Evil Eye Symbol: What Are Evil Eye Stones?

evil eye symbol

The evil eye symbol is prominent in many cultures and religions. There are all kinds of evil eye stones that can be found, to help with protection from evil eye or to remove evil eye. But what is it exactly? You’ve heard of it right ?’Evil eye’, you’ve seen an evil eye symbol or stone sure. Let’s get to the bottom of it for your own spiritual uplifting and protection.

What is the ‘evil eye’

Well in a nutshell it’s a belief, legend or saying from many Asian, Turkish, African, Caribbean , Indian or even European cultures that evil eye is  energy that passes from one person to another. The name can change depending on the culture but the evil eye symbol does not it is always recognised. The energy is sometimes intentionally sometimes not. The evil eye can be given by looks, stares, thoughts, wishes , touching or even during compliments ( that have alternative motivations), and of course spells and witchcraft. Before you freak out  it and get scared just read on and educate yourself a little.

How does someone give me the ‘evil eye’?

Well, like I said just by looking at you and their thoughts ( that can be negative), also if someone comes to your home, place of work, or in your space.  You may think ‘yeah right Kae’ but my friend, energy is in everything around us, we are energy as people and your energy will always impact on other people, as well as you. If you believe in energy you’ll get that this really is possible.

What is the evil eye symbol?

evil eye symbol

Here you go, right here friends this is the evil eye symbol and also known as the evil eye protection symbol, in many traditions what is used in order to give  yourself protection against evil eye.

The colour blue is seen as a general protection colour in candle magic, and many cultures. It absorbs negative energy and sends it away or sends it back. It is said that the ‘eye’ in the ‘evil eye symbol’  and the evil eye stone, is what draws the attention of the person sending negative energy  and captures them. As many people are aware of it, also it can prevent people sending you evil eye. This is an example of an actual evil eye amulet worn by every day people ( myself included) and the likes of Kim Kardashian and many celebrities! Also note that if your evil eye symbol suddenly cracks or falls off the wall, it’s caught something and done it’s job so the saying goes. You should dispose of it outside of your home or place or work or place where you build your success. Then get a new one and I’d recommend doing and egg cleanse.


How do I know I have been sent ‘evil eye’?

Sometimes, it’s so obvious people’s jealousy, comments, sudden interest in what you are doing, how they treat you or your loved ones. We all know when someone is ‘hatin’ on us right. Sometimes it is not as obvious, just people’s energy as a person. Generally things like

  • Sudden turn of bad luck
  • illness
  • lack of sleep
  • failure

Can all indicate someone is or has or is trying to send you evil eye. Or this could be towards a someone close to you.

Important things about the evil eye symbol

In many cultures that this belief resonates, it is said that children should always be protected.  Not just your riches! Or efforts to make stability. Especially babies, as they are young, just incarnated into this life and therefore when people ‘praise’ or hold the baby they should be protected from evil eye ill intent. The home, car, place of work are all places that should and can be protected. Where ever and however you make your success in life. Have you ever been into a shop and noticed the evil eye symbol above the door or cash register? Especially if the store owner is from an ethnic background ( and this is not general stereotypes or even racism, it’s true it’s really fact due to where the evil eye symbol comes from).  I personally have an evil eye symbol, evil eye amulet or evil eye stone:

  • Hanging on the wall facing the entrance of my  front door- toward it off from any visitors or passers by.
  • In each sleeping bedroom, this is as when we sleep we are open more spiritually to ‘attack’ and bad dreams.
  • In the car.
  • I have a evil eye necklace and jewllery I wear .
  • In my children’s school bags.

Have you experienced evil eye Kae?

I know you’re thinking this YES I have!! How did I know? I just felt and sensed it. But the thing was this person was actually trying to be ‘nice’, but what they were doing was ‘watching what I am doing’, how I am progressing and the development and decorations of my home I work so hard for, and also comparing my child to theirs simple things like ‘ oh new shoes again?’ Bull s*hit like that. I did an egg cleanse every time this person left my home, or I spent time with them and the results told me everything I needed to know. This person I am now one step ahead of , and fully spiritually protect myself, child, home and family members… back up that b*itch! I will keep it very real with you and hide nothing. Evil is not always about someone carving up Voodoo dolls of you, or casting their negativity with their black candles , in the middle of the night on an waning Moon! LOL.  Some folk are just are ‘watchy’ and really sometimes don’t know what they are doing,  or that they  have what we call ‘ a hard stare’ , but just  the energy of them ‘watching you’ or your business or progression can lead to your own lack of progress. Because the reality of why they are watching you may not always be out of admiration.

