Free Spiritual Healing: Claim Your Free Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet

What is reiki? How do you do reiki? What are the benefits of reiki? These are all questions many people who are into spirituality, or using spiritual healing as an alternative form of dealing with life’s drama ask. Free spiritual healing is not something we often come across, when we do we should grab it if it’s from a trusted source. This is an offer I have come across that I will snap up myself! Free Reiki bracelet? …yes please.

For a limited amount of time Free Reiki are offering every and anyone free spiritual healing,  by giving away free reiki bracelets, and I think it is just wonderful.

What is reiki?

Reiki healing  is a Japanese form of spiritual healing, focused on reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It aims to balance energy, remove blocks, and keep those all important chakra’s clear and balanced. It’s done by  a qualified reiki practitioner who simply places hands over the body. They use their own spiritually connected  energy field from one person to another, to help with their relaxation and energy healing, by reiki energy healing. The person who is receiving the energy healing is essentially having their energy fields unblocked and renewed.  In Japanese Rei= God, higher powers and  Ki= life force energy. Together this makes up what we know as reiki, and the spiritual practice is seen as a spiritual practice that is led by higher powers, or higher energies in order to use an alternative medicine to heal, and reduce a person’s stresses or worries.

The process of reiki treatment feels wonderful! If you have ever had a reiki session you’ll vouch for this. It is a relaxing, uplifting, emotionally balancing beautiful experience, if you have a very good experienced reiki practitioner work with you, during a reiki session.

Who benefits from reiki? And what are the benefits of reiki?

Everyone really, especially those who have stressful jobs, many plates to juggle in life, people who suffer from anxious  feelings, depression, low self-esteem. On the other hand for people who have none of these experiences, reiki is a spiritual practice that everyone should experience at least once, even if you are not stressed.  Everyone’s chakra’s can benefit from it.

What are chakras?

We all have them, if this is new to you in very simple terms our chakras are key points on the body.  We have seven of them, they represent different things, areas of life, and emotions. They help us to remain balanced, focused, achieve, and positive in life. If they are ‘blocked’, or you are experiencing some form of stress this can have an effect on your chakras, and ultimately your mood and overall ability to function. Here’s the thing too, sometimes we don’t even know they are blocked all we know is; we are experiencing a ‘bad patch’ in life. However, from a spiritual point of view sometimes our energy is blocked, hence the same ol’ s*hit keeps happening! Or just won’t go away.

Root chakra– this is located down by base of the spine, and is the chakra that balances us and grounds us over all. Associated with the colour red. If ‘blocked’ you can feel a little all over the place ,and not really stable or balanced at all. This area is associated with survival, things like money, foundations.

Sacral chakra– the lower tummy area a few inches under the belly button. Represented by the colour orange. Associated with life experiences and  how you relate to  others. Things like sexual relationships,  emotional issues are connected to this area.

Solar Plexus chakra – otherwise sometimes called the ‘core’ this is located above your belly button , by your upper tummy area. Associated with the colour yellow, this area is linked to our strength as a person, direction, the ‘core’ of who we are, our self-worth and esteem, and ambitions. If blocked often we don’t, can’t or find it hard to progress in life.

Heart chakra- located in the upper chest, represented by the colour green. This area deals with our ability to give and receive love. If blocked we find relationships and emotional matters hard.

Throat chakra- located by the throat, represented by the colour blue. This area deals with our ability to express ourselves, communicate, state how we feel, state the truth etc. If blocked we simply can’t open up and talk.

Third eye chakra-  located between the eyes. This area represents the mind, how we think, the ‘higher self’. Linked to intuition, wisdom, decision making it’s the mental aspect of us. Represented by the colour purple. If blocked you feel mentally blocked, you can’t focus, work, study, etc.

Crown chakra-  located on the top or above the head.  Represented by the colour indigo often or sometimes white. It’s our connection to spirituality and oneness. If blocked you may not feel guided, connected or even ‘whole’ as a person.

