Signs The Universe is Supporting You

How do you know the universe is trying to tell you something? You can tell by the clear signs sent to you that the universe is supporting you, blessing you, and the universe is providing you with what you need, or have asked for. The ‘universe works in mysterious ways’, is something that we’ve all heard or read about before, and it is true. All we need to do in our earthly experience is to look at what is happening in our personal environment and world.


Signs the Universe is Supporting You:

  • What you need or desire is being provided to you. This may happen in both ways that are expected, and unexpected to you. You may cross paths with people, situations, places, or things in random or unexpected ways. Or the universe may simply grant them for you. Take for example stumbling on this blog post, which may provide you with the reassurance or guidance you need to move forward. Or stumbling upon a book that provides you with the direction you need to head in. It’s little things like this that are being presented and ‘provided’ for you that clarity the universe is supporting you, and about to bless you in some way.


  • “Coincidences” start to appear in your life, well, at least this is how it appears to you in your earthly experience. Humans like to place things that happen in alignment or by chance down to “coincidence.” When it comes to the universe and the way it works, there is no such thing as a coincidence—everything happens for a reason. If a person sits and analyses why things have happened which appear to them to be a coincidence, a reason no matter how small can be found for why something happened.



  • You may start to notice repeated patterns, numbers, incidences, or experiences in your life. This could come in the form of seeing the same numbers such as 11.11. 22.22, 33.33 or etc. Or you have the same life experiences with different people, places, or situations involved. When the latter happens and its experiences that seem to repeat themselves, this is a sign that the universe is trying to tell you something, or show you something to do with the repeated experiences you are or have had. The key here is to pay attention to the outcomes and your experiences. This is the message and support from the universe, but you must be open energetically and with your third eye, and heart to see, notice, or understand the message being given.


  • A person may feel a sense of calm in their life, they become detached from certain outcomes they hope for and are happy to go along with the journey, and see where it takes them. This is a very important place to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is because in this state trust is placed in the universe and its never ending support that the best possible outcome and results will manifest for the person’s highest good.


  • On the other hand, the opposite may happen. In life a person starts to notice that things are falling away, and leaving their life. This is the universe’s way of placing you on the correct path, and in alignment with where you should be heading. The shedding of situations, people, places, and things may feel confusing, painful, or even cause worry over whether it is something you have done personally, or it’s some kind of negative karma for you. Karma is not always negative. Even when things leave and depart. It’s all part of the overall design and plan the universe is supporting you with. If a person finds themselves in this situation where people, places, things, and life as they know it starts to shed things and remove them. It’s the best time to start manifesting what you truly desire while the universe is working with you. Check out this article here on how to manifest anything you desire should you find yourself in this situation. When the universe is also removing things from your life, don’t worry it’s a sign that what you have “lost” is about to be not only replaced, but upgraded!


How To Work With The Universe


If you notice any of these signs in your day-to-day experience that the universe is supporting you, in order to work with it become still. Get in tune with your true self, desires in life, beliefs you hold, values you have, and who you are. This will better prepare you for the new energy that is flowing towards you from the universe.  When the universe starts to show signs that it is working with you, even if life feels a little uncomfortable it’s a time to show up in the world as the best version of you. This is because you are about to be blessed! Even more so than you are. The universe is shifting the energy in your life, around you, and with your general day-to-day experiences in order to bring in more of something, less of something, or something completely new. When this arrives, whatever it may be for you that the universe is about to bless you with being in a good place mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually will ensure that you are ready to receive. Not only that, while this new energy   is flowing your way ask yourself, “who do I want the new people, places, situations, and things that are about to enter my life to meet?” What version of you do you wish to show up?  Not the sad, lonely, unhappy, ungrateful, or disconnected from the beauty of life version of you! Hopefully, the very best version of yourself! Any of the below things can help to prepare you for what the universe has in mind for you, and allow your best version of yourself to show up.


  1. Journal writing.
  2. Meditation and chakra work.
  3. Manifesting what you desire.
  4. Shadow work.
  5. Yoga and breath work.
  6. Eating and sleeping well.
  7. Connect with your ancestors and spirit guides.
  8. A deep dive into spirituality topics.
  9. Get out in nature.
  10. Make plans.


Journal writing: is a sure way to figure out how you feel about things, what you desire and don’t desire in life. Take some time daily to record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences that happened to you that day or week. Review your writing often and see what you notice. You can journal write on an application, or with your own personal handwriting in a journal. I recommend the latter as it takes time to really sit and think about what you want to commit to paper, in your own personal handwritten words.

Meditation and unblock your chakras: becoming still often and going within yourself, detaching from the external environment will bring clarity for you. What you will become clear on will be different for everyone, but the process and need for clarity when you’re working with the universe, or the universe is working its magic in your life is needed! This is because you’re about to be presented with options, decisions, and ways to go via the universe’s blessings. You will need a clear head to make the best decisions. Meditation will also unblock your chakra points, this is key so that you are open to receiving whatever messages, news, signs, the universe has for you on your journey. Check out this article here on how to unblock  your chakra points.

