How To Connect To Your Spirit Guide


How to connect to your spirit guide? Have you been looking for ways on how to connect to your spirit guide? What is a spirit guide anyway? I need to share with you reader something very real, and that may even help you understand and help with meeting your own spirit guides. First, what the hell are they anyway?

What is a Spirit Guide?Loving

A spirit guide is an energy that has either 1. become attracted to you because of who you are, or what you are experiencing in life, 2. someone you know a real person ( Earth angel) some one you cross paths with at the right time, or someone you already know who is always on your side, watching your back. But the connection you feel with them is on a soul level. I have a girlfriend like this I met her over ten years ago when we went to school, we now live in different countries and always speak still. 3. an energy that has made a ‘pact’ or promise when you incarnated into this life to look after you, and guide you when you most need it. You will not remember this in your human form, but they do. 4. they can even be an ancestor from your ancestral line. In a nutshell, spirit guides can come in all shapes and forms from animal spirit guides ( yes you read that right), to angels, Gods, fairies ( yes you read that right). they are energies that have made a life long decision to connect with you, and sometimes appear in your life so boldly when you most need it, or hold back and gently guide you , via signs, symbols universe messages and your own intuition.

Ever have a feeling that you should just do something, like take a different route, and there was an accident on the route you would have taken? Decided to go somewhere and you find or make the connection you needed the most?  Made a decision that for some reason you are just ‘drawn to’?That my friend is Spirit in the background. Let me give  you an example of the latter how a spirit guide can connect with you boldly.

Meeting your spirit guide…. the real deal… Sun moves into Gemini

One morning I started my day as I normally do, lit a candle and some incense, then said, ‘ thanks for today and all blessings.’ I was called to just place on a YouTube play list of ethnic music, a song came on and I stopped washing the dishes and snapped my head up. I felt like I had heard it before,  my eyes welled up with tears, I had no idea where, how, when or even the name of this music. All I knew was, it resonated on a soul level there was something about it that jerked tears. I could not understand the language either! My child came into the kitchen and started singing, dancing, and humming the tune as it was drums and repeating chants. I looked at him like ‘ what’s up with him today?’ He was so happy! I started to feel so emotional and went over to the laptop and looked at the name of the song. I got the biggest surprise of my life, and this is how meeting your spirit guides feels emotional! The name of the song was a tribute song to a Goddess I read about in Encyclopedia of Spirits by Judika Illes Detailed Book Review  not even twenty-four hours ago the night before. Before I went to sleep I spent HOURS curled up with that book, read the review you’ll see why. I read about her ( the deity)  but was more interested in her counter-part or some say ‘enemy’. This was because I was interested in the fact that the other deity, she is a Goddess of the sea and I love water I feel at home there, and when there is water near me. Anyway, I broke down in a flood of tears as I know what had happened. I was just called, I had just found my spirit guide via the music, the events the night before from reading and my child’s reaction to the music and  mine, and we never ever heard it in our life.

I went to my Tarot deck thought deeply about this spirit’s energy from what I read and simply said, ‘ if you have just called me, if you are showing me a universal sign to connect with you, and you are meant to be in my life show me a sign’ as I shuffled. Low and behold the ONLY Tarot card that represents this Goddess fell out my deck, face up  on the table, right out of my hands. And yes, I cried some more. Since that day, I have left offerings for her every day, I have her energy in my home and I love her! We have bonded well, she really has looked after me. After I went back and read up about her more, then I realised why she had come to me, and given me a sign she is the guide in my life. She is a protector of women, looks out for and protects ‘witches’  ( I use that label as that’s what society would probably call me, I just like herbs, nature, and making oils and candles  to help others  in a more natural earth based way, if I am a witch well, okay then). She also protects  those who have an interest in esoteric subjects, those who have a very open third eye, and the Goddess of the market place and business , she watches over female business owners, and  get this also the Goddess of the cemetery LOL I laughed, I have never feared the dead. I am not someone who LOVES IT don’t get me wrong. I just respect the dead highly, and my ancestors .I have never had an issue maybe as I believe in reincarnation and that death is not the end. It was clear why she came to me when I needed her. This guide I have learned is my protector guide.

