Differences Between a Hex, Curse, Jinx

What is a hex, jinx, or curse are they real? What is the difference between a hex, curse, jinx? Do they serve different purposes in magic? The short answer is ‘yes’ to all these questions. Starting from the least potent of the three  a jinx, hex, and curse spell  are popular in all magic systems, especially African and Caribbean magic, Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Arabic magical systems. Some magical systems they are not so ‘serious’ or even encouraged. In others it is part and parcel of the system, and can be fatal…deadly even if that’s the intention!

Is Black Magic ‘Bad’?

No. And I will never become tired of defending magic that involves a hex, jinx, or curse. Why? Firstly, because any witch (if that’s what you are happy to be called) really  only a powerful witch if they are able to both heal and destroy with magic. It is as simple as that. It is Yin and Yang. A powerful and well-rounded practitioner should have the ability or at least knowledge on how to (even if they don’t practice) do black magic, left-hand magic, whatever you wish to call it. Basically, magic that is less positive with intention. If you can’t or don’t know how to do both, what kind of witch are you? Half of one really. Naturally a witch is drawn to one over the other, ‘white magic’ or ‘black magic’  or they may love them equally like me. Also it’s great to know how to protect yourself from negative energy and negative magic, this can be done with things like evil eye emulets, or even protection spells, or spiritual baths and egg cleansing. or protective crystals


Secondly, sometimes in life, we really need to just humble people we have experiences with. Part of this involves what I like to call ‘spiritual war’ and making people, situations, places, or things in debt to us ‘spiritually.’ Rather than physical war, arguing, fussing etc,  this is where black magic a hex, jinx, curse, or even a simple protection spell can be used instead. I am not against black magic, because I see the value, how it can be used, why and when it should be used, and I am a well-rounded spiritual witch myself. I can heal and destroy as nature intended me to, this is why I don’t think it’s ‘bad.’  My ancestors used black magic as a form a spiritual war against those that enslaved them. I don’t look down on it, it’s a powerful form of humbling and lesson learning towards others who need it, just as my ancestors practiced and I appreciate the learning handed down to bloodlines until it reached me.

Those who are ‘love and light’ only and think that witches who can and do black magic are the ‘bad ones,’ I do giggle a little and even cringe. Sadly, they are the ‘weak ones’ and not well rounded in their own magical ability. It would do them wonders to learn what they fear, whether they practice it or not is another story.

What is a Jinx Spell

A jinx spell is the least potent or strongest of the three. If you were to do a jinx spell on someone nothing major would probably happen, as a jinx spell is not designed to bring major misfortune or unhappiness. A jinx spell is a type of magic spell that will cause frustrations and annoyances for your target, and feelings of simple bad luck for them. For example, a jinx spell can cause a person to lose things, have minor accidents that aren’t life threatening, but enough to shake them up!  They may miss out on opportunities to progress, they step in dog shit often, their car breaks down when they need it etc. Little minor things happen with a jinx spell that you can sit back a giggle about, at the target’s expense. A jinx spell is something you can see play out for your target if you are very close to them, and you understand their life. They may even complain and say to you, ‘guess what happened to me today’ and moan to you about their minor misfortune they had. This could be the result of a jinx spell that has been placed on them. It can appear as just ‘bad luck’ or ‘ today is not my day.’ But this feeling happens often.

When is a jinx spell done: To teach someone a small lesson, bring them some slight bad luck or misfortune in life. It’s not meant to be harmful in anyway, just set them  back.

How long does a jinx spell last: it’s not permanent it will last until the person has learned their lesson. It will and can wear off.

How to do a jinx spell:  if you already know how to do black magic, and have your spell to hand. When you set your intention state that your target— the person, situation, place, or thing is jinxed with misfortune, until their lesson is learned. If you don’t have any idea how to carry out this work or you’re starting from scratch,  you can check out the ‘back up b*itch’ spell, or my book on candle magic Powerful Candle and Oil Natural Herbal Conjure . The book and spell will give you all the info you need and more! For all types of magic from love, money, road opening, to of course jinx ,hex, and curse work.



