Free Daily Horoscope: The Next Two Days


Today’s free daily horoscope astrology prediction for all star (Sun) signs, for the next two days! What’s happening for you?  Saturday 25th May- Sunday 26th May 2019.  Be sure to subscribe for your start, mid-week and weekend daily horoscope. If you would like your personal astrology done check out birth chart readings or personal monthly horoscopes.

AriesThe moon is in Sagittarius

You could be focused on your inner world right now or your own private thoughts as your ruling planet Mars is under the influence of an emotional water sign Pisces, in your house of what’s hidden and done in private. This weekend could be a good time to reflect on what really motivates you, as Aries is the sign of force, motivation and drive. What’s driving you Aries?

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Taurus you should be feeling pretty good this weekend, your ruling planet Venus is home! Yes, she’s under the influence of you and therefore in her best place. Venus’ energy is all about love, money, beauty and connection to the heart’s desire. Right now this energy is surrounding you personally, it could be a good weekend for dating and love if you’re single you may meet someone special get out and about. If you’re partnered make some time to spend with that special someone.

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Currently Gemini your ruling planet Mercury the planet of communication, thinking, learning and short distance travel is conjunct and working with the Sun’s energy. This transit will impact the first house of you .What is it you want right now? With both the Sun and your ruling planet in your energy, it’s all about your desires and needs and an ideal time to go after what it is you really want.

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CancerSun moves into Gemini

This weekend Cancer, you may find yourself focused emotionally a lot on your relationships. This includes relationships that are personal and business. The energy surrounding you with this area of life is ‘logic’ ‘facts’ and being influenced by what seems right, rather than emotional ties. The advice is to go with what you deem to be for your highest good  logically surrounding all your relationships, you are an emotional water sign try to use your mental direction with any emotional issues that crop up over the next few days. If you are working on business ventures with partners this approach could serve you well seeing the bigger and more logical picture.

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This full week the energy has been around your career Leo, over the next few days the energy does shift into how you earn money, your day to day routine, your general health, how you are of service to others and disputes with others. With the Sun and Mercury conjunct in you area of career it is overall a good time to focus on it. This weekend however think a little deeper about how you could earn some extra money, your current routine also the Moon is currently in Aquarius which brings logical thinking rather than emotional drives. This energy could serve you in well as the week comes to an end.

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Romance, dating, sex, children, fun and risk taking may be an emotional driver this weekend Virgo! It’s time to have some fun. You are a hard working sign that works tirelessly, get out and about let your hair down the Universe is supporting you. If you are single, you could meet someone if coupled it’s time to focus on them. Overall, this weekend’s key focus for you is fun, fun, fun!

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There’s good energy surrounding your creativity at the moment Libra. If you are currently working on projects, this weekend could be an ideal time to really get going with them. That said, as an air sign mental stimulation is your thing! The Moon’s energy is in a very compatible air sign,  so this weekend your emotional state could be rather logical, and this energy would serve you well to apply yourself mentally to your creativity with all the positive energy surrounding this area of life.

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This weekend you could hear some news from a distant place Scorpio,  or find yourself dealing with a lot of incoming communication. Travel could also be on the cards, if so all should go well, however plan well if you are traveling. Education, learning, studying could also crop up this weekend and if so there is positive energy in this area for you too. If you need to do some studying or even research it’s a good time. We are now ending the week of the full Moon in Scorpio  Hopefully it’s been a positive week. With you in your personal power of a full Moon in your sign, also take some time to focus on you and how you can really push forward with any desires you have…it’s the end  a full Moon week in Scorpio after all!

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Money matters could come up this weekend Sagittarius, you may find yourself thinking about money, organising money or even emotional over money. Your second house of finance is  under the spotlight. The good news is your ruling planet Jupiter the planet of fortune, luck, distant places, business and sports is conjunct with with energy surrounding your money! And also under the influence of Sagittarius, which brings Jupiter’s energy directly to you and your first house of you. Overall, even though money is the focus now get organised with it and their may just be some  positive news or events.

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As we end the week Capricorn you could find yourself feeling a little bit ‘dreamy’ or focused on your hopes and dreams. The weekend could also see you socalising with friends and love ones which could be very positive for you. With regards to your hopes and dreams you have, take a logical approach over being too overly emotional. The Moon’s emotional energy is under a logical influence of the Aquarius Sun sign. It’s time to think long term, what’s the plan with your dreams from a logical view?

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The Moon is currently in Aquarius, this may throw you  emotionally a bit being the most logical and fact driven sign of the Zodiac. This weekend could see your emotions  becoming even more driven by ‘ this is the right thing to do’ about a situation, person, place or thing, rather than emotional urges. You may also find yourself wanting to detach emotionally or take some time out from others this weekend, and if so that’s fine take sometime for yourself and rest your brain! If you have been over thinking things this week. By Monday, you will be feeling ‘right as rain’ as they say, once you’ve had some time out.

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Pisces  this weekend you may find yourself wanting to connect with spirituality, or empower yourself in some way. Your ruling planet Neptune the planet of spirituality, hopes, dreams and illusions is under the influence of Pisces, which brings the energy of spirituality and empowerment directly to the first house of you it’s a good weekend for meditation, yoga, connecting with source and re-centering yourself and chakras! If it’s been a busy week for you, especially. On the other hand, it’s also a good time to write down your aspirations and make plans to work towards them. Neptune your ruling planet is direct moving forward and influencing progression for you with hopes and dreams.

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8 Replies to “Free Daily Horoscope: The Next Two Days”

  1. Thank you for the horoscope and you too have the a great long weekend 🙂 It is interesting that my reading is really reflecting my situation right now. Something happened recently with my landlord (yeah right) so I am reassessing my situation and trying to find a better way to make more legit income so I finally be qualified for home loan. Hopefully something good will turn up since I have been handing my resume out like crazy. Thanks again, Cheers!

    1. Wonderful news, all the best with the landlord and the job seeking. Have a good weekend too.

  2. I came across this post as I was looking for a reading of my horoscope today. This free daily horoscope for the next two days was just what I was looking for, and it looks like it is going to be a fun weekend based on the recommendation for Virgos, which is my sign.

    It says that I am a hard-working person and I need to go out and have some fun. Lots of it. That coincides with my plans, so maybe a little risk while having some new adventure is just the ticket for this holiday weekend. Thanks for confirming what I had in mind, and also for putting this post together.

    I will have to let my friends know so they too can stop by and have a look at what their horoscopes say for the next two days. Thanks a bunch for posting this for us all! 

    1. Excellent Dave! Have a fun filled weekend. I hope all Virgo’s experience this good energy surrounding them. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  3. Hey Kae,

    This is an unique and informative article I must say. I liked that you have given free horoscope for next two days. I appreciate your hard work. My horoscopian sign is Leo and I am glad to know that there’s a good energy around me in this week which will enable me to get more opportunities in my career. Moroever I have come to know that this is the time to concentrate on my career more and more so I will keep all of your informations on mind.

    Thank you for writing this helpful article.

  4. I am Sagittarius and I am definitely dealing with money issues and trying to get my business in order.  I need the luck of the planets for a good push in the positive cash flow direction!  It never fails that every time I read my horoscope it is very accurate with what is going on in my life at the time.  Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. You are very welcome! And yes Sagittarius has some good energy with your ruling planet under the actual sign. He is currently in retrograde at the time of writing this, which can bring the need to go back to things and issues depending on where Jupiter is in your own personal birth chart. All the best with the business.

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