How To Write A Magic spell


In this 16 page PDF learn how to manifest like a boss! Learn how to write a magic spell yourself, and how to do a magic spell yourself, that’s based on your own intentions.


In this 16 page PDF you will learn everything you need to about how to write a magic spell, and how to do a magic spell that’s your own and personal to you. Based on the fundementals of writing magic spells and doing magic spells.  This  is an instant download! No waiting around. You’ll understand and learn the below topics suitable for anyone who wishes to manifest with candle magic, with all levels of experience:

How To Write a Powerful  Magic Spell

  • Intention: What is it that you actually want? You need to be clear on this so that you don’t confuse the universe, guides, or whoever you are working with as well as yourself!
  • Timing: ensure you’re casting your spell within the right astrological time, moon phase, or even day of the week.
  • Understand the difference between spells, eg a jinx, hex, and curse have a different impact and intention.
  • Tools: magic is about representation therefore using the right  candle colours, herbs, colour of paper to write your magic spell on etc is also part of it to send out the energy of what you want.
  • Understanding of how certain herbs empower certain spells: love spells, money spells, protection spells, etc whatever it is  you’re manifesting there’s a herb for it. The herb is likely to be found in your kitchen too! A very basic understanding of herbs will empower your spell in the right way.
  • Belief: you must keep it.
  • Write your spell otherwise known as ‘petition’ in the right and most powerful way.
  • Consistency: real magic spells that work are not like Harry Potter magic. It’s not poof I write the spell, light the candle, or carry out the ritual and then what I want falls in my lap. No! This is the mistake many people who are beginners with magic make and give up. It’s well known that working for at least three Moon phases ( in the correct phase) is the minimum we should go for, before we change direction and try something else, or adjust the spell. This is because you’re working with energy and depending on what you’re working on it may not be ‘a quick fix’ which sadly, a lot of people think magic spells are. Not always. Sometimes we do write spells, carry them out with the candles and rituals and poof! They manifest quickly, but not every time.

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