Free Birth Chart Calculator

Check out the free birth chart calculator below.  If you enter your date of birth, location of birth, and the time of birth you’ll be able to  calculate a free natal chart, then download your beautiful birth chart showing  the location of your planets, aspects, the houses, and everything you need to know about you in astrology terms! Check out this blog here to understand house rulership in astrology.  Also lean about the importance of your ascendant sign,  and Moon sign here.  If you’d like a full birth chart  reading by a professional astrologer ( me) check out The Spiritual Parlour birth chart readings to order.  If you’d like a free daily horoscope for your sign just head here.

What if I don’t know my time of birth?

While this is key in astrology for 100 percent accuracy, because you will have the correct ascendant sign ( this changes roughly every two hours), and a firm idea of where your planets rest, if you’re unsure about your EXACT time of birth try to narrow it down to the nearest couple of hours within the day.

If this is still not possible, but you know your date of birth enter  12.00 Noon ( 12.00p.m.) when the Sun is at the highest point in the sky.  This will give you an average of where the planets were placed for the day. It’s about as accurate as you can be if, you have no idea at all of your time of birth to the nearest couple of hours, or what time of day/ night you were born. Any questions contact me here.

Can I Print My Birth Chart?

Sure go to ‘chart’ then ‘printable version’ once your chart is calculated. Look at the top of the chart for the options.

What House System Is Used?

In astrology there are many, but your chart will be calculated using the most popular Placidus house system