The Spiritual Parlour Store

The Spiritual Parlour is online, via Etsy  here you will  find your most needed spiritual candles online, personal astrology reports and e-books for the year, calendars, print-ables and much more! Everything astrology, numerology and spirituality related. For online courses taught by K. Yansá who is qualified  and works professionally in tarot, astrology, numerology, reiki, candle magic, and all esoteric subjects check out the store here.

Prosperity, success and abundance candles.

New business candles.

Road opener candles.

Protection candles

Healing candles.

Female empowerment candles inspired by the powerful female Deities Maman Bridget (Haitian Loa Goddess) and Oya (Goddess from one of the seven African powers).

Love attraction and twin flame candles.

‘Titanium’ love candles.

Medication candles.

New moon candles.

Much much more!

You’ll also find intent oils and potions all handmade:

Fast Money Oil, Prosperity Oil, Good Luck Oil.

‘Follow me’ love oil.

Crossing Oil ( hey I’m no judge, sometimes in life people need humbling!)

Four Thieves Vinegar

Cleansing oils, protection oils.

Much much more!


Check out The Spiritual Parlour online!