Deity of The Week: Abka Hehe Goddess of Battles

This week’s deity of the week is Abka Hehe. Otherwise known as ‘Heavenly Mother.’

Origin: Manchurian. (North-eastern China.)

Appears as: Magpie.

Sacred people: those going to battle, in battle, or experiencing disaster.

Area of influence: the universe, battle, disasters.

Petition her for: if you are in a ‘battle’ with a situation, person, place, or thing.

Patron of: the universe, and battles.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), traditional Manchurian offerings are wine, beans, grains, cooked fish, and meats. You can also offer white candles.

Abka Hehe is a spirit that forms part of a trio of Machu spirits. She is the ‘heavenly mother’ and the creator. Banamu Hehe is the Earth Mother and Ulden Hehe is the Light Mother. Everything comes from Abka that is created including the two other spirits. In Machu hehe  translates as ‘mother’ or ‘woman.’

The folklore around Abka Hehe is that once she created the other two spirits, they then went on to create all living things, including humans. Abka Hehe is said to be the guardian of Earth and the Universe, who banishes and battles with all things evil.

Abka Hehe sent the Eagle Goddess to Earth to nurture and raise the first set of Sharman people. And in this culture male and females have different powers and abilities.

In the seventeenth century when the Qing Dynasty started to rule over China, Abka Hehe was replaced by a male spirit— Abka Enduri, this was because the Qing Dynasty favoured the rulership to be done by male figures, rather than women. He is the ‘heavenly father’ and her counterpart you could say. This move was partly made to keep rule and control of China, when foreign influence was happening. At the time there was a shift towards male rulership as this was what was encouraged by Confucianism culture— male dominance in China.

However, the spirit of Abka Hehe is said to be immortal and she does remain present, and ever ready to go to battle. Hence why she is petitioned to when support is needed to ‘battle’ situations, people, places, or things in life.

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