Unblock Your Chakras: Benefits Beyond Physical Health

The spiritually inclined crowd have using methods such as meditation and yoga, to heal and unblock the chakra system, for centuries. Once you unblock your chakras, when done successfully it will balance important energy centres in our body which we refer to as ‘chakra.’ We can use a number of different tools such as crystals or meditation during chakra balancing. The end result will be a physically healthier body and a happier, more peaceful you.

Side Effects of Blocked and Unhealthy Chakras

According to practitioners of chakra healing, we all have seven primary chakras that correspond with areas of our bodies linked to the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of our lives and ourselves as people. The seven chakras form a line from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Chakras have a colour linked to them, a vibrational frequency, symbol, Sanskrit and English name. For example, the first chakra is found at the base of the spine and is known as the ‘root’ chakra. This chakra is linked to the spine, kidneys, legs, feet, rectum, and immune system. If a person needs to unblock chakra blockages linked to this chakra point, it may lead to lower back pain, varicose veins, leg cramps, rectal conditions, depression, as well as immune related disorders. A lack of balance in the root chakra emotionally can impact on a person with them feeling or experiencing low self-esteem, insecurity, or family concerns. ( Family being the ‘root’ or base of a person’s foundation.)

Other chakras include the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakras. Each energy centre must be vibrating at the highest frequency, clear, and independent of one another, in order for the entire mind, body, and soul to vibrate in harmony. Given this, each chakra is equally important to optimal functioning of the mind, body, and soul, according to the chakra healing tradition, and the spiritually inclined folk who incorporate working with their chakras as part of the overall well-being. The health of a person is not just based on the physical health, it is also down to chakra health. Lack of this can cause physical ill-health, and being out of alignment with one’s true purpose.

Tools to Unblock  Your Chakra Blockages, Heal Chakras, and Open Chakras

There are many powerful tools that can affect the vibration, clearness, and health of the chakra system, and that’s where chakra balancing, and healing comes into play. To unlock chakra blockages, chakra stones (crystals aligned to each chakra point), the human voice (singing), music ( at a certain frequency, or sound bowls), chanting, mantras, and chakra meditation all bring the frequency, clearness, and health of each chakra back into alignment. For example, the root chakra is greatly affected in a positive way by the crystals Hematite, Onyx, Ruby or Garnet, or any crystal that is linked to ‘grounding’ ‘safety’ or red in colour generally. During chakra healing a practitioner may use one or all of these crystals to cleanse, unblock, and open your root chakra and bring it into harmony.

Chakra meditation may also be used to open up your chakra centres and improve the flow of positive energy or ‘chi’ as the Chinese call it into and around your body.


How to Do a Chakra Meditation To Unblock  Your Chakras

During meditation you simply concentrate on each of the chakras, to unblock any blockages that may be present starting with the first one—root chakra at he base of your spine. Then work your way up to your crown chakra.

  1. Begin with your eyes closed, use music, chanting, incense, candles or anything you feel will set the ambience for your meditation. Remember the main thing is— be comfortable. You can be in a seated position or lie down.  Imagine a white light, or whatever colour comes to mind this is the ‘chi’ or flow of energy.


  1. Picture, feel, or sense this light at the base of your spine at your root chakra point. Imagine it growing larger, clearer, and brighter.


  1.  Inhale and on the exhale, move the ‘chi’ and light up using your breath. Imagine and visualise the light moving up to the next chakra point, from the base of your spine. Repeat the visualisation, or sense/feel that the light or ‘chi’ is becoming brighter, lighter, and opening this chakra point also. Continue up through all chakra points, using your breath to move the ‘chi’ flow of energy, until all seven chakras have received the light visualisation and are open.

Health Benefits of Unblocking Chakras and Clearing Chakra Blockages:


Because the chakras govern every organ and system in your body, chakra healing has far reaching health implications. Chakra balancing can lead to an improved heart, lung, brain, immune, and digestive function. It may  also help with depression, anxiety, and other emotional imbalances. Many believe that the chakras have the power to transform your life both physically and spiritually. It is only when our chakras are in sync that we can truly access higher levels of consciousness.


If the powerful art of chakra healing, to unblock chakra blockages sounds intriguing to you, visit an experienced chakra healer, such as a reiki masterm journal writing may also help. Or simply carry out the three step visualisation yourself. A good healer will ask you plenty of questions about your health, in order to pinpoint which of your chakras are the most blocked or unbalanced. From there he or she may employ any number of tools to help lead your energy centres into harmonious vibration, unblock your chakras, and ensure they are balanced. This in turn will improve your mind, body, and soul connection as well as potential health in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual way.










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