What is a Hex spell

A hex spell is the next level up in potency from a jinx spell. A hex spell is designed to bring long-term misfortune, and more than the feeling of just ‘bad luck’ to your target. If you were to place a hex spell on a target, it’s possible that something major could and would happen to your target. For example, as with a jinx spell they may experience the feelings of frustration and annoyances in their life, this will still be present, but on a more impactful level, or larger scale. There could be job losses, relationship break ups, arguments, divorce, illness that is more serious etc. A hex spell is designed to bring the kind of misfortune, bad luck, and hold on an enemy that you really dislike, or if they need to be taught a serious lesson.

A hex spell is what I like to call a form of ‘spiritual debt’ lesson. A person, situation, place, or thing becomes indebted to you (or whoever castes a hex spell). The target and their misfortune will be felt in a major way as a form of ‘justice’ or even ‘protection,’ for the person who places a hex spell down on a target.

For example, if a person stole, financially abused others, or tried to con them out of money for their benefit. A hex spell placed on this person, that is designed to keep that person in a constant financial struggle when it comes to their finances, their ability to find work,  and their ability to hold down a job would be perfect. The target is in ‘spiritual debt’ as pay back and justice for their past behaviour, and they are in debt to the spell caster or whoever they have financially abused in the past.  The target as part of this hex spell depending on what the universe, deities, and spirits wish to send to the target may never be able to hold down a job again in their life or for very long, earn very much, or even become financially successful in life. The target may just be in a constant state of living from pay cheque to pay cheque due to the hex spell placed on them.

This is just one example, a hex spell is something that will  last as long as needed, and will wear off. It is not permanent, but it is serious! Note that hex spells can also impact on those around the target too. So, in the example given above someone who is hexed with financial struggle, this will clearly impact their relationships, or responsibilities they have with family, children etc. Hex spells can and do go wide due to the nature of the intention, it’s more serious and likely to impact a person on a bigger scale, which means more areas of their life can be touched by a hex. Hex spells can be done for any situation, reason, or need there are no boundaries.

When is a hex spell done: To teach someone a serious lesson, for ‘justice’ or payback, to bring a person serious misfortune that they often deserve due to their own actions in the past.

How long do a hex spell  last: it’s not permanent  and  it is serious.

How to do a hex spell:  if you already know how to do black magic, and have your spell to hand. When you set your intention  state that your target— the person, situation, place, or thing is hexed with serious misfortune,, in whatever way you feel fit to hex them for life and it is un breakable until you say so. If you don’t have an idea how to carry out this work and starting from scratch,  you can check out the ‘back up b*itch’ spell, or my book on candle magic Powerful Candle and Oil Natural Herbal Conjure  for all kinds of spells from love, money, to jinx,hex, and curses.

What is a Curse Spell

Unlike a jinx or hex, a curse spell is designed to be permanent it can go from one generation to another in family. It’s also serious stuff! A curse will bring the same kind of feelings of frustration and annoyances in life to the target, and it will be on a more serious and major level of the three kinds of spells. A curse is something that can be placed on a person, place, situation, thing, target, family, location etc. It can go wide.

Curses are best for people or situations that have been very abusive, and they really do need to be taught a lesson and stopped from doing it again. Remember this is a permanent spell, if a person is cursed who was an abuser, this curse can be passed down the generations of their own family to their children, and people they have close ties with that are non-family.

Let’s stick with the example of the financial abuser above used in the hex section. If this kind of person who was financially abusive, stole, cheated people out of money, was very disrespectful to a person financially with no good reason to be. Well, when a curse spell is placed on them, then they and their family are forever in ‘spiritual debt’ to the person who has placed the curse spell on the target. For example, the abuser may find work and employment— eventually with difficulty, struggles, lack of opportunities along the way etc. The jobs they find may not be well paid, last for very long, or be satisfactory to the person. They could be mundane jobs that don’t really serve them with duties they dislike, but they have no other real options for work. This energy is a permanent thing in their life, it never changes.