How can I remove evil eye?

Simple, grab an egg and do an egg cleanse I have a detailed ritual here. You can also do this to see if  you have any negative energy around you , and gain an indication as to whom it may be from, yes that’s deep I know! But it works and is again a traditional spiritual practice. Follow up with a simple shower.

How can I have protection against evil eye?

evil eye symbolGrab an evil eye symbol, evil eye stone, or even better an evil eye Talisman pendent. Right now Horoscope Brackets are giving away a FREE evil eye symbol necklace worth $49.00, peace meditation ebook ( worth $31.00) and an ebook on peace spiritual freedom ( worth $31.00). The total bundle for evil eye protection or removing evil eye is worth $111.00 ! There’s is just shipping of this light pendent to you. I have purchased evil eye pendents, stones and amulets for myself, family and friends and people they are not cheap when made from genuine  stones. The price of shipping is nothing!

Here’s a bit about the free bundle from their website

Ancient: Belief in the evil eye, according to anthropologists, is grounded in an understanding that there is a limited quantity of good such as wealth and well-being to be shared among a society. The evil eye is a specific type of magical curse. It is believed to cause harm, illness and bad luck.

Modern: Driven by people who envy or jealous of you. It is a fact that most people are unlikely to be genuinely happy for us when we succeed. Everyone gets a dirty look now and then, and we usually think little of it. People act behind your back to cause you harm. They may badmouth you in front of your boss. They may withhold information that could benefit you. The misfortunes that rob your success or steal something precious away from you could possibly be linked to these kind of malevolent acts of people surrounding you. They could also intend to hurt you physically.
Why Wear Evil Eye
The anti-evil eye talisman known as nazar in Turkey (Arabic for “eye” or “sight”), or a mati (meaning “eye”) in Greece. Relatively minimalist compared to historic eye-shaped amulets, it takes the form of a glass bead featuring four concentric circles: a black pupil, pale blue iris, white sclera, and deep blue outer layer.

The practice of wearing an image of an eye, looking outward, was adopted to offer a sense of security to the fearful, a means of constantly keeping an eye on the world around you.  Guarding the owner against people who harms them unintentionally, intentionally, spooky and sinister nature.

To be on the safe side millions of people and even celebrities worldwide insist on having a Turkish evil eye in among their possessions.


So with all that said, this could be an ideal gift for a family member, friend, yourself, child and remember that this bundle ships worldwide and it’s just a very light evil eye stone, the rest is all  free to download.  You’ll get this traditional, genuine, protective amulet, plus as a bonus free ebook on  peace meditation and also spiritual freedom all worth $111.00  now that’s a deal.

So tell me, what’s your view?

Have you experienced evil eye? What did you do about it? Do you believe that energy can be transmitted from one person to another? Drop me a comment below! If you love astrology you may want to check out this article here on star sign compatibility and stair sign traits, if you love reiki check this one out too.

Love and light!


evil eye symbolfree!free


  • I am supporting this free evil eye symbol bundle as I believe in it, and that it could help the highest good of a lot of people.  Affiliate links are attached.

17 Replies to “Evil Eye Symbol: What Are Evil Eye Stones?”

  1. Well, I have never been experienced evil eye. I do meditation sometimes. We can calm down our mind and get rid of external factors through meditation. And I do believe that we all have positive energy inside of us.  From ancient times, people have been doing spiritual practices to transmit energy from one person to another. The evil eye can be another form. 

    1. Very true Fahim, ill wishes via magic or witchcraft is not anything new. People think it’s all ‘hocus pocus’ but this stuff is real, seen it with my own eyes. Meditation is great for the soul generally. I am really pleased you have not experienced the transition of negative energy, stay blessed!

  2. A very interesting and enlightening article. I find the whole subject of energy exchange fascinating and am constantly amazed by tarot readers for example and how they can be so accurate. even though they may be on the other side of the world. I have some experience of negative energy transferal and was subject to a spiritual attack by a group of people after ending a relationship with a very toxic person.

