Lion’s Gate Astrology: The Big Bang!

Lion’s gate astrology is powerful, and It’s a special time when the lion’s gate opens, in astrology this is a powerful time for manifestation and inner work. This is because the meaning of the lion’s gate in astrology is technically a big bang! And new beginning, it’s a key time for opportunity for you. If you’ve never heard of the lions gate now’s the time to take note as it just so happens at the time of writing this the lion’s gate portal is about to fully open, it opens every year.

What is The Lion’s Gate in Astrology?

The lion’s gate in astrology refers to  the time when the star Sirus (the spiritual sun) rises in the sky, and aligns itself with the Sun. The Sun in astrology is a representation of the ego, who we are, how we approach life. So these two energies come together our spiritual self and who we really are , how we approach life, and our ego or personality. When this happens this is sometimes referred to as ‘ The Lion’s Portal’ also. This potent energy happens every year between the 28th of July to the 12th of August.  The 8th is considered as the official date that the  Lion’s Portal opens. This year in 2021 the Lion’s Portal will open on the 8th of August. It just so happens that this year, this is also the same day as a new moon in Leo.

What Does Sirus the Star Bring When He Rises?

In a nutshell opportunities and luck! That’s his energy. He also brings a chance for us to start a new beginning also,, and along with this experience the helping hand we’ll need with his luck. This is why during the lion’s gate when the portal opens around this time of year, it’s a wonderful time to set your intentions and manifest or even create the new start that you seek. Because Sirus is seen as the ‘spiritual’ sun it”s a time where us as humans and people our third eye can be activated, we can  connect with our ancestors and guides. If you’d like to know how you can  make that connection check out the article here: How To Connect With Your Spirit Guide.

It’s also a wonderful time to do some inner reflection and journal write, check out the  spiritual journal writing prompt for this Lion’s Gate Portal opening here.


How To Make The Most Of The Lion’s Gate Portal This Year

This year as mentioned we’re blessed with the lion’s gate portal opening on a new Moon, so not only to we have the energy of the lion’s gate around us as Sirus will rise, it’s also on the official date of the portal opening the new Moon in Leo will call on! We are truly blessed. I’d recommend that you check your birth chart for where Leo rules in your chart and set some intentions around this area. You can download your birth chart for free here.  To work out where Leo rules in your chart, once you have  your birth chart to hand, look for where you see Leo’s astrological sign ♌️ on one of the houses in your chart. For a detailed step by step way to do this see the article:  House Rulerships in Astrology.Wherever Leo rules could be a good area of life to do some reflection, so say for example he rules your 2nd house of money, it could be a good time to set some financial goals. If you’d like a professional birth chart reading then check out the services here.

Or you could just focus on your own personal desires for new starts and manifestations, if you don’t want to use the  new Moon’s energy of Leo, or where Leo rules for you in you life personally to focus on manifesting your new beginning or create some opportunities.

Leo’s Energy is Key!

Leo is key right now, this is because this energy is influencing the new Moon’s cycle. A new Moon is a time to start a new cycle and the encouragement is via Leo’s approach to life. The energy of Leo is about being bold, caring, giving, having fun, and not being afraid to take risk. This energy could be very powerful while you are setting your intention this new Moon cycle, either in the area of life that Leo rules in your chart or whatever area of life you desire. Go for it! Be bold embrace Leo!

Numerology and The Lion’s Gate This New Moon in Leo

Well, we have a new Moon in Leo at 16 degrees into Leo on the 8th day of the 8th month. The first thing to say is that 8 is a number of movement and action, period! So let’s go. Secondly 8 +8 = 16, then 1+6= 7. Therefore broken down in terms of numerology the energy of the new Moon falling on the 8th day of the 8th month gives us the number 7. 7 is a number of ‘potential’ and ‘success’ so it’s a time to chase after that potential success for yourself.

Being aware of your own numerology life path number can also be powerful for you, during this lion’s gate, check out the quick article here on how to calculate your life path number and the meanings.

The question is what new start do you wish to manifest right now? And what area of life would you love new energy to flow? Leave a comment below  👇🏾, let me know share with us all

Happy Lion’s Gate Portal manifestation and new Moon in Leo!



4 Replies to “Lion’s Gate Astrology: The Big Bang!”

  1. This is a fascinating subject and not one that I’ve had much to do with. I’m presently surprised about the Lion’s Gate being active right now as a lot of new things are happening in my life and it is very exciting. I am making a new plan of action to harness this new start time and I may even look closer on the numerology side. Thanks for some interesting ideas.

    1. Excellent news, how wonderful to have exciting things happen around the Lion’s Gate portal! As above so below, many people don’t realise it but the energy of the cosmos can really impact on life. Yes do look at your numerology life path  number on the links above as this could give you some great insight into your direction, thanks for sharing all the best with the new starts also.

  2. Hi there, astrology is a fascinating area and one that my daughter-in-law is slowly introducing me to. She often refers to the new moon and how things happen in relation to the position of the moon and the sun. So it is very interesting to read about the Lion’s Gate. I have a lot of turmoil and uncertainty in my life at the moment, so it makes me wonder if it will be a good time to make some big decisions when the Lion’s Gate is open, or should I rather wait?

    1. Hi there, well a new Moon generally is a great time to make decisions and focus on a new direction. As the Liion’s Gate will be open on a new Moon it’s a good time! Also the Lion’s Gate brings the added energy of ‘luck’ that we need and presents opportunity for us. If you deeply reflect on what changes or decisions you need to make, now would be a good time. If it’s a very drastic decision be sure but it’s a very good time with the energy we have around us. I wish you luck and thanks for sharing.

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