Deity of The Week: Folklore and Mythology

Follow the blog and each Monday and learn about a new deity, spirit, angel, fairy, witch, and all energies from all over the world.  A short article will be posted highlighting deities  from all pantheons , belief systems, and corners of the world. No stone will be left unturned! See if there’s an energy that you resonate with and wish to connect with. You can also check out How to Connect With Your Ancestors and Spirit,  a short but detailed e-book to learn how to set up an altar and petition a deity, spirit, angel, ancestor etc to help you with manifestations in your life. And hear all about my own experience with connecting with my protector diety who choose me!  If you wish to learn powerful candle magic to connect with your deity and ancestors check out Powerful Candle and Oil Herbal Conjure.

Aatxe: Protection

Abata: wealth, prosperity

Abchanchu: folklore tale

Abeona: gypy goddress of departures, travel, death, children.

The Abiku: folklore, children and mothers.

Abka Hehe: ‘Heavenly mother’ goddess of battles.

Abtagigi: sex goddess, goddess of desires.

Abnoba: nature goddess

Abuk: prosperity goddess

Acat: God and patron on tattoos and body art

Acca Larentia: prosperity goddess. sex worker’s goddess

The Achachilas: protective mountain spirits from southern America

Adamu: Female goddess of blood,, fertility, and Vampires.

Adeona: goddess of children and safe returns.