Best Books To Learn Astrology- My Top Choice

Best Book to learn astrology

If you want to learn astrology it can be hard to know where to start with books. In my view one of the best books to learn astrology, as a beginner, is The Complete Book of Astrology. Before I academically studied astrology, I made so much progress and use of this book, while studying it also proved to be a very valuable resource to learn astrology confidently with a good foundation.  I still use it as my go to reference book. I can’t recommend enough The Complete Book of Astrology  by Caitlin Johnstone to those wanting to learn astrology.

Content 10/10

The Complete Book of Astrology really is ‘complete’, the content is very broad and good for beginners. It sets a good foundation. The chapters take you from the first steps of understanding  the history of astrology,  how it became popular, to a birth chart’s lay out, the planets, signs, elements, modes and all the ‘language’ you need to understand so the pieces of the  astrology puzzle fit together nicely.

  • The science of astrology
  • planets and signs
  • planet positions
  • order of Zodiac
  • houses in the sky
  • planets compared
  • the Zodiac- this is very detailed it goes through each  sign in DETAIL, you lean all about each sign and their traits.
  • Interpretation- very detailed chapter  covering everything from chart shapes, planets, aspects,houses, angles you name it for a beginner who wants to learn astrology it’s here!
  • Dilemmas in astrology- a very good chapter for the beginner learning astrology
  • references and glossary.

This is a 500 page book which will take the reader right through the basics of astrology.

Ease of use 10/10

The Complete Book of Astrology is very easy to use, as it  is organised well and follows a logical way to learn. The language the author uses is every day and easy to understand. As I read this book throughout my days of learning astrology I found that the common language used in astrology, like ‘aspect’, ‘conjunctions’, ‘trine’ etc were all broken down extremely well. Therefore as a beginner learning astrology, it was very easy to make sense of my own chart and what Is going on!

Level of detail 10/10

Now, this is a book that is good for beginners learning astrology looking back, now that I am a qualified astrologer I would say it is a perfect book for those who are starting. If you are a little more advance I would still recommend it more as a reference book. As let’s face it we can’t recall everything! For those who are advanced in their studies I would say it’s a must have for the bookshelf for reference, for the beginner I would say this is  your absolute starting point. In order to learn astrology in an easy way, broken down in understandable chunks and with enough detail to get the basics, apply it and then go off and do further research or application of astrology interpretation on other people’s charts. The level of detail in The Complete Book of Astrology is perfect as a foundation!


  • I really like the fact that The Complete Book of Astrology takes you into detail about key things that need to be understood well, before you can really become advanced, confident, and understand and spot things in birth charts or write horoscopes well. For example understanding the houses of life in a good level of details will allow any astrologer to be able to look at charts deeper.
  • In order to learn astrology well, the one thing you must understand well are the planets! This book really helps with that.
  • There is a whole section that is very detailed on how to interpret a birth chart. It is practical, step by step and in my view an approach that to this day I still make use of, before I look deeper.
  • The Complete Book of Astrology will allow those who wish to learn astrology, to learn HOW to actually start an interpretation of a birth chart, COMPARE and CONTRAST possible energies about a person and their life, in order to confidently give an interpretation with a good level of detail.
  • The book does not read as an ‘academic’ text book it’s down to earth, aimed at the average person and practical, to allow you to apply your learning on your own chart or the birth chart of others.


  • None in my view! But this is an older text  so keep this in mind. But that does not make it any less valuable in my view. I will be reviewing a book on relationship astrology that is from 1970! ( I was not even born then). But it’s excellent as the fundamentals remain the same.

Final thoughts

Overall The Complete Book of Astrology is a good foundation builder, for those who want to learn astrology. If you are advanced it’s excellent reference. I picked this book up on a whim hoping that I had made a good decision, when I was learning the art of birth chart interpretation and generally about astrology. It was a damn good decision!  I give it a solid 10/10 as it helped me before I was a qualified astrologer, it helped me while I was studying to become a qualified astrologer and it still helps me now I am there! We all keep learning with a subject like astrology, as no two charts are the same and the basics in this book that do not change, are well laid out and extremely understandable.

Do you have this book? What do you think of it? Drop a comment below. Or do you want to learn astrology? What’s your motivation? Let me now with a comment.

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