Diety of The Week: Abnoba Nature Goddess

Abnoba nature goddess

This week’s deity of the week is Abnoba.

Origin: Celtic.

Favoured people: people who are connected to the Black Forest (now in Germany), or those who have an affiliation, love, connection, or bond with woodland areas.

Area of influence: nature, plants, animals, those who campaign for a greener and healthier planet.

Petition her for:  preservation of nature, the wild, forest areas, animals, and when working with nature in general.

Patron of: nature, woods, the wild.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), place down on an altar or sacred place to honour her items that are from nature. This can include images of nature settings, fresh leaves, dirt, plants, rocks, stones, wood, and water from the river. Black Forest cake, Black Forest ham, spring water.


Abnoba is associated with the wild, nature, woods, mountains, and the great outdoors. Her sacred place is the Black Forest  in Germany. Her name in Celtic translates to ‘wetness’ or ‘river.’

The romans associated Abnoba’s spirit energy with Diana, and Diana Anoba the mineral springs area within the Black Forest. With this place being associated with her, it can be said that according to myth Abnoba is very similar to other Celtic feminine energies that are associated with water energy, and rule over things like healing with water.

A Roman historian Tacitus (circa 56- circa 117 CE) wrote that Abnoba is also the name of a mountain which has a source connection to the Danube River. There are two streams in the Black Forest that form the Danube source, so Abnoba can also be associated with mountains, and the mountains and streams within the Black Forest.

Petition Abnoba with your manifestations if you’re a massive nature lover, spend time out in nature, live by nature, or are really called to nature. These are her favoured people to assist.

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