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What Is Tarot?

Tarot is an age old method of divination. A ‘spiritual telephone’ if you like, that you can tap into, to receive messages that are important with regard to whatever you’re querying. A Tarot deck has twenty-two major Arcana cards and fifty- six minor cards. In total seventy-eight cards.

The major Arcana cards are what’s known as ‘life’s lessons’ or stages and experiences that we go through in life. They are not every day, day to day situations. The remaining fifty-six minors are the day to day experiences.  The minor cards are split into four suits commonly referred to as Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. The cards within each suit are from one to ten, and then the court cards Page, Knight, Queen and King. Each court card has an energy to it. The cards from one to ten  are often read on the basis of Numerology meanings.

Cups: matters of the heart, emotions and relationships.

Wands: creativity, projects, work, career, passions and travel.

Swords: mental thoughts and or challenges, life challenges generally.

Pentacles: the material world, finances, wealth and health.

How Can Tarot Readings Help?

They are so empowering! I can’t stress this enough. Personally, it has helped to clarify areas of life for myself and I have helped give clarity to others using Tarot. Remember that the reader (should) be connected well to the system of Tarot, as well as have their own spiritual connection and guidance. This could be what the reader calls ‘spirit’ ‘angel’ or anything that is relevant to them that helps the intuitive feelings and understanding to interpret the cards placed down. Tarot is more than just reading a book and understanding or remembering text book meanings, it is a true connection to the system and knowledge yes, but also being Divinely guided with intuition.

How Do I know If a Tarot Reader Is Any Good?

Well, their knowledge clearly of the cards and meanings, but also how they use their intuition to guide them. Like I said, it’s more than learning seventy-eight card meanings. A gifted and talented reader will go beyond this and work using intuition and Divine guidance while interpreting a spread.

How Is a Tarot Reading Carried Out?

Every reader works differently, but in general the cards are cleansed, shuffled and pulled then placed down into a certain spread, with each card’s position having a meaning. It could be for example a simple three card spread of past, present and future, a complete and more complex Celtic Cross, showing more than the past present and future as it is a nine or sometimes ten card spread. Each reader will have a variety of spreads ideal for querying certain types of situations or questions.

Do I Offer Readers?

Absolutely! For any and every one.I will meditate on your questions, situation and energy surrounding you before-hand, then your reading will be recorded, the link will be emailed to you so you can refer back to it at anytime you wish. If you would like a personal reading all you need to do is visit my store here.


    1. I read intuitively not from a text book! Clearly, I have spent a number of years learning the card meanings but apart from this, I am guided intuitively. I have a strong sense about things based on what the Tarot spread is showing me and my feeling. This is sometimes referred to as a Clairsentience ability.
    2. I will also give you my honest interpretation of the Tarot spread messages that  come from the Divine.
    3. I’m not here to make money spinning lies, Tarot is something I take seriously, and use it in my  personal everyday life and have done for years and will always do so. Basically, I don’t f*ck with it to rip people off! I’m honest.

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