Dating With Astrology- Zodiac Signs and Compatibility E-Book

Two things I am always asked about as an astrologer, each Sun (star) sign’s traits and compatibility with others. You’re in the right place for answers!  My name is Kae I have a diploma in Astrological Studies, I’m a numerologist, Tarot reader and spiritual shop owner.

  20 page e-book Sun Sign Compatibility and Traits just £3.99

For each of the twelve Sun signs here is a chapter covering :

  • Key astrology language to help you understand horoscopes and astrology better.
  • The area of life each Sun sign rules.
  • Personality common traits for each Sun sign.
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Details about each Sun sign’s energy.
  • Other Sun signs each sign tends to blend the best with romantically, and generally as well as the signs that they have ‘good energy’ with.
  • The  horoscope gem stone or crystal ( not birth stone this is different), associated with the sign.
  • Sex and each Sun sun, how they view it, how they approach it, how to have the best sex with them.
  • Relationships with each Sun sign.
  • The area of the body that each sign rules.
  • Much much more!


How Can You benefit From This E-book?

You’ll have a good foundation and  understanding of yourself, astrologically and anyone else you know the Sun sign for. You are able to see how two people may mesh, what challenges they may have, who is a good suitor potentially,  romantically and also have ‘good energy’ with as the second most suited signs.

This mini e-book is written in an engaging way, in normal everyday language for the non- professional astrologer to understand and enjoy. Those who have a love for astrology, esoteric subjects, or even just want to empower themselves while dating and finding an ideal  life partner this is for you! Find your ideal match today.



How Will You Receive Your Order?

  • Straight away, a PDF will instantly be sent  to you via email, which you can download and enjoy as long as you have PDF viewer software, such as Adobe on your device.

How Will You Be Billed?

  • Just once £3.99 on purchase today and that’s all.



  1.  Astrology is a wonderful and accurate tool to navigate life, and understand the self, past and future. However, remember we all have ‘free will’ you have choices in life, and therefore you should always follow your intuition and retain your power. Events predicted by astrology can be influenced or avoided by us all depending on how we use  our free will. The Spiritual Parlour can not be held responsible for any life decisions you make based on astrology predictions or e-books published…remember, free will!
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8 Replies to “Dating With Astrology- Zodiac Signs and Compatibility E-Book”

  1. Kae, The sun sign compatibility and traits book sounds like a must read for me. I feel the need to understand myself more astrologically and most important to me right now, Sun Signs. I can’t wait to find out more about relationships with my sun sign and other sun signs I am compatible with. 

    Thank you for this article. 

    1. Hi there! Amazing, I hope it offers  you good insight it’s useful to help navigate relationships of all kinds not just the romantic ones too! 

  2. Astrology is indeed a fascinating topic. It would provide one a good reference point that can be used for a lot of day-to-day life and events. Provided you take it in the right context and exercise your right judgment and free will, astrology would be quite a useful tool to anyone.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. That’s the key, ‘free will’ it’s excellent to navigate and use as guidance but our own intuition and guides will help to steer us too. Astrology can help us to know when key times are to carry out key things or even when things can be fated. It can help with confirming questions we have, but the action is down to the person.

  3. An article and ebook having this quality takes time and energy to develop. most especially when it has to help out people with useful information. i also commend the beautiful website that you have created. As long as i am going to get it for a price as good as this, then i am always going to purchase this. thank you

  4. I would first like to mention that this is a helpful post and e-book i am very sure that the content of your superb book will be of much help to a lot of people, just as it has greatly helped me. very good article on sun sign compatibility. . i would need to bring my reading attitude back on track. thank you for this

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