    1. Bingo! Yes some of us reader can be, it’s like you say energy, being able to read it, feel it, see it, hear it or even just see it. But that said we all have the ability some are just more in tune than others. You may find this article here interesting  https://thespiritualparlour.com/best-online-physic-reading-service-life-reader-review/
       I am sorry to hear about  the negative energy you experienced, I hope that you were able to reflect it back. What did you do?

  3. I was interested to read this because I have heard of the evil eye symbol but didn’t really know much about it. I have a much better understanding now. It is interesting that the belief occurs in so many cultures. I have seen it in shops and places and did not understand why it was there. It seems very odd and unnerving if you don’t know what it is or why it is staring at you. It seems like a very strange “art” piece but of course it is not there for artistic purposes. I am glad I saw this so I understand the evil eye protection concept. 

    I definitely get the feeling when someone is jealous or has less than positive intentions. I had not thought of it in terms of the evil eye however and just thought that was a simple expression. I did not know people believed it is a real threat. My background is in anthropology so this concept is especially fascinating to me.

    Thank you for sharing such an interesting concept and a great way to get an evil eye protection pendant for free.

    1. Hi thanks for your insight, I really  like that you  said the evil eye symbol seems ‘unnerving’ that’s exactly the reaction the user wants, from the person with the negative vibes! ‘Don’t bring it here go away’. I am glad given your background you found the article of interest thank you for reading. Love and light.

  4. Hi Kae

    This is a great informative and educative article about Evil Eye. I had no idea about this, after reading your article, I got many ideas about Evil Eye. It’s a new experience for me. I know that the bad eye of people can bring many dangers. People are looking for a lot of ways to get rid of it but everyone knows the right way.

    Thank you so much for this helpful product review.

  5. Hello Kae,
    First of all I want to thank you for a great article. Yes, I have experienced something that what you said. These symptom you said, all of this happened to me. My mother also said that there is an evil eye on you. At first I did not believe. Then I started searching on internet. Then I found there is something about evil eye. Now, I believe that energy can be transmitted from one person to another. I have purchased one. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you for your readership, I am glad to hear you have found a way to deal with it. See my comment above about the use of salt this may help or resonate. Love and light and you’re welcome.

  6. Hi Kae, I’m always learning a lot from your spiritual guides, and this evil eye concept is another one I find interesting. Usually, I’m able to sense negative energy when it comes, though I always dismiss the uneasy feeling as something else. Sadly, it’s actually at home where I’m absorbing the most negative energy from (Sssh, don’t tell my family!)

    Now that I’m considering getting some protection from evil eye, I feel that people would find me weird when they see me use one. Your thoughts?

    1. Ouch! In the home okay. Firstly, glad to be in touch with you again Dominic. I would recommend that you leave some salt (sea salt is good it’s cheap at the supermarket) or table salt in the corner of your private space or wherever you need to over night then sweep it up, sweep from the end of the room towards the doorway then once you gather it at the door way, dispose of it OUTSIDE of the home or place on a bag. I recommend in a bin, or even better LEAVE IT AT A CROSS ROADS this is a place where two roads cross, like a T-junction. I will be doing an article today on why a cross roads is a very special spiritual place. It’s the link between this realm and the next, when you place it down ask for protection from the Universe, or any Gods or Deities you work with or just simple say ‘ I am protected from negativity’. This article here may interest you. https://thespiritualparlour.com/real-magic-spells-and-rituals-need-deity-support-leave-offerings/

      You can do egg cleansing and spiritual showers also



      If people think you are ‘weird’ for using a evil eye symbol, my advice is forget them! People think I’m weird all the time probably, but that’s their look out not mine. Also, many people who are not spiritually connected or wish to educate themselves do look at others with an interest in esoteric subjects differently, truth is we’re highly intelligent 🙂 so go forth and wear your evil eye amulet with pride if you wish to.

  7. After reading your article i have benefited greatly. You discuss in your article about Evil Eye Symbol. You also said about What is the ‘evil eye’, How does someone give you the ‘evil eye’, What is the evil eye symbol, Important things about the evil eye symbol, Here’s a bit about the free bundle from their website etc. That’s really awesome. After reading your article i have learned in this topics clearly.I think your article is helpful to all. So , Thank you very much for sharing your article.

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