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Welcome to The Spiritual Parlour, this is a place where one and all are welcome to come and embrace their spiritual growth, and abundance. I’m Kae an astrologer with a diploma in astrological studies, and one in numerology,  I am also a qualified Reiki Master and teacher. This space is dedicated to sharing:

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Monthly horoscope readings.

Intuitive messages with the world!

Astrology blogs.

Tarot card blogs.

Numerology, astrology and info on all things witchy or esoteric.

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My journey into the world of Tarot, numerology and astrology  started when I was just in my early teens. (I’m now in my thirties). I stumbled across both, embraced them and spirituality as a whole and never looked back. But I then lost touch with it as life and society’s idea of what I should be doing took over, but it still remained close to my heart.

I then experienced situations in life where I needed guidance and went back to what I love, I’ve spent a number of years studying all areas as well as natural herbal magic. I’ve learned that I have a very strong intuitive nature when it comes to reading Tarot, I am clairsentience  and clairaudient I am guided by this, rather than going just by what the text books say! I am totally at home with everything astrology, numerology, witchy and esoteric, it feels like I’ve been connected to it in some kind of past life. I’m not ‘religious’ in anyway. I don’t follow one set religion, I more have an understanding of them all, and appreciation for what each one offers. I am in that sense spiritual.


The study of my own birth chart after I made major life changes set me up! It made me realise that, yes I am on the right path and made good decisions. It also helped me to understand exactly, potentially how and why I ended up making these changes. For me personally, it was ‘written in my  birth chart’ when I studied it deep enough. The same when I did my own numerology. Astrology, and following the movement in the cosmos  each month, has helped greatly to uplift me, guide me, make sense of myself, life and connect me to my true self. The same with numerology, Tarot and reading up and educating myself on different areas of spirituality. I wish the same for everyone, plus…I just love writing about this stuff too so that’s a bonus.



So, stick around for regular messages shared related to your Sun (Star) sign,  general weekly messages, showing what the possible energy for the upcoming week maybe, and interesting uplifting blog posts.  My mission is simply to help empower and uplift others via the messages from the Universe. If one person receives some empowerment and positive vibes then, I’m a happy bunny. Remember these messages are general, and may not resonate with every one. For a personal reading, astrology, or numerology that will resonate with your own personal situation and questions I do offer birth charts and Tarot readings. Don’t forget to also check your Ascendant or rising Sun and Moon Astrology signs for better understanding.

Love and light to all!


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