health. The Moon’s energy is resonating around your house of personal finance. Emotions may be charged or up and down with regards to your personal finance. A good time to check in on them and ensure all is well and of course ‘healthy’ in your house of money. This week is also a very powerful week for you, we had a full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th, therefore step into your personal power this week whatever you wish to work on and achieve with the full Moon energy surrounding you it’s perfect, and Divine timing.


The Moon is in your energy Sagittarius! For you this bring heightened emotions that may resonate around your first house of you .That said, the Moon is a quick moving planet sending just 2.5 days in a sign so any overly emotional feelings you feel may pass quickly. The other area of life  also under the spot light is your personal house of money also! This is positive energy as the Sun is here bringing growth, health and vitality. Financially it could be a good week. Jupiter the planet of fortune , good luck and expansion is also under Sagittarius’ influence- but in retrograde. This is also your ruling planet. His energy is still supportive but is calling you back to your first house of you. It seems like a lucky week if you play your cards right, and focus on yourself and your own fortune.


Money and your hopes and dreams seems to be the focus this week, as well as your friendships, social circles and interaction with others on a mental level. What is it you wish to manifest with your financial house of life? The Sun’s energy is here offering growth, health and stability under Taurus’ influence. In other news, this week looks like the start of the week brings emotional changes or feelings around hopes and dreams, your friendships and social circles. Pay attention to what you really wish for or hope, don’t miss any sudden intuitive feelings you get surrounding your friendships, hopes, dreams and aspirations, as the Moon’s energy is here and moves quickly! Don’t miss opportunities or deeper feelings they could be significant this week.


This week’s energy for you seems to be a very mentally charged one! That said, there is no other better sign for this energy as an air sign yourself, that’s logical and likes facts. As we start this week it seems to be a good week to communicate your ideas, visions, respond to emails, texts or letters as we start the week. Distance travel or communication with foreign places, situations or things could also crop up.  The Sun’s energy is in your house of communication, you’re on form! Take advantage and plan, talk, organise and have all your ‘ideas’ in check. Growth and forward movement could be made this week with the Sun in this area, under Taurus’ energy, of progress and stability. Emotionally, you could also be facing some feelings around your broader views on life or situations you are in or have been in. Pay attention to your emotions around religion, spirituality, higher learning that could be academic as well as any business higher learning  or worldly ideas on the horizon. The Moon is in this area of life for you so emotions could be high, changeable pay attention.


Are you thinking of traveling Pisces? It could be a good time to look into this as we start the week if that’s your plan. Also focusing in on your recent hopes, dreams and aspirations could serve you well as we start the week, with the Sun’s energy here under Taurus’ progressive and stability energy. It’s time to build on your dreams. Travel wise, emotionally you could be drawn to this with the Moon’s energy here. Decide on where it is you wish to go and stick to it! The Moon brings changeable feelings this could be around your travel plans or even distant relationships and foreign affairs.

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8 Replies to “Free Daily Horoscope: Next Three Days 20th-22nd May”

  1. As an Aquarius, and have signed up for a suite of courses this week – maybe a good time to start them.
    Also a friend from the states has got in touch, i’m from the uk – so distance communication is going on.
    Thanks for taking the time to create and post these for free.

    1. Hello I too am an Aquarius, astrology is very accurate you know. The horoscope for today does resonate with me also I am too doing some courses. I’d encourage you to look into your Ascendant sign too.

  2. Hi,
    I just popped round to your site, and – of course I jumped to my starsign immediately 🙂
    Wow! It matches totally perfect. Though I know that it’s a common statement and targeting every similar starsign it nevertheless was astonishing how I could compare it to my real life 🙂
    Thanks for that!
    Best, George

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by, glad that it resonated. You know Astrology is very accurate to navigate life with and it does not surprise me a horoscope can resonate. If you know your Ascendant sign in astrology I advise you to read that horoscope also if your star sign (Sun sign) does not resonate.

  3. Astrology fascinates me in a certain way so your post definitely interests me. All things witchy has a nice ring to it, well done getting me engaged straight away. The thing that fascinates me most about astrology is the way that it seemingly attributes characteristics to any given sign. Is it coincidence or is there something real behind it? As an Aquarius I’m glad to know that some mental charge is afoot! I really like your post here and I will be bookmarking your page for future astrological reference. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello fellow Aquarius! Well, there is not really anything ‘coincidence’ as such with the attributes to the signs, a lot of it dates back to history, when and how they were discovered. For example the planet Saturn ( our and all Aquarius’ traditional ruler before the discovery of the planet Uranus) is one of the most distant planets, it’s cold and has rings around it. Hence Aquarius Sun sign has the reputation to be ‘distant’ ‘cold’ ‘logical’ and ‘factual=’ just like Saturn’s distance from Earth, cold atmosphere. Take Mars Aries’ ruler, and Scorpio’s traditional ruler this is a fast moving hot planet = Aries a hot headed Sun sign reputation, aggressive, a cardinal (action based) Sun. A lot of the attributes to Sun signs are taken from the reputations or characteristics of planets, and vice versa. As you study astrology all this is revealed and you learn how to interpret the energies of each Sun sign and  planet. Then you learn the houses of life and how they are linked. For example Aries rules the 1st house – the sign concerned with the self.  Glad you are enjoyed your horoscope.

  4. Thank you for sharing my horoscope for this week. I am Aries so hopefully that there will be some good news with money coming soon. It is pretty accurate, it said that Aries this week will revisit the old problem, that is accurate. I live in NYC and these past 3 days it has been raining and I have to deal with the water leak again. I might need a remodel soon or maybe just move to a new apartment. Will subscribe to your newsletter. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Hey, oh I am pleased to hear it resonated but sorry to hear about the leak- again! Welcome to The Spiritual Parlour tomorrow ( Wednesday) your mid-end week horoscope will be delivered via email from your subscription… yeah! Have a blessed day.

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