The Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is one of the most beautiful things a person in their earthly experience can go through, and experience. The signs of spiritual awakening are not always clear and can often feel like a life crises, disaster, or that things in life are very confusing. So, what are the signs of spiritual awakening? Let’s take a look.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

First we need to understand what a spiritual awakening is, it is: to become much more aware of things. This can be what’s happening in the world, the environment, or your own world and environment. A person starts to see life differently with a spiritual awakening.  This is the sign of a spiritual awakening, at first when the new perspective of life is changing, it can seem confusing and as if you’re not sure which way to turn. This is all part of the process, as during a spiritual awaking one of the signs is that you are ‘confused’ and this is your chance to create your reality, and remember who you are and that, “you are the creator” of your inner and outer world.

The Signs of Spiritual Awakening

  • At first you may feel odd and restless, but you’re unable to place your finger on what it is that is causing you to feel this way. This is a sign that the path you were on, or the path that you’re on now is out of alignment, and you are awakening to the path for your highest good. However, it’s during this feeling of ‘oddness’ that one should use it to manifest their desires which you can learn about here in this article How To Manifest Anything You Desire.
  • You may be very attracted to esoteric subjects, and things that most people in the human earthly experience, ‘don’t believe in.’ Whether this is things like astrology, numerology, tarot, witchcraft, or even softer things like angels. When this happens this is often because you are waking up to who you truly are, or you remember a past association that you had with esoteric subjects in another incarnation. Now that’s if you believe in past lives, as someone who has had past life regressions I do believe in them. I believed in them before I was regressed, the regression just confirmed that reincarnation is a fact not a myth.
  • You have a need to question everything, literally! Nothing that is shown to you
  • in the media, on TV, or that you hear on the radio you take at face value. This is because during a spiritual awakening you start to see the world around you, and your own world as in private life different. This is sign of spiritual awakening, a very big and obvious one.
  • Life may present itself in what I like to call a ‘tower moment,’ the Tower is a major arcana tarot card. This card’s energy is about sudden, unexpected changes that often we don’t see coming. Life may suddenly ‘go left’ on you. The experience can sometimes be a feeling of things crumbling. What you wish to be a green light and a yes, starts to close itself off to you. This is because a new path is being opened to you, and your spiritual awakening is about to set you on a more aligned path.
  • The above can also lead to situations, people, places, and things departing your life. You may ‘lose’ friends, partners, or connections. This is not anything to do with you, or for any reason that you have caused (if you’ve been a good friend and person) it’s all part of your spiritual awakening. You are about to be presented with a new tribe of friends, associates, and partners that are more aligned with who you are, and your spiritual path.

  • You, yourself may do something ‘crazy’ that no one expects of you. This can be a simple as cutting your hair really short, or moving to a remote location, change your job or quit it all together, or some kind of change that you didn’t imagine for yourself—but it feels right. This is key it feels right you are learning to listen to your inner voice, higher self, and take your cues from the universe. If it feels right, for some crazy reason go for it, make that unexpected change. This is part of your spiritual awakening to place you in a new more aligned direction. This is also a sign of spiritual awakening that is obvious and big.
  • Your peace becomes priority. This is a big sign of spiritual awakening, you are no longer here to please people, situations, places, and things. If it does not bring you peace basically you’re not interested. If you feel like this, this is a big sign that you are undergoing some kind of transformation and spiritual awaking.
  • You have zero fucks for what other people think! This means that who you are, how you live your life, and your belief system is becoming so clear and solid to you (even if it does not feel like it at first), that what old what’s-his-face or what’s-her-face has to say or think really does not matter to you. A big sign of spiritual awaking is that things don’t rock you to your core like they used to, you become unbothered as you are solid in who you are. This is a really beautiful sign of spiritual awakening as it means no one, or nothing can control you anymore.
  • You become detached from specific outcomes when it comes to situations, people, places, and things. This is because you are on a journey, and you are unsure what the outcome maybe so all there is to do is enjoy it! You don’t force yourself to be insistent on the how or when something will happen, you begin to trust that it will. This is an excellent place to be to be successful with manifestation also. Check out the book Make it, How To Manifest Anything to help you manifest your best life, detached of outcomes.
  • You realise what, “you are the creator” means. You literally understand that you create your experiences, situations, success, abundance, an even misfortunes if you don’t focus on the positive. You understand that you play a role in your life’s direction, no one else, or nothing else does— you control your outcomes.
  • Knowledge becomes important to you, you wish to understand the world and how it works. Even understand the world that is unseen to us, the spiritual realm.
  • You start to dream more and receive messages. You may develop psychic abilities also. While you develop them you may question if it is real, if you are mad, if you are hearing or seeing things. My friend, you’re not mad, or imagining it it is happening!
  • You realise that there is no such thing as ‘coincidence’ in life. Everything happens for a reason. If you get still, and really ask the right questions you can see why something has happened and the reason behind it.
  • Meditation, yoga, and any other spiritual practices become important to you. You start to look after your spiritual and mental health more.

How to make the most of a spiritual awakening?

The first thing to do is to embrace it! Knowing that the direction you are going in is new, and will have some challenges, but it is all part of the process. How you respond to challenges is the answer, not the challenges themselves.  During a spiritual awakening one of the best things a person can do for themselves once they understand a shift is happening, is to start manifesting their desires. We are all manifesting every day, every moment, and this is down to the fact that ‘thoughts become things.’ All the master spiritual teachers of the past and present allude to this fact. It is universal law what you think about and focus on will become your reality. If you understand this, you will use this to your advantage rather than disadvantage and focus on the right things you desire so that they can manifest. Manifestation is a lot easier than people think, if you check out How To Manifest Your Desires this article will shed some light on it. And so will the book  Make It Happen, How To Manifest Anything. Will make manifestation and your spiritual awakening so enjoyable and pleasant. So these are some of the signs of spiritual awakening, how many have you experienced? And are you using this to your advantage? Click the cover below and discover your manifestation power!









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