12 Month Personal Horoscope E-Book

When I was in my teens, I fell in love with Astrology via these paperback books. Then all of a sudden they went missing! I could no longer find them by the time I reached my twenties. I know the value of having an accurate horoscope reading, they are so empowering. The Spiritual Parlour shop offers a personalised 12 month horoscope reading e-books for all Sun signs, based on your date,time and location of birth. In the e-book PDF you will receive:

A horoscope for each month, based on your personal Astrology for the next 12 months.

Full details of planet transits and how it may impact on you and your houses of life.

Confirmation of your Sun, Moon and Rising sign.

A break down of your personality based on your Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

You can also purchase horoscopes for as many months as you want.

Feel free to take a look around my shop here

See an example of a 12 month e-book below, note that I have removed the person’s name for privacy.

Twelve Month Astrology Horoscope – Example


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