Real Magic Spells and Rituals Need Deity Support! Leave Offerings

Real magic spells, manifestations, petitions  and rituals need to be heard properly. Many and probably every one of us has an ‘energy’, God, Goddess, Deity, or higher being within the Universe that we connect with. Some energies just walk right into our lives and make themselves known , and that they wish to connect with you or it’s them you should be petitioning to for things you want in your life as they will provide it. This  was my case! While I researched a very popular African deity to connect with, her counterpart and some say ‘enemy’ made herself known in my life in one day, in three different ways. I could not turn a blind eye to the fact that she had ‘called’ to me.

In one day the Goddess came to me ( and through my son) via music,  then a sudden series of  events, and then finally I asked for confirmation via the Tarot. While I shuffled  the deck, her card representation (the only one), flipped and fell out of the deck face up on the table. From that day, I have left an offering for her every week. I also read up a lot about her  what she is about, what she  likes, and her representation in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Once I did this it was clear why she presented herself to me, just the day after I was researching another Goddess to work with for my petition of intent. Her and her Caribbean equivalent  have been with me since that day, and I have not once missed an offering each week. Every manifestation I have worked on via candle magic, or any other way has come to fruition….yes, I get what I want! And therefore these two Goddess help me to be a much more powerful witch, or ‘manifester’ if you are not comfortable with the term ‘witch’. Me, I proudly were the label and name with no shame! It’s in my DNA, roots and blood.

A witch is not a term or person to be scared of, yes there are some that do ‘darker’ spells yes there are some that just like to do more natural and less harmful spells. Then there are some of us in the middle who can do both, and know that really you use your ability to do darker magic  and spells as a form of defense not attack. Basically, witches heal, and use their abilities for this no matter what kind of magic they do.

Why Do Offerings Help To Increase Your Manifestations and Spells?

  • It is a way to connect with the spirit world.
  • It shows that you respect the energy you are working with or petitioning to.
  • It’s a way to build a relationship, of give and take.
  • It’s way to express your gratitude and thanks to the Spirit, God, Goddess or energy who is working on your behalf to bring you what you want.
  • And most importantly think of it this way, if you are someone that takes takes takes why should they help you or any other human being for that matter? If you are asking and petitioning for things and they give it to you or you receive, and you don’t offer back anything, do you think they will listen to your petition of intent again? And grant your needs to you?

When Is It Recommended You Leave Offerings?


Many witches who have been practicing their craft for some time, from their experience will probably tell you ‘weekly’. I would 100% agree. Secondly, I’d also add that even when you are not asking for anything or in need, this is the most important time to be leaving regular offerings and showing your God, Goddess, Spirit and the Universe you remember them, and are grateful for their presence, even when you are not calling on them. This is because they are still protecting you, surrounding you and guiding you ( via your own sudden downloads, ideas and feelings) even if  you are not aware of it.

You should also give an offering during your manifestation time, however you do this be it candle magic or any other way, lay something small down for them as you call upon them.

lastly, if you wish to connect with a certain Deity that has not come to  you, but you resonate with them, leave them offerings to start to  build a relationship. If they do not answer your petitions of intent, don’t be upset. Keep trying to connect for a while before you give up, also sometimes the Deity may not respond if they can’t help out or they are not the right one for you. So try a few and see who responds.

What Should I Leave As An Offering?

The picture above is the offering I left this week for my Goddess, this is because this week I had a major breakthrough with  my manifestation that I have been working on over the last few Moons. They provided for me what I need.  So I left them three things to say thank you! I normally leave either one of these flowers, chocolate, cigarettes, and especially rum and red wine! This is because these are items linked to my Goddesses from researching common offerings,and traditionally ‘what they like’. That said, remember this when it comes to offerings for Spirits… the dead are always thirsty, therefore a simple plain glass of water in a cup is welcome from all of them, even those who like cigarettes and alcohol or linked to riches and luxury.

My advice would be to research the energy you are offering, and find out what they are associated with.  However water, bread, food from your own cooking, fruit, and wine or a ‘spirit’ like rum and coffee are great. Be mindful if your energy is a vegetarian or does not like certain things, like smoke or alcohol check this out. I also leave offerings for the Goddess Kwan Yin  also, she is not a meat eater so I give her tea, incense, fruits, and flowers a lot.

Where should I  Leave it?

  • Wherever you have space in your home, office, study, bedroom etc. set up a small place with an image of your God, Goddess, or energy, a white candle and incense and place it there. Again be mindful if they don’t like smoke, or certain scents.
  • If you can’t do it at home then leave them outside in nature, the park, beach, etc. find a place, tree, spot you can designate to them and leave your offering in the same place each time for them.  It can be your sacred space for you and them. Let them know it’s there with some simple words of communication.

How Do I Leave An Offering?

Simple! However you feel guided to this is about your personal connection to the God, Goddess, Deity, Spirit, Universe. But whatever you do let them know it’s for them and say thanks.

Personally I place it down, light a candle in the colour that represents them or just a plain white one. Light an incense and say my words I have to say, I let them know how the week has been, what I am working on now or hope for, what’s on my mind, and most importantly I say THANK YOU and express gratitude for their PRESENCE when I call and when I don’t call.

How Do I Find The Right Deity or Energy To Work With?

I really recommend this book here called The Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judka Illes. It has a wealth of information on different energies who they support, what they do and don’t like and how to connect. I love this book I brought it on Amazon as I wanted it on my book shelf, but you can  read my detailed book review here. I really can’t fault this gem of a book I am so happy I found it.

Final Thoughts

Offerings for me personally are all about my connection and relationship with Deities  I honour. I was blessed,  that one walked into my life and  showed me that they are the Goddess I needed at that time in my life, I am grateful as it’s a very special thing if a Spirit takes to you for some reason. They could just like you, connect with you, see themselves in you or even know that they can give you what you need in life right now. Therefore I believe that when manifesting change in life with rituals, spells, or whatever way you do it, the presence of Spirit is needed to assist you, build a relationship and you will have very successful outcomes.

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