Chakra candles are also brilliant to use during meditation or just to have on to help balance whatever area you are working with spiritually. Or you could burn a candle in the colour relevant to what you are trying to unblock.

What would a chakra bracelet help with?

For sure it would help to keep all seven chakras clear, unblocked, balanced.  This is just one of the benefits of reiki healing, and for sure you’d feel a lot more balanced with the comfort of wearing one on a day to day basis. Or as and when you felt the need. You could also use it during meditation session too.

Here’s a bit about the bracelet directly from Free Reiki Bracelet’s website

                                                    SEND ME MY FREE REIKI BRACELET ASAP


Your Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet is made with natural gemstones attuned to the body’s 7 major energy centers.
For thousands of years, light workers and energy healers have used specific stones to calm and focus the mind, reduce stress, and foster health and vitality.
In bracelet form, these stones join with the ancient symbol of the Tree of Life, a concept shared by nearly every culture throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians to modern-day Buddhists and Kabbalists. The tree represents the foundation of life, good health, and wellbeing.

The final element resting between the two crown chakra stones is the ancient Sanskrit “om” symbol representing the all-encompassing cosmic vibration of the Universe.

Rich with power and symbolism, your Reiki Energy bracelet is the perfect tool for calming the mind and strengthening the body’s own healing and protective energies.

Is it really FREE?

Yes, at the time of writing this it is, there could be a small postage cost for the bracelet, but it’s a bracelet not a heavy item at all. Keep in  mind that reiki healing, reiki sessions, reiki treatment and bracelets can cost a lot more that postage and packaging, so this is really a treat. And you get a free download of an ebook  and meditation  MP3 to listen to also!! Grab it while it’s hot and take advantage of some free spiritual healing via reiki treatment. Just click the link below.  Have you had reiki before? What was your experience? Are you considering reiki? What are your views on reiki treatment? Leave a comment and let me know. Also feel free to share this fantastic offer!

*I am supporting this free reiki bracelet offer as I believe in it, and that is can help the highest good of a lot of people,  affiliate links are attached. The Spiritual Parlour will receive a few pennies for the promotion from the vendor and yes I did claim a free one too, I will review it when it arrives. Enjoy your free offer! Love and light.


40 Replies to “Free Spiritual Healing: Claim Your Free Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet”

  1. Before reading your article I had no clue of what was Reiki. You really took your time and explained every single thing about Reiki. I learned a lot about it and I think this bracelet will really be a good fathers day gift for my dad. 

    It is amazing to see how much beneficial this is for a human body. Thank you for sharing about this amazing bracelet. 

    1. Hello Sujandar, I’m sure he would love it or anyone! I’m happy I was able t help you understand the basics of reiki and if you ever get a chance to try it go for it!

  2. Keeping the chakra clear! I’m more of spiritual things v. witchy but I will say I have been feeling bad energy as of late. Being a spiritual I chalked it up to the choices I’ve made or keep making without seeking spiritual guidance. Every action has a reaction even in the spirit circuit so I have been stumped on how to shed all the bad energy(stress) I carry. 

    Thinking of yoga to keep a more clear mind that I don’t keep blocking my chakra. With this bracelet does it keep my chakra opened without outside assistance I,e meditation, prayer, exercise etc? Or will it help me make better choices because my chakra is open?

    Interesting enough studies have shown colors to be therapeutic. 

    Thanks for sharing this  I’d be interested to learn more. 


    1. Hi Shannon, keep the chakras open would be the generally advice with use of the bracelet. You don’t need to meditate, that’s just an option. If the chakras are open  naturally one would hope better choices would naturally follow. I wish you all the best.

  3. Hello Kae,

    This bracelet is beautiful. I always like the look of real stone beads in vibrant colors. So much jewelry now is plastic! It is such a shame. It is so nice that you are interested in giving away free things to help people and have such a positive and caring attitude in life. 