Manifestation: as mentioned it’s a time to call in and draw towards you your desires! Manifest it the manifestation magnet that you are.

Shadow work: this is a process of self-analysis, but not with the aim to find fault, but to connect fully with the self. The parts of a person that remain dormant, or unconscious. It is a wonderful thing to try out, I have tried it myself and was very happy I did.  Shadow work is all about unfolding, meeting, and discovering the “blind spot of the psyche” Carl Jung was a big writer on this topic. Things like art, poetry, journal entries, and just general self-reflection all lend themselves to shadow work.

Yoga: ahh yes! Who doesn’t love a nice session of yoga? Whether it’s dynamic Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga or the calmness of Hatha yoga, there is a style to suit all needs and personalities. Yoga is well known for its health benefits, the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits are also what draws many people all over the world to the practice. I would suggest starting off easy with this practice, check out places like YouTube for free online classes that you can do at your own pace for the practical element. The thing with yoga is that it is not just a physical practice this is just one branch of it called Asana, the actual poses we do. There are eight limbs to the practice which cover the spiritual, moral, and mental ways a yogi is encouraged to conduct themselves. For anyone who enjoys the asana part of yoga, I’d encourage you to look into the other side of the practice also, this may deeply nourish your life in ways you didn’t expect it to.

Eating and sleeping well: of course, this is looking after you! It’s all about that important self-love and care. Aim for around six-eight hours sleep per night, try a simple exercise  try to get into bed fifteen minutes earlier each night. So, for example if you go to bed at 11.00p.m on Monday, try to get into bed by 10:45.p.m on Tuesday, then 10:30.p.m on Wednesday etc.  Drink as much water as you can each day! The experts recommend eight glasses, guzzle as much of the stuff as you can. You will feel fresh, hydrated, and your skin and body organs will become nourished from it. Eat three times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No matter how small make sure you take the time to give your body and brain the fuel it needs. Always try to make your meals as healthy as you can. This can be as simple as adding some salad or veggies to your plate, not frying everything or if you do use olive oil for example. Also, having a fruit or fruit yoghurt for dessert rather than a packet of potato chips or ice cream once in a while may help too.

Connect with your ancestors and spirit guides: how to connect with your ancestor and spirit guides is something everyone should consider, especially if they are working with the universe. Or they can feel that the universe is shifting energy in their life. Ancestors, spirit guides, and your spiritual team in general are always there to support you, help you achieve what you desire, and are wonderful beings to connect with.  This can be done via meditations, rituals, and simply just reach out to them to connect with them. Tips, tricks, and techniques are shared in How to connect with your ancestors and spirit guides for all those in the earthly experiences who wish to understand this process and apply it to their own lives.

A deep dive into spirituality: blogs like the one you’re reading here are great sources to deep dive in to the universe, energy, esoterics etc. And they are free to read! Follow your favourite spirituality writer’s blogs (follow this one if you’re not already, I’d love to meet you here again). You can also lone books from the library, check out YouTube videos and really immerse yourself into this side of life. There is no pressure to change your beliefs unless you need to let go of ‘limiting beliefs’ that hold you back from achieving or being the best version of you. When it comes to spirituality the beauty of it is that there are no real ‘rules’ and ‘regulations. That is saved for organised religion. There is no backlash, punishment, or consequences the way that religion has in order to control and govern people. Spirituality operates from a place of love, not fear which religion can often install into its followers. Open yourself up, see what is out there that resonates with you, and shape your own beliefs around the spiritual side of life.

Get out in nature: this is something I can’t recommend highly enough. Take a walk, go to the park and sit on the bench and observe the world around you. Or sit down and write down what you are thinking or feeling. The wonderful thing about nature is that it really can wake you up! The quiet, serene, and calmness of it can reach out to a part of you that is closed off, and open you up to new possibilities, ways of doing things, wants, needs, and thinking. I have always felt better after walking around a lake, or sitting in front of a pound and just observing, being still, and breathing.  Try to do this once a week, bring a journal or something to write on with you, read an inspirational book, blog, or article. Find a sense of peace and calm while you are out, as well as clarity.

Make plans: what is it you wish to achieve, do, be, experience? Think about things that hold meaning to you. What is your plan for your life, current situation, future goals? Write them down, then think about one action you can do to work towards a goal. Do this out in nature it’s a wonderful experience.

But most of all, when you notice that the universe is working with you, supporting you, and aligning things for you allow it to! Go with the flow, enjoy the journey, don’t become too attached to an outcome, remain present, and always follow your intuition and gut feelings.

Blessed be








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