Best Meditation For Beginners- Visual Meditation

Meditation can be more of an off putting chore if we allow it to be, especially if you’re a beginner. One of the most simple meditation techniques for beginners that’s highly recommended and effective, is guided visualisation meditation techniques, or some times refereed to as focused attention meditation. However, it should be noted that there are different types of meditation for beginners (and all levels). For example focused  meditation and non-focused meditation. Guided meditation and non-guided meditation. In order to help beginners with meditation here’s a break-down of the different types of meditation, and  a recommended starting point for beginners, guided visual meditation.

What’s The difference Between Focused Mediation and Non-Focused Meditation?

Generally,  one definition of meditation is a practice done to relax one’s self.  Using  meditation techniques such as mindfulness which I discuss here in this article. The aim is to focus the mind,  and connect with your higher self. Normally the focus can be on an object, visual, hearing aid or even thought. This is known as focused attention meditation, or focused meditation. Even though you’re focusing on a particular thing during meditation, the aim is to clear the mind and be mindful of where you mind was at before focused mediation. ( Which may have been  on a situation, person, place or thing that causes stress for you.)

Non- focused meditation is exactly that, when one relaxes themselves but does not have a focus on a particular visual, hearing, thought etc. It’s simply being still in meditation, opening yourself up to your higher self without a focus on anything or anything to assist you.

For Meditation For Beginners, Which Method Is Easier?

Many beginners to meditation find it difficult to ‘clear their mind’, they often find  their mind, thoughts, feelings etc  wandering during their meditation session. It’s for this reason one of the most simple meditation techniques for beginners is a focused attention meditation. Especially a  guided  visual meditation technique. This is because you’ll focus your attention during meditation on a particular sound, visual etc. This is stop your thoughts, feelings, emotions etc from wandering into areas you’re trying to free yourself from, and hence relax  easier, quicker, and more effectively.

What is Visualisation Meditation?

It’s also known as ‘Zen meditation’, visual meditation is where you focus in on a peaceful, pleasant place that can be very beautiful to visit. This allows you to remove your self mentally from ‘unpleasant places’ or stress, and remain ‘present’ in your focused attention meditation.

How Can Guided Visual Meditation Help Me?

As a beginner to meditation or even someone that’s advanced, guided visual meditation can help you:

  • Remain in your meditation longer, and deeper!
  • Connect with your higher self.
  • Receive the messages and guidance you seek from your spirit guides or higher self. Which I have detailed here, if you’re trying to connect with your spirit guides  or gain some kind of clarity on a situation, person, place of thing a guided visualisation mediation may help you! It certainly helped me, I met my spirit guide, saw her and found out her name using a guided visual meditation. Check out the articles above.
  • It’s also a practice of mindfulness.
  • Most importantly it will relax you, help you sleep better,  ground you, and has wonderful health benefits as with all kinds of meditation.

A Guided Meditation For Beginners That’s Perfect!

Brad Austen is the founder of Mindful Meditations, he has years of experience of developing wonderful simple meditation techniques for beginners.  He has also sold thousands of them, and helped a lot of people! You could be one of them as was I. This guided meditation audio is a perfect starting place, no matter your level of experience with focused attention meditation, and guided visualisation meditation. It’s such a treat.

About The Visualisation Meditation Audio

These tracks will take you on an inner journey where all tension and stress will begin to melt away. It contains two guided visualizations and three guided meditations. It will equally suit a beginner or a more advanced meditator.

Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool in which mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health can be restored and maintained. Regular meditation will bring a calmer and more peaceful approach to life, more energy and vitality, and a deeper level of self-worth and awareness. Your physical stamina and health will improve along with your own intuitive and psychic abilities.

Clock Visualisation: (4:12)
A simple visualization technique that can be practiced whenever you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It is ideal when you have a busy day and need some time out. You visualize a clock on a wall. What speed are the hands spinning around the clock? You can consciously slow your mind down by slowing the hands spinning around the clock. This technique will teach you to slow your mind when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Psychic Protection Visualisation: (4:19)
This is a simple visualization technique that can be practiced in busy shopping centres, at work or anytime you feel overwhelmed by the energy of others. You visualize a bubble of light surrounding you; this bubble of protection is very strong and free from holes or imbalances. You visualize different colours in your aura, allowing healing and protection to take place.

Beach Meditation: (8:32)
This is a full body relaxation meditation to allow you to relax and connect with nature at the beach. You feel the warm sand beneath your feet. You feel the warm sun energizing your skin. You see the clear water and the waves crashing on the sand, you allow yourself to be at one with nature.

