The Journey of a Spiritual Entrepreneur

With all that’s been going on in the world, the pandemic, life changing and generally everyone being separated from each other. As a spiritual entrepreneur, one thing I have noticed is that spirituality is really becoming something that many people are gravitating towards. I’d love to share a little bit about my own journey into spirituality from a business perspective, which started way before the pandemic, to help anyone who may feel that this is their calling, or something they’d like to consider.

When Did It All Start?

Back in April 2018 I started my YouTube channel I had no followers, and I had no real ambitions or goals for the channel, other than to share messages of guidance to help others for different star signs. The channel grew so quickly! Within say two months I had reached over a couple hundred followers. And I continued to do as many tarot readings as I could. However, I had some personal home life changes which meant I had to step back for a while. Lucky I kept a majority of my following and kept organically growing too. In the background I was working on the business side of things, my online esoteric store The Spiritual Parlour on Etsy. This was growing quickly I found just by listing items, people started to favourite the items and the store.

In May of 2019, I started this this blog here, where I would write about spiritual and esoteric subjects. What I realisd was that the following to my blog picked up very quickly also! I kept writing as much as I could.

How and why I experienced this growth I placed down to two things 1. sharing everything I wrote online, or uploaded to the channel across a number of social media platforms. 2. taking the time and effort to make high quality informative blog posts and videos.

Social Media Impact and Influencing for Spiritual Businesses:

For anyone who is thinking of starting a spiritual related business or blog, I really can’t stress enough how important social media is to help you along the way. In my personal experience, when I post my videos from my YouTube channel and share on this blog, and Twitter for example, I notice that traffic, views, and my following to the channel organically grows. One thing I would say about a spiritual related business or blog is, you really need to niche down to what it is you want to focus on, so that you capture the right audience. For me it’s clearly astrology, numerology, and the magic of manifestation how all three can be used to better one’s life.

While social media is key and I recommend that you use it, the landscape of social media is also changing! And there’s a new wave for us spiritual entrepreneurs to jump on. According to  Forbes as we move forward from 2022 and beyond, this new wave known as ‘influencing’ could really take off even more.

As a spiritual entrepreneur you may think well, ‘that’s not really for me my area of specialism is too niche’. Not really, the message  you  share as a spiritually inclined person will reach a bigger audience, and you have a lot to offer.  Especially during this pandemic where people need to rely more on their faith, and are growing more mindful and/or spiritually inclined. The Intellifluence 2021 compensation report shows just well your input could be received, as a spiritual entrepreneur   if you are making use of traditional social media, and also riding the new wave of influencing.

Key Tips Needed For Growth In the Spirituality Niche via Influencing

  • Have a focus on your blog, channel, business that’s clear. Rather than ‘a bit of everything’ you’re more likely to capture the right audience and retain them.
  • Make use of a couple of social media platforms you’re comfortable with. Share your blogs, videos, messages, business across them.
  • Be consistent! This is something I learned, I grew quickly on YouTube in months, but family life took over and I had to step back. However being consistent as much as you can really helps to keep in engagement, and with organic growth of your brand.
  • Just do it! Stop thinking about whether you can, should, or will and do it. If you have a calling to step into the spiritual niche, and at the same time use your spiritual gifts to create a business go for it. Keep in mind the benefits that can be found from being an influencer as well. It’s not just or only for main stream categories like food, fashion, etc only! Spirituality is very niche but there’s a good market for it. As your following organically grows, so will  your brand, business, blog, and compensation too. If you have a spiritual gift share it with the world, and become an influencer.


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