    I have not had much reiki but had some along with other forms of massage. I agree that it is very calming and soothing and would love to experience that again. I have many health problems and regular massage for therapeutic purposes can be too intense for me now. Reiki would be a great alternative and not injure me further. 

    Thanks for sharing your site, interests and this beautiful bracelet! I look forward to following you.


  4. I am on the lookout for something to help me relax. I work two full-time jobs and it is taking a toll on me. Unfortunately, at this time, I must do so to make ends meet. My spouse also works full-time and we are raising our granddaughter so as you might imagine we are very busy. When I found your site I thought my prayers might have been answered. I had not heard of chakras before and I think all of mine must be plugged! The free Reiki bracelet sounds like a first positive step in relaxation. I thank you very much for this article. I’m feeling more relaxed already!

    1. Hi Karin, this seems like a very busy life situation you  have, with little time for relaxation. The bracelet could very well help aid with some balance for you. I wish you and your family well!

  5. Wow awesome bracelet! I really like the look of it. The beads have great color and design. The rope and metal fixtures look of high quality. And a free bracelet no less, even better! Reducing stress and promoting relaxation definitely are things that interest me and I’m sure s lot of people who are reading this post are interested as well. You’ve provided a great explanation of reiki, thank you. I’m following your link for my free bracelet!

  6. The topic was brand new to me. Although I believe in spiritual healing I am a little skeptical of Reiki. It uses a method that has been effective through the ages. Many religions have adopted the principle of using beads to meditate. That it works can hardly be argued..

    With that said, the article did a very good job of explaining what Reiki was and how it worked. 

  7. Hi there. I saw one of these bracelets on Amazon the other day and was thinking of getting one. I practice Yoga and thus can relate to some of these chakras. Reiki is a topic that still evades me and can’t seem to understand how placing a hand over something can translate into energy. It feels a bit out of the world, but hey, I don’t mind learning. If I can get a free beautiful bracelet, why not? 🙂

    1. Hey Cathy, yes I think a lot of people are a bit baffled by that! But the reiki practitioner is a spiritual worker and healer themselves, therefore from their own ‘guides’ or ‘source’ they work with this is the energy that is transmitted to help heal. Just like when we buy crystals that can be energetically charged by a spiritual healer or even candles too. The bracelet would be charged I’d imagine. I hope this helps a little. This is great for yoga practitioners for sure and yes it’s FREE grab one! Love and light.

  8. Well it is nice to hear that the reiki band has so much benefits. I never knew that there are spiritual benefits hidden in the little band. I knew about the chakra’s and third eye and I really love that this reiki band has this much energy and power. I would definitely love to use reiki band. Thank you for sharing such great information.

  9. Thank you for your gift of a free Reiki energy Healing bracelet. I believe it will help me overcome a deep trauma in my life, as I believe in spiritual healing.  It will help my chakras to be deblocked. 

    Therefor I’ll use it in my yoga sessions. If the principles exist since ancient times (Egyptians,..) In my opinion this must be a natural force of healing. 

    I wear it when performing my yoga sessions.

    1. Agreed Jacobs, natural is the best way and has been always. Yoga practitioners will love this. I have just received my download of the meditation and will do it tonight, the bracelet should be here soon! All the best if you grab one.

  10. I’ve come across chakras and Reiki in the past. Believe it or not, it was initially part of one of my college courses on alternative medicine that I actually still have the book to. I was surprised, in a way, that this was part of our curriculum because usually colleges and universities reside in big pharma’s pocket. Nevertheless, chakras have really jumped out at me lately, and the more I read about them, the more I want to read about them, plus other forms of alternative medicine. It’s really an interesting concept and I can even make a few links, such as in the solar plexus chakra, which was blocked for ages on end until recently. However, I don’t really know how I unblocked it. 

    1. Wonderful news you unblocked it Todd. Yes agreed universities may overlook these forms of medicine especially in the western world, honestly it’s the best though. Thanks for your insight.