What is a generational curse

A generational curse goes deeper, the target may just scrape by in life financially for the rest of their life incarnation when the curse is placed on them, and their children and children’s children, may also be unlikely to prosper financially, or find meaningful well-paid work.  This can also include  those that are connected with the target that has the curse spell placed on them.  Basically, with a generational curse the energy placed on a target’s life is carried on, passed on, and handed down and sideways to others in the family or who have close ties with the target, it is never  unbroken by anything or anyone.  Only the person who placed the curse spell on the target can break it. If they don’t break it, well it just keeps going!

Generational curses in the example used here, this could be potential business partners that the target has, or even their children and children’s children have! The business anyone within these  three generations may  may wish to start may fail, never get off the ground well, be limited in what it achieves, have problems, the business partners argue etc. A person with a curse on them is doomed to misfortune and bad luck for life, in whatever way the spell caster intends, and the universe will provide, this can and normally does especially if stated with intention pass down the generations of the target’s family. This is what creates generational curses.

When is a curse spell done: To teach someone a serious, major, and life-long lesson, for ‘justice’ or payback, to bring a person serious misfortune that they often deserve due to their own actions in the past.

How long does a curse spell last: it’s permanent it will last all of the target’s current life incarnation until they pass away. If this karma passes over into their next life, that will depend on how much they learned from the curse spell placed on them in their last life.

How to do a curse spell:  if you already know how to do black magic, and have your spell to hand. When you set your intention state that your target— the person, situation, place, or thing is cursed with misfortune, permanently and will never prosper this will pass down the generations of their family. If you do don’t have an idea how to carry out this work and starting from scratch,  you can check out the ‘back up b*itch’ spell, or my book on candle magic Powerful Candle and Oil Natural Herbal Conjure


So, as you can see, a jinx, hex, and curse spell serve very different purposes, intentions, and situations. The key is to think carefully about what your overall intention is for the target. Do you wish them or it to just have a bit of bad luck and then be able to move on in life, or to have long term permanent misfortune to learn serious lessons and stop them from ever doing what they or it did again? How serious is the issue, does it call for a jinx, hex, or a curse spell?

Black magic as mentioned is not ‘bad’ as it is often used as a form of defence, if carried out true to the way it is intended. You don’t attack with black magic you defend with it. A situation should have happened or is happening that calls for a response that is to defend in someway with darker magic. As fun as it can be to know you can throw jinxes, hexes, and curses at people I would never advise that you do! The movies and Hollywood make it look like fun and games, it’s serious stuff. Carry out this magic when needed only, and save the most serious stuff like a curse spell for the motherfuckers that really need it. Remember that sometimes your ‘justice’ or repayment may be as shown, in the case of the financial abuser the abuser ( target) NOT being able to repay you what they owe you financially— as they won’t ever prosper financially due to the curse or hex placed on them if it’s long term work you do on a target like this. Therefore, your repayment is them being in ‘spiritual debt’ to you forever, or for a very long time, and knowing or even seeing that they never prosper financially as 1. They can’t repay you 2. They are always broke when it comes to money 3. The don’t amount to anything in life and prosper. These things are considered your ‘justice’ and the lesson learning for the target.

I am not a religious person at all, but one thing that the bible states that makes sense to me is,‘ a table will be built in the presence of enemies.’ This is exactly what a hex, or curse spell can bring in the longer term, in the face of your own enemy via them being held back. Justice in a spiritual way by seeing others who have wronged you held back in whatever way you intend them to be.

 Have you ever done a jinx, hex, or curse spell? Did it work? What do you think about this subject do you even believe it’s real?? What are your top witchy tipes for a jinx, hex, or curse spell?  Let me know….



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  1. I do not know if I agree with this article haha. I always believe that black magic is bad and I will always stand by that. At the end of the day, we all have our own opinions so we have to respect each other’s opinions. It is always good to see how other people think.

    1. That we are entitled to have Daniel, a difference of opinion. To me no it is not bad. But I am very interested to understand WHY to you it is bad?  I have been able to show you and the world why I don’t think it’s bad. For you what is your reason and defence on this?? I am very interested please share.

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