How to Manifest Anything You Desire

 How to manifest your dreams is a question many ask and wonder. Did you know that when it comes to learning how to manifest your dreams, or how to manifest anything you desire, there’s really only a three step process for success. Manifestation has been written about by mystics, leaders, teachers, and spiritually inclined people for centuries, no matter who they are or how their message about manifestation is delivered, they all have one thing in common. That’s the understanding that when it comes to how to manifest your dreams, or how to manifest your desires it starts with thought, speech and affirmation, and action. This is the recipe for success and how to manifest your dreams, desires, or how to manifest anything you want in life!

But what are your dreams?  This is the starting point for clarity for any potential successful manifestation of a dream or desire. Are you in a place in your life where part of it feels limiting or exhausting? If so, it is the time for you to begin manifesting your dreams and desires.


How to Manifest Your Dreams

First of all, you must remember that ‘miracles’ as we like to call them in our earthly experience, which are really just manifestations can, do, and will happen with the right mindset and approach. Which is what you think and believe (thought), what you say about yourself and your desires, or to yourself about your desires (speech and affirmation), and what you do (action). Many people miss the point that when it comes to manifestation, “you are the creator.” This means you have the ability and right to take control of outcomes in your life, and that the current state of your life right now is down to the fact that we are all manifesting all the time, without even knowing it. That’s why the thought, speech and affirmation, and action part of manifestation is so key, so that you are manifesting exactly what you desire and not a hot mess of a life, you don’t feel aligned with.

The first step to manifestation and how to manifest your dreams and desires is to ask for what it is that you really desire, and to be sure on what this desire is. Go for the top. Go for the limitlessness. Let go of the ‘limiting beliefs’ you have, or in other words the situations, people, places, and things, you feel hold you back.  You have taken the courage to release anything and everything you feel is ‘limiting your success with manifestation’ or ‘holding you back from manifesting your desires and dreams’. Now you must take the even greater courage to command and receive what you wish. This then moves on to how you affirm and confirm what you desire in your life, once you have removed what you feel holds you back, and you are sure and what you desire to manifest.  You must stay in touch with the fact that you are in actuality manifesting every moment of the day what you desire.  This is explained in my book Make It Happen, How To Manifest Anything!

Stretch your vision of yourself!

That’s right you need to stretch yourself and ‘open the door’ to what you desire. If you desire the bottom of the list, you are manifesting that as well. The sad fact is that when a person does not stretch themselves, without knowing it they are ‘desiring the bottom of the list’ and so that manifests, unconsciously. You have to become conscious to your reality and what it is you desire to manifest. If you are looking for the top, you will bring that in. You will receive what you ask for. This can be done with a number of techniques, but what people often forget when they are in the process of manifesting their dreams, and hoping for their true desires to manifest is that there are a number of techniques for manifestation, that come under ‘visualisation.’ This means how to manifest your desires is not about just sitting still, in meditation, or living in a dream world ‘imagining’ your desire becoming yours. Nope! There are fun, engaging, and very effective other ways to manifest your desires. This can include things like vision boards, and vision journals which have become popular, but also how you confirm and affirm and carry out action in the 3D world we live in, to command and receive your manifestation are also key.

You see, what you need to do here is stretch your perception of self. The way you see yourself and the way others see you are two different things. When your Higher Self is in action, you don’t focus on a limited thought pattern. Open up to the highest and ask for support.  This could be support from the universe, spirit guides, God, angels whatever higher power you believe in. When you are wondering if something is the highest for you, put out into the universe and ask: Is this really the highest for me? You may do this in mediation or quiet moments. The feedback will be with signs, symbols, and things that us in our earthly experience place down to ‘coincidence’.  There is no such thing as this! Everything is some kind of sign or message. This is another key thing, when you are manifesting your dreams, and when you are manifesting your desires you must allow yourself to be open to this feedback, and let go of the ‘what a coincidence’ mindset. It is your higher-self, universe, God, whatever you believe in guiding you and answering your initial question of, “is this really for my highest good?’ All is available to you, but you’ve gotta ask. This is sometimes a difficult process, but it is the most important piece that you can do, because without asking, you do not expand into the next level. Focus on places in your life where you know it is time to grow, as you are tired of the place you are in. Take the time to write them down and explore what your reality is and what your dreams are.

As mentioned how to manifest anything is no secret it has been taught to us over the years, by many special teachers here in their earthly experience who ‘get it.’  It is a three step or three part process. Thought, speech and affirmation, and action, all of these stages you the manifestor will play a role in, and it’s important that you understand how to play your part the best, in order to manifest anything you want.

  1. Explore places in your life where you have not yet dared to ask for things you really want, or go after your dreams.
  2. Affirm and confirm to the universe, either through visualization, meditation, or in writing that you are formally asking for and are open to receiving whatever it is that you most desire. Or you can use any of the techniques that have been tried and tested, by myself as a successful manifestor in Make It Happen, How To Manifest Anything.
  3. Take action, then, keep track of what you received and when.

How To Manifest Anything You Desire

A practical guide with secrets to manifest life’s desires

Make It Happen, How To Manifest Anything is a concise guide with techniques to help manifest your best life, and desires. Each stage of the process of manifestation thought, speech and affirmation, and action is broken down into an easy to understand proven way that generates manifestation results. Practical steps that can be done today for each stage of the process, to kickstart your path to what you desire appearing in your life are also shared.

Law of Attraction and Law of Assumption are included, but not the main focus in this book. This is because there are many books that already cover this. The aim of Make It Happen, How To Manifest Anything is not to bog readers down with the ‘theory’ of manifestation and laws. The aim is to provide practical ways to boost the likelihood of manifestations and desires appearing, and is a practical guide on how this can be done. Everything shared in this guide has been tried and tested by the author, and committed to writing with the intention to pass on knowledge and help others actually see the results of their desires manifesting into a reality. This guide is perfect to use alongside other manifestation techniques like candle magick, or on its own. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, shift the energy in your life with this little book today!

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Happy manifesting! Master the process thought, speech and affirmation, and action. You’ll have everything you desire and more, no goal, dream, idea, or want will ever feel like it is out of reach.

Blessed be.

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