  11. Oh, now I know what Reiki is. Prior to reading this guide, I’ve only heard it once and I never paid much attention to it until now. I’m kind of wondering how a Reiki bracelet is special, was it made using the same process of creating just any other bracelet, or are the materials expensive? Do you only wear them during Reiki sessions, or is it possible to use everywhere? Also, are Reiki sessions for everyone, including men?

    1. Oh Dominic, bless you of course they are for men reiki is for everyone *smiles*. The process of making things that are what we call ‘reiki charged’ is down to materials yes, if you read the materials it is made with but also they are ‘charged’ by the practitioner and their own energy or how they have been qualified a a reiki practitioner to do. The same thing with crystals which are very popular I have them all over the house, they can also be reiki charged. That said to charge a crystal or any form of amulet that is spiritual or means something to us, you can also do it with your own personal energy and prayers.  You also wear it anytime you wish, day or night in sessions or not you decide. I plan to wear mine all the time.

  12. I’ve heard of Reiki healing before in the past but never knew much about it until reading your article. But now I know so much more about how it can help me personally.

    I struggle with feeling stressed with everything that always has to get done, whether it be at home or work. It seems like this bracelet could possibly help at least reduce stress which would be great…

    I can only imagine that combining the use of this bracelet along with meditation, it would increase the effectiveness of using the bracelet?

    Either way this is a really good offer and is worth trying! (Can’t beat free)

    1. Yes Josh, if meditation is your thing it would help a lot. You  get a free four part meditation download with the offer to. All the best to you.

  13. Hi I have been reading through your website and it very interesting the areas such as Heart chakra all relate to. I have never experienced Reiki before and always thought it to be a bit of a placebo, little did I know how much detail is involved. 

    Reading this has made me more intrested and want to know more.

    I think the post is very well laid out and the decription of Raiki is great.

    I would be intrested in some examples of where Raiki has benefited people in life

    I look forward to reading more.

  14. I have reiki regularly and it has changed my life! I actually didn’t know that much about it and reading this has been really helpful so thank you 🙂 I love having reiki and I can absolutely vouch for it’s benefits and the benefits of chakra work as a whole. You have a lovely site here:)

    Love and Light x

  15. Very nice post. I learned a lot about Reiki and Chakras from your post. However, 1 thing I don’t understand is, how does the Reiki and Chakras are related? Reiki seems like a Japanese technique and Chakras are Indian! 

    I live in India, can I get this bracelet from any registered store here? Or, can you post them internationally as well? Your post is full of amazing information and you have covered them in sufficient detail. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. I’ll download the e book and forward this post to others as well. 

    1. That’s very true however in spirituality things really do cross over in cultures. Just like we have Indian astrology, western and even Asian Chinese.  It’s all astrology just the birth charts are laid out a little different. Reiki relates to the chakras a it’s the practice of energy healing….our energy all is will be in our chakras hence the Japanese practice relates to this area of the body. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Kae
    One more masterstroke from the spiritual parlor.
    The free Bracelet caught my eye and I went through this article. The details of seven chakras and how to unlock them is quite interesting. I would definitely like to use Reiki bracelet to keep all seven chakras clear, unblocked and balanced.
    Please suggest how it will enhance my meditation sessions.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav, it’s all about the energy my friend. Just like crystals a reiki charged bracelet will give off an energy and help with the meditation sessions. Thanks for coming back and reading!

  17. An interesting concept. Overall true – the concept of energies in the body that can effect aspects of health! As a Christian, i don’t necessarily follow reiki but have experienced spiritual healing and can relate to the information in this article! Do you know of any Christians who use reiki??