Another time, I did a guided meditation on meeting your spirit guides or how to find your spirit guide. During that meditation, I made a spirit connection with my messenger guide. I have always received messages and had a natural ability with the Tarot, astrology  or numerology. It feels like I have done it all before in another life, not only is it fascinating it resonates and via my studies both academic and self study. I pick up complex esoteric subjects so easy! I read Tarot for other people and I met my spirit guide who gives me the messages, no bull s*it, as clear as day and I know her name! I asked and I got it.Get this, she is from a part of the world I have never seen, visited or even had any real connection with, but her name indicates her ancestry. The name was just placed in my head during spirit guide meditation with her in full dress and traditional clothes I saw. I never questioned it, as it was not my imagination it’s not like her name is ‘Jane’ or a name I would even come up with, damn I don’t even now how to spell it but I can say it. I woke up from my meditation at the time was 22:22 = an angel number! Man, I was so happy. Your guides like I said can be anything from animal spirit guides to angels,  energies from different backgrounds that some how you are connected to via some past life maybe, or dark Goddess like mine!

How to connect to your spirit guide?

Meeting your spirit guide or finding your spirit guide can happen randomly with universe messages like me, look out for the signs. And  via guided meditations. This is one of the best ways, guided meditations are also great for those who are just starting with this concept of meditation. Whether it’s for spirit connections to find your spirit guide or just to be at peace, relax and feel stress free.

Try to find your spirit guide today


How to connect to your spirit guide

In 2021, after I wrote this post in 2019, I finally wrote a short e-book on this subject matter. If you would love to connect with your ancestors and spirit guides check out How To Connect With Your Ancestors and Spirit that’s out now on Amazon, and free to read on Kindle Unlimited.


About the Book: How to Connect To Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides

Have you always wanted to connect with your ancestors, a deity, or spirit guide?

As an Earth angel who has reincarnated into this life, I have a strong connection with my own guides, and spirits in general, with a mission to teach spiritual practices to others. Within this short book, you’ll learn how you can make that important life-long connection with your own guides, ancestors, or a deity. You’ll also learn how to set up an altar, how to carry out a simple, safe, and effective ancestor, deity, or spirit guide connection ritual, build a bond with your guides, the different types of ancestors and guides so you can recognise yours, and how to maintain your connection on your spiritual journey. Guides, ancestors, and deities love to assist us, they are waiting for you to connect with them, or for you to cross paths with an Earth angel who can teach you how, you have been led to this book for a reason!

Learn how and you’ll move forward into a fulfilled, successful, and spiritually uplifting life as your connection with a guide, ancestor, or deity can help you manifest all you desire in your life incarnation now here on earth. Whether you seek an increase in love, prosperity, to remove blocks in life and receive your blessings, find your authentic self, and much more a connection with an important ancestor, deity, or spirit guide will ensure you achieve this, and more.

Check out Amazon here:

How about meditation to connect?

Have you heard of Steve. G. Jones? He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Author  here’s a bit about him from his site..

Spirit guides are among the wisest beings to ever walk the celestial planes… And they are ready to give you a hand!

My name is Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D. and for over two decades I have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams and goals in life through hypnotherapy and other specialized therapies like neuro-linguistic programming.

In my long practice with people from all walks of life, I have discovered that one of the most instrumental factors that help people overcome virtually any obstacle in life is the presence of a guide.

People who have a positive guiding influence in their lives recover from problems more quickly and are happier and more successfully in life as well.

That’s him there, and he’s won awards and reached out to so many people. I have had such a blessed experience and improved quality of life since I became more spiritually awake, and learned how to connect with my spirit guides. Whether they have thrown themselves at me! Or I did meditation to seek them out. Right now you can also experience the blessings I did and improved quality of life. Dr. Steve .G. Jones is offering a very comprehensive guided MP3 download called ‘ How to Awaken Your Spirit Guides’ it will cover  how to connect to your spirit guides and how to find your spirit guides.  You will learn how to talk, communicate, ask questions and receive ‘downloads’ or messages you need.  They may even reveal themselves to you directly the way mine did. I have read a lot that they do this when you are ready to be fully spiritually awakened on your path.

For just $10.00 you can download How to Awaken Your Spirit Guides which covers how to connect with your spirit guides and…

  • What they are
  • What they do
  • False guides and protection
  • Preparing for spiritual connection awaking
  • Reading signs
  • Areas of life to explore
  • And much more!

I can’t recommend seeking out your helping hand in life more than I already have done. You heard my story, I am empowered with my guides around me, I have prospered ( not just financially,) by making my connections , and knowing who I am, why I like what I like, and uncovered my ‘gifts’.  I feel safe and secure. All the best, benefit from your guides, it’s  $10,00 you don’t  need to break the bank for excellent guided meditations. If you like angels you may be interested in this book of angels here also.

