How To Write a Magic Spell

Magic spells are wonderful, learning from others is powerful but have you wondered how to write a magic spell, or how to do a magic spell of your own, a powerful magic spell that actually works? Real magic spells for beginners can be hard to come by, so here I’ll share some ‘tricks of the trade’ when it comes to writing love spells, money spells, or any kind of magic spell that can set you up for success. I have been writing spells  and rituals for a very long time as a spiritual witch, and many have used them and gained success. However I do feel, one thing that is very empowering is being able to own your own magic,  ritual, or spell, and create your own manifestation, and your own outcomes. This is because once you learn how to write a magic spell once with success, you can write anything and everything you want when it comes to writing magic spells.

What is a Magic Spell?

First of all magic comes in all forms, from many corners of the world, from wicca, pagan, Arabic, African, Caribbean, you name it there’s some form of magic in probably all cultural systems. However, what it all boils down to is that it’s basically a form of manifestation. It can be done via candle magic, prayers, rituals you name it. Magic spells are words, words hold power hence the world ‘spelling.’ Yes we assume that spelling means to spell a word or the use of English or any other language. However, spell-ing also can relate to casting a powerful magic spell, as simply words are spells, they are what make magic. That’s why when  beginners learn to write magic spells, it’s essential that you understand the power of words and write them the most powerful way.
A magic spell is an intention, wish, desire, prayer, manifestation. It’s basically putting out to the universe exactly what you want.

Are Magic Spells Dangerous?

Certainly not, many people may think that magic spells are dangerous. What’s dangerous is the person, the person casting the spell can make it dangerous. This could be how they work, their intention, and their practice. We need to be clear there are different forms of magic spells. ‘White’ magic spells often considered non-harmful, full of positive intent, not meant to harm any situation, person, place, or thing. Then there’s ‘black magic’ spells which are meant to harm a situation, person, place or thing. That said when it comes to black magic don’t forget that we can do this kind of magic as a form of protection. Sometimes we need to send back the negative vibes to where it’s coming from, as a form of defense rather than attack. And it’s for this reason as a spiritual witch myself I’m personally not against black magic, or ‘left hand magic’ rather than ‘right hand magic’ which would be white magic. If it’s done as a form of protection and defense. Sometimes in life we also need to humble people, and teach them a lesson while we protect ourselves.

How to Does Witchcraft and a Magic Spell Work?

When learning how to do witchcraft and magic spells, the first thing that is needed is to remove any doubt over  your magic spell, it’s ability to work, how it will work, or if it will work. You  have to remember  that this is manifestation and energy work you’re doing. Therefore there is no room for doubt. This is as the energy you send out when you learn how to do witchcraft and magic spells is not something you can see. It’s done in the spiritual world, therefore you need to keep the faith when learning how to do magic spells.
Asking the question, ‘does witchcraft work’, ‘do magic spells work’, is a sure way to ensure that your magic spell will not work! So don’t ever ask that question, this is the first point when you start to learn witchcraft.

Types of Magic Spells

There are plenty magic spells! I’d confidently say as spiritual witch myself that there is a spell for everything, or at least one can create a magic spell for everything. However here are the common types of magic spells

  • Love spells: designed to call in new love, a love interest, or reconcile with an old lover.
  • Money spells: designed to call in fortune and abundance, this can be directly related to money.
  • Crown of Success spells: not always focused on money the aim of this kind of spell is to be successful with whatever your intention is.
  • Road opener spells: my favourite kind of spell, this kind of spell will ‘blockbust’ whatever energy blocks  that are in the way of you obtaining or achieving what it is you want. Often times it’s best to do a road opener spell before you do a love spell, or money spell so that the road is open to get what you wish with no blocks.
  • Court case spells: designed to focus on an outcome on a legal matter.
  • Separation, break up, back up, b*tch spells: designed to send people away or break up relationships.
  • Domination and sweetener spells: designed to sweeten a situation, person, place, or thing in your favour.
  • Hex, curse, jinx spells: designed to send negative energy.
  • Protection or ‘return to sender’ spells: designed to protect from harm or negative energy,
  • Healing and purification spells: designed to help heal and purify.

These are just a few of the many categories when it comes to magic spells, like  I said as long a you have an intent you create a spell for it!

The Power of Working With Dieties, Spirits, and Ancestors With Magic Spells

I am not the only spiritual witch to testify to this, when it comes to creating powerful spells that actually work you can’t under estimate the power of working with a spirit guide, ancestor, God, or just calling out to the universe. Using a vibration or energy that’s not human, in whatever form resonates with you when it comes to writing magic spells and then carrying out the magic spell will also help. I discuss here in my article  How to Connect With Your Spirit Guide, and  Real Magic Spells Need Diety Support   just how important this is and how it can help. Check out the articles and see for yourself,   and if you wish to really deeply connect with a deity, spirit, ancestor, or spirit guide, check out my short book Messages From Spirit: How To Connect With Spirit and Ancestors on Amazon I don’t want to repeat myself or go off topic here, so let’s continue.

