The Third House in Astrology: The House of Childhood, Learning, Travel

What Is The Third House?

The third house in astrology is a cadent house planets placed in the cadent houses are often thought to be carried away from their natural place of strength, and far out possibly weakened depending on the aspects the planets make.  The third house in astrology is  concerned with communications, thoughts, learning, education, childhood experiences and short trips that we make. It is an air house ( mental energy).

Key Words: education and learning, thoughts we have or how we think, how we communicate, what communication means to us, travel.

The Third in Modern Astrology is  Ruled By The Sun Sign: Gemini

This Sun sign  I describe the energy as ‘the social butterfly’ who is an excellent talker and communicator. Mental stimulation and conversation Gemini excels (naturally)  at, as the energy that rules over this.

 The Third House  in Modern Astrology is Ruled by the Planet:

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler and the planet of travel, (short distance), communication, emails, letters, phone calls, faxes, SMS every and any type of communication. Also the planet of learning and thinking.

 The Third House’s Energy: 

The third house is an air house, it’s all about the mind, speech, learning, your experiences of education and childhood. It is a house that shows us how we mature with thoughts, speech, and learning.

 Tips On How to Interpret the Third House in a Horoscope or Birth Chart?

In a horoscope the  third  house is all about communication coming in, or that you are making with others as well as potential travel at that time. It also relates a lot to educational things we are doing. It can show (depending on the planet’s aspects in the house, and to the house itself ) what could be going on mentally, and educationally for a person. Not just academic education, this is about the ‘school of life’ also.

In a birth chart, it’s much the same depending on the planets of course that are in the third house. In a birth chart we can have an idea of a person’s struggles or successes with learning, speech problems, delays, stammers or stutters can even show up here. Their childhood experiences ( depending on the aspects of the planets and to the house) can also be seen. How they communicate,view communication, and if they are or or not generally a good communicator can also be shown.

Personal Planets in The Third House In A Birth Chart

Sun- The Sun represents the ego, how we approach life and with a Sun in the third house you could be naturally a great communicator, or have a flare with learning academically- if the Sun is well aspected by other planets. Check the chart. A less well aspected Sun can show the opposite, struggles at school, with learning, communicating or expressing yourself.

Moon- Your thoughts can sometimes be emotional ( this is the house of thought remember). The Moon represents our emotional reactions to things. Look at how the Moon is aspected. The Moon here can also show maybe an emotionally charged childhood or experiences when younger.

Mercury- The best house for this planet! The planet that rules in a house  of his or her own, is a planet that is in a way very exalted ( at it’s best), even more so if under the Sun sign it rules ( Gemini). This could show a very STRONG communicator, leader, writer, thinking, someone good with languages, creative etc. If Mercury is well aspected with other planets this is a very good placement. If less well aspected or under a Sun sign that places Mercury in a weak position, then it can show a struggle or challenge with the third house of life areas.

Venus- lots of love for  good communication, learning, how you could like to give and receive love, by showing and receiving good communication with your partner.  Read the rest of the chart for an indication.  You could also enjoy short trips away or travel.

Mars- discussions, education, travel, learning could all be things that motivate you.

Other planets such as Pluto ( transformation and change), Saturn ( learning, challenges or even areas to master to evolve spiritually), and Uranus ( erratic behaviour, sudden changes, rebel like) I also pay close attention to if stationed in the third house. Naturally due to the energies of the planets. The signs they are under the influence of also should be noted, as the signs can give an indication as to how the planet’s energy could be expressed in relation to the overall meaning of the house related to our thoughts, learning, communication abilities and especially childhood experiences. These energies in this house could indicate some transformational, changeable,  challenging childhood or educational experiences in life or experiences around communication and the way the person expresses themselves, the rest of the chart should be checked.

So, there we have it in very basic terms how we can understand the third house of life. Keep an eye out for 101 on the fourth house! The first house is here.   the second house is also here.

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