Angel Bible by Hazel Raven: A Must Read For Angel Lovers

4.2 stars on Good Reads over 100 reviews

We all have guardian angels, Hazel Raven’s Angel Bible is a must read for everyone who wishes to connect with their guardian angels, or has a general interest in this beautiful aspect of the spirit realm. Many  of us are familiar with Archangel Michael but there are many more wonderful angel energies to discover.

Connect with your guides

Yesterday, I reviewed a book focused on connection with Spirits, Gods and Goddesses, Fairies and even Demons, but there’s just something about Angels  and guardian angels that makes my heart sing. Have you connected with them? Do you often see repeating numbers such as 1111 11:11 or 2222 22:22? It could be anywhere on the clock, lotto tickets, your change or price of goods you pay for. If so, these are Angel numbers and are very significant. Angels use numbers especially when they wish to let us now they are there, or connect with us. Understanding how they communicate so you can recognise their presence is so enlightening, and empowering.

About The Book

The Angel Bible is a book that has been written specifically for those who feel drawn to learn, connect and communicate with the angelic realm.
Angel lore, angel stories, angel advice, and angel wisdom: whether you’re seeking guidance, healing, or inspiration from these heavenly messengers, you’ll find it in this splendidly illustrated Angel Bible. It’s filled with enlightening knowledge: you’ll learn about angelic calling cards, messages, and visions, and discover how to sense an angel’s presence, create an angel altar, keep an angel gratitude book, and meditate and dream with the angels. Find out about angels of many lands and their hierarchies, and explore the connections between angels and astrology, colors, crystals, essential oils, kabbalah, and the chakras.
A quick reference guides you directly to those angels who can offer immediate assistance and teaches you how to call on them for help in any situation.

Key Aspects of The Angel Bible

  • The price! Under $15.00 for a very informative practical book.
  • The book covers angel lore, stories and general background information on this part of the spirit realm.
  • How to create altars and keep angel energies near to you in the home, work, office or anywhere you wish to have you altar.
  • The connections and presence of Angels in other areas of esoteric subjects such as astrology, crystals etc. You can see how they resonate in fit into other areas that you may have an interest in.
  • Informative.
  • Uplifting.
  • A good reference guide not written in an ‘academic’ way, that seem frustrating or too complex.

The Angel Bible is a book which can be read from cover to cover, or dipped into as and when you need it. It also is an excellent gift for those who are into spiritual subjects but find the thought of Gods, Goddesses or even witchcraft itself a bit scary. Or these subjects do not resonate with them. Those who have close links with God in a religious sense may also really gain a lot from this book, and enjoy dipping into it.

Final Thoughts

This is a very spiritually uplifting book, that a reader can grow with and walk their own path of spiritualism with. Whatever your belief system whether you are someone who works with candle magic and forms of witch craft, or someone who is against all this and purely seeks spiritual connection in whatever form resonates with you. I recommend this book to everyone who is in touch with their spiritual side for guidance, protection, learning and to be very spiritually uplifted, and more connected with the higher source of beautiful Angel love and guidance.At the time of writing this it has an average for 4.2 stars on Good Reads with over 100 reviews.


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4.2 stars on Good Reads over 100 reviews

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