Love and light

So, tell me…

What’s your views on spirit guides? Do you have one? Have you connected? What was your experience? And if you are fearful why is this? What is holding you back? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you.


Read my review of the download here.

*I am supporting this author, and spiritual worker as I believe via my own experience with spirit guides that it can help a lot of people, for their highest good, and I believe  in the process of connection it is real. I also believe and have experienced that spirit guide focused meditations can facilitate this. Affiliate links are attached in my support.


21 Replies to “How To Connect To Your Spirit Guide”

  1. Wow Kae! Beautiful story about your connection! Staying open to guidance either earthly or celestially is an excellent message. We become so shut down in our daily lives, we unfortunately shut off what could be a positive, life changing choice or event. Your article is an awakening to me and I offer my thanks.  I will further familiarize myself with Dr. Steve!  

    Question.  Do you ever encounter your guides visually through dream states or meditation?  Wondering what your channel of instruction is typically when receiving guidance.  Thanks!

    1. Hi there, it was a beautiful experience probably one of the best I have had to connect on both occassions, in a way it confirmed to me I AM NOT crazy or strange. I agree we do shut off and that’s why we don’t remember our guides until there is a crisis normally.Yes dreams all the time I sleep with stones by my bed to help me with this. The instructions are via hearing, feeling, some sight when I am with the Tarot or just knowing stuff I should not know now, I know it’s the messages sent to me.

  2. That’s an awesome article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as it reveals to me a new dimension of information. No, I do not have any spirit guides so far. But as taught in Christianity that Holy Spirit is our Guide, so, this is all I know.

    You have covered great detail of information, that made me curious to find out what’s there in guided meditation lectures. I’ll have another quick look at the product before buying. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing information.

    1. This is normally where we first hear about guides via religion and the Holy Spirit. You say you have no guides you do! They have not presented themselves to you boldly yet, we all have them. Thank you for your experience and sharing.

  3. I have always been curious about my spirit guide. Is it true that they show themselves to you through quirky instances? Is it someone that you have known in your previous life? This whole realm is fascinating to me but I just don’t know how to clearly identify who or what my spirit guide is. How do I hear their message to me? 

    1. Hello! Yes ‘quirky things’ are signs, look at my example for one. I would say pay close attention to the quirks, research and make you own intuitive decisions about the contact. Yes guides can be people you have known in past lives of course, you both made a pat to look out for each other whenever one of you reincarnates is my view point and understanding. I would say to identify your guides meditate, when we are in a meditative state we are much  more open to messages, read up on Gods or Goddesses Angles whatever resonates and also see if you are really drawn to anyone and make contact. Check the book recommendation in the article that may be helpful, thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. Hey Kae,

    This is an unique and informative article I must say. I liked that you have chosen such a topic. From past few days I was felling disappointed as my career graph is not going that much well. Moroever I am facing various things that are driving me crazy. But after reading your article I started feeling relived. It’s important to connect to our spirit as it helps us to know ourselves more and make us more confident in every spare of life. Your guidance of connecting to our own spirits is really amazing. I will keep all of your words in mind. 

    Thank you for writing such an amazing article.

  5. Very interesting article. I believe, like you, that what we see is not all there is and that there is goodness in the spiritual world available for our guidance, protection, and well-being. I have found, met, and embraced my own personal Spirit Guide in the Holy Spirit, but really enjoy reading about other points of view.

    What a well-written post! Loved the imagery, both in pictures as well as in your verbal descriptions of events that have happened to you and your little one.

    Enjoyed the read – thank you!!

    1. Amazing Joyce, yes I agree and the Holy Spirit from a religious view point is very important to make connections to as well for those who this path resonates with. Thank you for your readership and kind words love and light.

  6. Hello Kae, I read your post on how to connect to your spirit guide. Well, I had a specific question which is, your spirit guide’s name is Jane? Is she in some way connected to your ancestral history of family? Ans, so basically she was a human at some different timeline or world right. I mean, meeting my spirit guide would be really great.

    I mean, does every other human in this world has a spirit guide? And, so the point of success that we achieve in life at some period in our lives is guided by our spirit guides. So, basically they are the reason for every human’s success at some point right.