Grounding — Connecting to Source Meditation: (9:20)
This advanced meditation is a full body relaxation meditation and also allows you to ground to Mother Earth and connect with your Higher Self. You visualize roots extending down from the soles of your feet and connecting to the essence of Mother Earth. Then bringing your focus back to your body, you allow a ball of light to travel up your upper s and connect with your higher self. What messages does your higher self have for you?

Inner Peace — World Peace Meditation: (7:20)
This is a full body relaxation meditation that allows you to relax and then allow these inner feelings of peace and tranquility out into the world. You visualize a hologram of the earth in your hands. You are holding the planet in your hands and you begin to send healing pink energy to the planet.

Zen Meditation- Give This Audio Meditation A Go Today!

This is a thirty- six minute guided visualisation meditation audio that’s perfect for use all in one go, or individually if you wish to have a short meditation. You’ll have instant access to all five MP3s which you can save on your device and use as and when needed. All you need is a quite place and your earphones.  If you’re a beginner to meditation this short audio meditation that’s perfect for beginners, or  those more advanced is an ideal starting place to solve the problem of lack of focus, wandering minds and not reaching or connecting with your ‘higher self’ during your meditation practice.  It can also help to strengthen your ability to meditate, and open your third eye. Give it a go today, check it out here.

10 Replies to “Best Meditation For Beginners- Visual Meditation”

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article and all the useful explanation given about best meditation for beginner.

    I learned here a lot of new things like the difference between focused and non focused meditation. Is really important that the visual meditation helps us a lot like remaining in the meditation more deeper and feel the highest and important part of it. I really enjoyed reading all this words and i can’t wait to read your other posts here. Wish you all the best and good luck! 

    1. Thank you so much, glad I helped and I appreciate your readership! Good luck on your journey with beginners meditation.

  2. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about meditation and although several of my friends do yoga and talk about the calmness they get after meditating, I’ve always disregarded it mildly. However, this post has been a real eye opener and the meditation methods described above are something I could actually do. I’ll take this as my calling to start meditating. Thank you. 

    1. Excellent, that was great timing then! I wish you well on your journey do check out the visual guided meditation here as it’s an excellent starting place for someone like you!

  3. wow, I never knew meditation is classified in different categories. In the past, I have tried to meditate but I always get a distracted mind in between and therefore finding it hard to clear my mind and relax. I was surely doing the non-focused meditation. Going through your article, I now have an idea of what to do as a beginner. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Yep, as mentioned focused attention meditation, or some form of guided meditation is the best starting place for most, especially beginners to meditation. Even myself when I first started. I found as I  eased into it and practiced as little as just once per week it made a big difference, and even started to connect with guides and seek the reassurance or clarity I needed. Give it a go! Good luck.

  4. Hi Kae

    Thanks so much for sharing good information about how to do mediation for beginners, I must say I’ve tried to do it a few times and I often find myself thinking about something else in just a few minutes after I start.

    After reading your your post it helped me to understand well how to work on the visual meditation, I’m sure it will help me to do it better.

    I loved how you explained how to work on the visual meditation to slow down when feeling anxious, the visual meditation with the clock on the wall is a great example, I’m sure I will try it. 

    1. Excellent, job well done then! I with you well with this do give it a try it is perfect for those who find their mind, emotions etc wandering off and can’t remain focused.

  5. Hey Kae. I must say, this is the best article I’ve come across so far. I’m studying astrology, and I find numerology interesting. I’ve just started. And I’ve recently started with meditation. It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie. I didn’t even know that there was a difference between Focused  and Non-Focused meditation. I’ve come to find that all along I’ve been doing the Non-Focus meditation. But, my thoughts and feelings were all over around. Thank you for letting us know about the Focused Attention Meditation. This is indeed the best technique for beginners. 

    The Zen meditation is best for me, because from time to time, I find myself stress out and anxious about things. The Zen meditation will help me to calm down, be at peace and accept that I can’t change things that I do not have control over. I haven’t purchased the meditation audio by Brad Austen, but it’s on my list. With its two guided visualizations and three guided meditation I will go very far. I didn’t know that the visualization where you visualize yourself being surrounded by light or a bubble is actually called Psychic Protection Visualization. I’ve been doing it every time before I go to sleep. And it has worked for me since day one. Thank you so much. 

    The beach is my favorite place to connect. No wonder I’ve been so connected to it, the universe was actually trying to tell me about the Beach Meditation. Visiting this website wasn’t a mistake. Thank you so much. 

    Stay blessed. 

    1. You are so very welcome, thanks for reading and your feedback. I wish you all the best with your meditation journey!

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