Relationship Astrology& Synastry

What is relationship astrology?

Basically, it’s the study of two people’s charts and how the interact as people. Their individual charts are considered then overlaid to see where theirs chemistry, tension, harmony or war! Any two people can be compared not just lovers or those in a relationship.

Whats in the report?

Relationships are not always easy! Sometimes it’s good to know how you impact on another person, and how they impact on you. Relationship Astrology (Synastry) is ideal when comparing the chemistry between two people. It will highlight how your personal planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn impact on the other person, and how their personal planets impact on you. More importantly how and in which ‘houses or life’ or areas of life your planets interact. Do you argue a lot? Could it be that your personal planets are in conflict? Or is there harmony between the two of you? It will also show a comparison of you individually, and how your personality as well as personal planets mesh…or do not mesh together. It’s very detailed.

How can it help?

Relationship Astrology can show how you are likely to get along, long-term prospects, if there are conflicts or harmony and in what areas. Of course, the sexual chemistry between your Venus and Mars planets will be compared, and the Vertex Point- the point of every person’s birth chart that is considered the area of fortune and luck. If this is triggered by another person’s personal planet, this can identify fate good or bad. For example, a man’s Jupiter triggering a woman’s Vertex point could indicate a life partner that’s fated. Past life connections (if they are there) can also be identified…have you met your partner before? Is it a karmic relationship? And what was the nature of the relationship? Relationship Astrology is great for looking at how two people interact sexually, and on a relationship level. Any two people can be compared a lover, friend, boss, or even relative. You will receive a detailed report on your potential relationship chemistry.

Okay, I’d love one what do I do?

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