Candle Magic Colours: How To Work Candle Magic For Results!

In my view, understanding, experience and research candles are ‘magical’ as they absorb energy, and can be ‘programmed’ if you like with certain intentions.  Correct candle magic colours can also gain great results! They are also the gateway between us, our ancestors, Deities, Spirit Guides, God, angels whatever resonates with you as the higher beings that are helping us to manifest and guiding us. In many cultures, folklore and religions candles are seen as gateways to other realms, and a way to communicate. So yes….they are extremely magical and really powerful and magical.

Candles are essentially energy,  fire is energy, your energy placed into the candles natural fire energy is very important with candle magic manifestation. Your energy will cling to your work and candle, which means it must be inline with what you hope to receive. Candles, energy, with the right herbs and oils can work magic, as they suck up what you want, send the message to your personal guides who work on what it is you want to return to you. It’s energy manipulation. If the idea of higher beings guiding you does not sit right with you, remove this it’s just a label, think of it as just pure energy that is working in your favour.

It’s All About ‘Symbolism’ With Candles

Firstly, a candle magic colour can represent exactly whatever it is that you wish to manifest, or situation you wish to change, sweeten or even sour. Here is a list of candle magic colour representations that I often go by, this list has been put together based on my experimentation to learn what works for me, research and my own personal connection with the colour.

Note: always follow your intuition some colours are universal, however for example if purple represents passion for you, rather than red then go with purple. Your intuition will never steer you wrong, listen and go with the colour that means something to you.

Candle Magic Colours for Symbolism:


Green is perfect to represent, money, wealth, health, material gain, prosperity, success, finance, growth, abundance, fertility and anything related to the material world or anything you wish to gain, maintain, increase or grow. I think of green as health and growth.

Brown can represent stability (earth or grounding), this can also be a colour to consider for business growth and /or stability for grounding a business if this is your goal.

Gold can also be used for prosperity and growth work too, as this colour can represent coins and abundance.


Orange is a wonderful colour to represent attracting the desire to create positive change. Orange is linked to attracting things generally. It’s a great colour to attract or sweetening things toward you or whoever you are manifesting for.  Great for ‘road opener’ manifestations too, I often go with orange. Also, education, increasing communication and strength.


Blue is fantastic for any kind of protection or healing, for yourself and others.  Also, meditation, general happiness and forgiveness.


Pink for me is more connected to love, many say red. Personally I go with pink to represent emotions and red for passion, sex, lust. Pink is also great for friendship, self-love and care. Pink is connected to forming a bond emotionally.


Passion, sex and lust plain and simple! Also, courage.


Banishing and removing things, sending things away, absorbing negativity, souring situations or other people, and generally less positive manifestations! Black can also be used for protection too.


White can be and should be used for any and everything. White, just like salt can be programmed to what you want it to do. It’s also great for cleansing, removing blockages, banishing and purification.


Great for intuition, connection with spirits, wisdom and opening your third eye. Also, relaxation.


I associate this with new starts, new beginnings, the sun, blessings and vitality. Great for changing circumstances even removing blockages for a brand-new start.

Happy manifesting with your candles! I hope this has shed some light on what candle  magic colours could be right for you.

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