How To Write a Magic Spell That’s Powerful

You’ll need:

  • Intention: What is it that you actually want? You need to be clear on this so that you don’t confuse the universe, guides, or whoever you are working with as well as yourself!
  • Timing: ensure you’re casting your spell within the right astrological time, moon phase, or even day of the week.
  • Tools: magic is about representation therefore using the right  candle colours, herbs, colour of paper to write your magic spell on etc is also part of it to send out the energy of what you want.
  •  To understand how to anoint a candle properly: so the manifestation and wish is actually called in and the spell actually works.
  • Belief: you must keep it.
  • Understand the difference between spells: eg a jinx, hex, and curse have a different impact and intention.
  • Write your spell otherwise known as a ‘petition’ in the right  and most powerful way!
  • Understanding of how certain herbs empower certain spells: love spells, money spells, protection spells, etc whatever it is you’re manifesting there’s a herb for it. The herb is likely to be found in your kitchen too! A very basic understanding of herbs will empower your spell in the right way.
  • Consistency: real magic spells that work are not like Harry Potter magic. It’s not poof I write the spell, light the candle, or carry out the ritual and then what I want falls in my lap. No! This is the mistake many people who are beginners with magic make and give up. It’s well known that working for at least three Moon phases ( in the correct phase) is the minimum we should go for, before we change direction and try something else, or adjust the spell. This is because you’re working with energy and depending on what you’re working on it may not be ‘a quick fix’ which sadly, a lot of people think magic spells are. Not always. Sometimes we do write spells, carry them out with the candles and rituals and poof! They manifest quickly, but not every time.

Learn How To Write a Magic Spell and Powerful Ritual That Works and Manifest Your Dreams!

Above are the main points needed to write a powerful magic spell that will actually works, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d love to learn more about how to write a magic spell in depth in my PDF download here : How To Write a Powerful Magic Spell I go through every area above mentioned ,and more. In the PDF I focus on the above areas generally so you’re able to adapt it to whatever kind of spell you’re writing, or whatever kind of ritual you wish to do. You’ll learn a very safe, effective, powerful, and personally satisfying way to write a powerful magic spell as a foundation. Then you’re free to take your own practice where you wish. Believe it or not, there are basic fundamentals for every kind of spell, and if you understand the above areas well, you will progress quickly with your personal manifestation journey. Everything I mention in the PDF I do or have done myself, I don’t ever recommend anything I would not be prepared to do myself, or won’t do. It’s all been tried and well tested. By myself and clients I have worked with and written rituals and pells for.

As mentioned in my store I have written rituals for manifestation that clients have used and had success, based on my own working which is based on the fundamentals above. I am happy to teach these fundamentals to others as I had to learn the hard way! And do a lot of research, I wished there was someone to help guide me grasp the baics, then make my own manifestation magic.

What You’ll Receive:

  • one detailed  16 paged PDF download instantly, that’s yours to keep. Note that you have two download chances! So make sure  you save it on your device as soon as you click the link. You will need to be able to read and open a PDF document on your computer, phone, or tablet.


Check out : How To Write A Powerful Mage Spell Here

Blessed be, happy magic spell writing.




6 Replies to “How To Write a Magic Spell”

  1. The greek word for magic was Pharmakos, which translates either of three things. This can mean ‘Medicine’, Poison or charm. I think the charmer is the most popular form of magician and these days can be seen in the form of a salesman. Or even a window cleaner who can make someones life seem so much better simply by giving them a sparkle to their windows. The power of charm. Alchemy if you will

    1. Thanks for sharing this! The greek word sounds like phamacy, in English which is where we’d get our medicine. Charm, yep I can see how that would make a good magician. It’s great to hear how magic translates in other cultures and languages.

  2. WOW!! What an awesome website you have created here.

    After reading this article on how to write a magic spell it definitely sounds like you have been doing this for a long time and really have mastered the art. How long did that take you? And when and how did you realise you could do this?

    This subject really fascinates me and I have now bookmarked this website so as I can learn more.

    Thanks again for bringing us such an awesome website!


    1. Hello Mark! yes it has been a long, long , time I have been able to manifest with candle magic and write rituals. I learned mainly as my cultural background this is something that I always had around me growing up, as I got older you could say as I found my own spiritual path, I really resonated with it and studied herbs, faith, religion, and the different approaches from around the world and it started from there. When I noticed I was able to create my wishes without harming anyone that’s when I learned my mission in this life incarnation is to help others do the same and not keep it to myself!

  3. This is a very fascinating and though provoking post on how to write a magic spell. People are sometime very quick and harsh to judge a “witch”, without understanding that most of what they do, are with good intentions. I like how you describe the difference between white magic and black magic, and how black magic can be used as a defense mechanism, rather than an attack.

    I was familiar with love spells and money spells, but like the idea of a road opener spell, basically to clear the path for the spell that will then follow. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi there, exactly there is a big misconception about what a witch actually is. In must cultures especially mine they are a healer of some sorts and not out to eat children or throw curses on people! Road opener spells are fantastic and I hightly recommend them as a starting point with any manifestation or spell writing as they will remove what’s blocking the way to what we want. This is often why sometimes people find rituals and manifestations don’t work, there’s an energy block to be removed first. Thank you for your experience and feedback sharing.

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