    And, do you make horoscope for customers as you are an astrologer and if so how much do you charge? i mean if I ever wanted a personal astrology because you already give free horoscopes. And, what different products can I find on your store, like if I want some spiritual stones, a spirit board or spiritual pendants, any of varieties you know.

    1. Hey there plenty of questions thank you! But you mis- read her name is NOT Jane, read back. What I meant was it’s NOT like her name is ‘Jane’ a name that is common, so I know I was not imagining it. Due to her name being one I don’t know or even familiar with she is not from my ancestral line at all in anyway by the sound of her name a complete different race, not related in anyway at least not in this life I am in now. Our success in life is co-created I believe with guides and our own free will. With the other questions on astrology, just check out the pages and links at the top on the main page and you will be directed to all the info that you need for personal astrology readings. Thank you for stopping by!

  7. Kae, hi, thank you for sharing this. I’ve been curious about spirit guides for a long time, and I had spent some time in a truck with a man who called himself a Warrior, a Teacher. I told him a lot about myself and experiences I had been through, he told me that my spirit guide was an eagle, and that my spirit name was Peacemaker. He told me to find an elder who could help me find an eagle whistle. All very intriguing things… yet it really is something that resonates with my Soul. I like reading your stories Kae, I look forward to more.

    1. Thank you. I would say mediate on that image of an eagle if that’s what resonates with you, or be open and try to make a connection with your guides. It’s an interesting guide to have the eagle. I don’t believe I have an animal spirit guide, well at least that have not shown themselves to me yet!

  8. Hi Kae, thanks for the very detailed informative post on Spirit Guides. I have always felt a presence with me and a knowing. Perhaps like you, I have gotten into a lot of trouble as I would say things and people would think I was talking about their secrets. The funniest thing is my guides don’t separate themselves from me, they identify as me – as a stream of consciousness that is focused as I AM or like I am the focal point of a stream of consciousness. I have always been fascinated by the Macroprosopus and love all things esoteric yet I have never been attracted to cards or pendulums… It’s nice to read about the experiences and practices of others for we are all but One looking from differing perspectives. Thank you for a wonderful post.

  9. Hi Kae, thanks for the very detailed informative post on Spirit Guides. I have always felt a presence with me and a knowing. Perhaps like you, I have gotten into a lot of trouble as I would say things and people would think I was talking about their secrets. The funniest thing is my guides don’t separate themselves from me, they identify as me – as a stream of consciousness that is focused as I AM or like I am the focal point of a stream of consciousness. I have always been fascinated by the Macroprosopus and love all things esoteric yet I have never been attracted to cards or pendulums… It’s nice to read about the experiences and practices of others for we are all but One looking from differing perspectives. Thank you for a wonderful post.

    1. Hi there I like how you put that ‘talking about people’s secrets’ hehe…,, we are all guided in so many different ways, I would not say it’s strange as you have not been drawn to the cards or any form of Tarot. Some people just gain their messages in other ways, with or without it. Thank you for your experience sharing and stopping by!

  10. Hi,
    Great post.“How To Connect To Your Spirit Guide”. is a new dimension of your article. A spirit guide is energy. Your article is an awakening to me. As a taught in Christianity that the Holy Spirit is our Guide. It’s important to connect to our spirit as it helps us to know ourselves more and make us more confident in every sphere of life. So the point of success that we achieve in life at some period in our lives is guided by our spirit guides. Yes, I really enjoy reading about other points of view.

    Excellent breakdown, thanks to you now I am sharing your Amazing post to my friends.

  11. A very interesting article. I would like very much to connect with my “Spirit Guide” of Guides” whatever the case may be. I am sure such a powerful connection would be very helpful in guiding me through the twists and turns of life. Certain areas have always proved problematic and I would very much like a connection to guide me through those rocky waters. As a matter of fact, I have heard of Steve G. Jones. I got a lot of hypnosis Mp3s from him a few years ago. I found the material to be really helpful. No, he didn’t help me locate my soul or Spirit guide, but he did help in lots of other areas. I think it would be really worthwhile to pay out my $10.00 and get his current downloadable material on this topic. 

    I like your site and will be back to check on my horoscope on a regular basis and I would like to keep abreast with new material as it surfaces. Thank you so much for doing this valuable work. It is much appreciated by many.


    1. Hi Alister, you are so very welcome. Yeah Steve. G. Jones is well known, glad you have worked with his stuff before. I found this download here good value for money as like you  it did help in many ways. I will be reviewing it formally this weekend so do come back. Thank you also for your wonderful feedback.

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