Deity of The Week: Abeona the Travel Goddess


This week’s deity of the week is Abeona.

Origin: Italian, roman.

Sacred items: gates, and road imagery. (These can be placed on an altar for her.)

Appears as: gypsy woman, a traveller.

Sacred people: travellers, children.

Area of influence: travel and departure goddess.

Petition her for: safety, death, protection of children, children with walking difficulties, travel. Whenever you need to go out of your comfort zone in life, when you are going in a new direction that is unknown.

Patron of: children, death, travels.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), black or white candles, maps, traveller’s talismans.

A wonderful spirit Abeona is, she is associated with departures and leaving. This can be in the form of travel or death. She also protects over all children and travellers. You can approach her to look out for the safety of a child or your own child if they leave home, or they are away from you, if they are in a coma and ‘in between’ this realm and the next, if your child has walking difficulties, or they have not reached the milestone of walking independently by a certain age.

You can petition her for travel whenever you need to go somewhere that’s at a distance, and wish to be protected and safe. You can also petition her in times of death, and to ask for the safe deliverance of a soul that has departed their human form. Her name means to ‘go forth’ or ‘leave.’

This deity spirit rules over all departures, of all kinds this can include for marriage ( if you leave your home and go to a new home of your new family for example), the military or army, for education if you go away to study, immigration, or travels to a new country, city, town etc., and of course the literal departure of death.

She works with her sister who is Adeona who oversees the safe return of travellers, and those who are returning from a location.

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