The Spiritual Parlour is an ethical site, with the intention of promoting, increasing, and helping with the highest good of everyone in the world! The site aims to uplift you and help you on your path, or deal with day to day life. Therefore when you read any content on this site please note the below:

  • Reviews are honest, and based on experience only or  my own view point. They are in no way influenced by anyone else or by any offer of money, goods, or special treatment. If a product sucks, trust me I’ll tell you. If it’s the best thing since sliced bread, you’ll know too and honestly in my opinion why.


  • Due to the nature of The Spiritual Parlour, often other businesses and services or products and books are recommended.  I do work with third parties, if not how to I help you? How do I build an interesting site? In this case the above applies, and in addition the website may contain affiliate links, or may receive a few pennies in exchange for the promotion, or work done with a third party, this is to help with the running of my site. This in no way impacts on you, my honesty in the review, or why I have decided to endorse, promote or feature the book, product, service, or business on my site.  I have done so because I believe in the product, service, book, business etc, it is relevant, can help your highest good  or has helped me or I generally love it!


  •  Free horoscopes are a general snap shot of where we are, from Earth, a general message from the Universe from them to us.  Therefore they may not resonate with everyone. This is because I can’t have everyone in the world’s  personal birth chart to hand, in order to do a very personal horoscope. ( But I’d love to trust me). That said, the general spiritual messages from the Universe could help for your highest good, so don’t feel they are not relevant in anyway I do make them as detailed as I can, but general. BUT if you purchase a paid for, personal astrology service  or a birth chart or relationships astrology of course this is based on YOUR birth chart, and 100% based on your energy or the other person’s. These paid services are honest, accurate, detailed and I will give you a balanced picture the good energy as well as the challenges ,and I will NEVER print off a report from any software and hand it to you, all interpretation is done my me a qualified astrologer and I put a lot of time and energy into it too.


  • Lastly astrology is a wonderful and accurate tool to navigate life, and understand the self, past and future. However, remember we all have ‘free will’ you have choices in life, and therefore you should always follow your intuition and retain your power. Events predicted by astrology can be influenced or avoided by us all depending on how we use free will. The Spiritual Parlour can not be held responsible for any life decisions you make based on astrology predictions…remember, free will!

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Love and light