    1. Hi Sherry, good question and I can 100% understand as a Christian why you would not be familiar with this concept of reiki. That said, I am aware that the bible does not accept things like tarot, astrology and all the things associated with this. Reiki is different, this is all about energy and just that so for Christians it is safe, and would not go against your beliefs I would imagine. Reiki, from my view does not focus on ‘the other realm’ like the tarot and from a strictly Christian view astrology to a certain extent does. It’s pure loving healing ‘energy’ in a person’s body, no contact with ‘ the other realm’ or looking into the future for any kind of divination. You’d be fine.

  18. Hi Kae!

    I am in Astrology and this is why I like your article as well. There are many philosophies, mindsets, approaches, spiritualities directions and relaxing methods people invented through the millennia.

    I am a big fan and very passionate about astrology. Astrology is also into chakras. However, I did never deal with Reiki. The energy in and out of the human body is very important. Energy is life. Thus, bringing energy out of balance can harm your well-being. Knowing how to relax and to “re-load” energy is of vital importance.

    Because of the fact that I am not into Reiki, I can’t speak about it in a more realistic and knowledgable way, but if Reiki is a good method of bringing the energy in balance, I welcome it with all means.

    The bracelet looks great. There are also symbolic items available in astrology as well. The symbolism is a powerful method of making spirituality alive and bringing it closer to reality.

    Thanks for sharing your post!
    I have got some more insights into Reiki.

    Best regards,


    1. You’re very welcome. Yes agreed astrology is full of all the symbols too. it’s nice to meet another fan.

  19. Though my wandering through the net took me to your site but I’m glad I got here. I was clueless about the term reiki before reading this post but your simplicity in explanation made it so much easier to grasp. I love the radiance embedded in this bracelet and it seems to be a great catch especially for someone like me who needs to relax and get my nerves calm. Thanks for this giveaway

  20. Greetings: I was introduced to reiki quite some time ago and quite frankly, I’d forgotten about it.  In fact, I think I had my chakras treated at some point.  The article was a pungent review.  You really left no stone unturned!  Very informative!  In fact I visited most of the remaining site and liked how organized it is.  

  21. I’ve heard about Japanese spiritual healing previously, but this is my first time to read about it thoroughly. A relative of mine practice similar healing technique from China, and this is quite effective for non medical treatment. The free Reiki healing bracelet will be very useful for my parent, they have wanted something like this. Thank you for your information.

  22. Hello Kea,

    This is an Amazing post about Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet. Before reading your post I think that what is this? but really after reading your post, I am very surprised to know about Reiki bracelet. And I know the meaning of Reiki when I read your post. This bracelet is looking so beautiful. Now I want one of these for a special person of my life. I want to gift it to her. I think she is very happy to see these.

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. This helps me to know about Reiki bracelet and also helps me to get the right gift for a spcial person of my life.

    Thank you so much again.

  23. Hi Kae. Some years ago I was feeling so low. I was put on medication for a long time and, with the suggestion of a friend I did a reiki session with a practitioner who had come to spend some time near to me. Sometimes I feel that she came for me, because she left after 2 months. I did not understand what she was doing at first but I came to appreciate that it works. I was soon able to come off the pills and every now and then I go for a balancing session nearby. Thank you for this information about the bracelet. I didn’t know it existed. I have to get me one

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with reiki sessions JJ. Great to hear, and agreed it is a great alternative way to manage  life’s hardships or generally remain balanced. Reiki sessions can be pricey, so yes take advantage of some freebies.

  24. I had no idea what reiki was until I read this article. This sounds amazing!   I have a friend who swears by this practice and to be honest,  I didn’t give it a thought because I was unaware of what it really is. Thank you for the offer of a free bracelet. I will definitely be claiming mine. 


  25. Although I am familiar with Reiki I was not familiar at all with this bracelet.  Appreciate the info.

    You gave a good description of what Reiki exactly is.  You also did a good job describing the chakras and how they assist us in living a balanced life.

    It is interesting in how the gemstones are attuned to each chakra and energy center.  For just a small postage cost it seems well worth the purchase.  I have had Reiki treatments in the past and find this article very interesting.

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