Egg Cleansing Ritual+Readings: New Moon Rituals

So, we are about the enter a lovely new Moon in Taurus on the 4th May 2019, an egg cleansing ritual under this energy is perfect.  This Moon with Taurus’  energy will bring things like ‘stability’, ‘ grounding’ ‘ slow steady progression’ working on what it is we desire and making progress,  as a  good focus under Taurus’ energy which resonates with this.

That said, have you considered if there are any ‘blocks’ to what you want?  Are you working on building and energetically  blocked? Sometimes ( a lot of the time actually) we can be blocked energetically, and not even know it, or have feelings of stress, tiredness, headaches etc.  These are all things that can hold us back from what we want. An egg cleanse can really help to remove this an call in what we want. As well as road opener rituals.

What Is  Egg Cleansing?

In a nutshell,  an egg cleanse or egg cleansing  a spiritual practice that is done in MANY cultures, especially Mexican. It’s called ‘limpia de los huevos’ in Spanish, Google will give you a lot more info. Egg cleansing is said to remove and absorb the energetic negativity that can be built up in our body, aura, mind, body and soul. Also draw out any negativity directed our way from others! It can unblock us, as well as indicate and highlight illnesses, or the need to see a doctor. You can do this ritual before or after a spiritual shower, however you feel called.

How To Do Egg Cleansing

Very simple, there are two options here you can follow the very ‘spiritual’ path, or simply jump right in to option two without all the fuss.

Option One:

You’ll Need: One egg, a clean glass of water, salt, purifying incense is good like sage, or the scent of benevolence like cedar or frankincense,  or any you feel drawn to, this is optional you can also use purifying  or protection oil. You can make your own, if you know how or visit The Spiritual Parlour store and request it, one white candle.

Note: oil is optional. Keep your egg out of the fridge for at least a few hours before hand. It’s best to use a room temp one.

Light your candle and incense.

Remove your clothes.

Ask for protection around you, call in your energies you work with or simply say words you’d say if you wanted to be protected.

Pass the egg through the candle’s flame and incense, while you set the intent out loud that this egg with ‘cleanse, remove, purify negative energy surrounding you , sent your way or blocking you. It will also highlight evil intent sent your way.’

Run the egg over ALL of your seven charkras from your crown to your root chakra. Then run the egg over all your exposed skin and body, don’t forget the back of  your neck. If you can reach areas of  your back get as far as you can. Run the egg over you and your chakras in a circular motion  CAREFULLY. Run the egg in straight lines do so DOWNWARDS, AND WAY FROM YOUR BODY, TO REMOVE THE ENERGY DON’T RUB IT TOWARDS YOU AND DRAW THAT SHIT IN!

Once you are done, set the egg down, add some protection or purifying oil on your body, put your clothes on and crack the egg in the glass of water. Let it settle for a few minutes and look at what you see.

One you have read the egg, add salt to the water then flush it down the toilet.

Say a prayer or words of protection, and thank  the Universe for sending you the messages.

You can also later down the line when you feel to do a spiritual shower, read about that here.

Option 2

You will need just an egg, glass of water and that’s it! Follow all the steps above apart from those that include the incense, and oil. You can also keep your clothes on or off, I recommend off.

How to Read An Egg Cleansing

Ideally this is what you wish to see! This is my son’s result. Hardly surprising  as a young boy, (with a witch as his mama) his energy is clean, innocent, no spell work or evil intent from others is touching him and he has no blocks around him. He falls right asleep after I do it too.  I do cleanse us both often, for him to make sure academically he can progress, and generally he is well and protected. For me so I am not energetically blocked, my third eye stays open, and I can help others with good energy levels,  I can see if anyone is sending shit my way…not that it could touch me anyway!

Ideally your result should have no smell, or black sports or blood.

Other things us adults are more likely to see are:

Blood on the egg or in the water– check everything is well with your health, maybe visit the doctor this is the first and foremost thing. The other thing here is evil intent could have been sent to you, and I mean EVIL with spell work and dark magic. Someone may have, is trying to, or has been sending bad intentions around and to you.  You need to do some protection and banishing work ASAP.

Stringy lines/needles upwards– negative energy has been caught/found, this could just be simple stress you’re under, or your own low energy levels so don’t freak out. On the other hand  again, negative energy could be what was  surrounding or blocking you sent to you from others, and it can indicate simple things like jealousy and people not wishing you well, or wanting what you have. Check the strings for letters, faces, or indication of clear signs of who it may be coming from if this resonates with you.  Have you had dreams based on any of the things you see in the water? If there are lots of bubbles in the water surrounding  the strings the energy whether it’s your low mood or someone else, it  has clearly been caught from the egg cleanse with the bubbles. So some purification and protection work and keep your spirits up if you have been hard on yourself.

Stringy lines/needles downwards– this is you, and you looking at yourself in a negative light, you need to stop it’s holding you back and blocking you. Do a road opener for whatever you need. This is a ritual to remove blocks, even negative energy and learn to self-love.

Bubbles floating on the top- evil eye! There is someone or something that has a clear evil eye for you. The number of bubbles can indicate how many people. And this does not always mean ‘bad’ evil eye, it can be simply someone being a bit jealous, someone wishing they had what you had, or someone paying very close attention to you and how well you are doing, they may not have the best intentions or thoughts about how well you are doing or your progress. People don’t mind others doing well, some just don’t like it when others do  too well, or better then them = evil eye. If you find this in your reading, think seriously about who you  have been sharing your small successes with, and also do some protection work for you, your  home, and your job and family.

See below this is an indication of evil eye.

evil eye indication

Egg floats to the top- sadly, there is negativity being sent your way from someone or something. Do some protection work.

Egg at the bottom- all good no worries! But check other things in the glass.

Clear from strings and needles like the first picture above- all good baby!

Black egg or sports, black water– very clear indication that someone is using , has tried to use, spell work on  you. Do some protection work asap. And think about who this could be.


Notes- remember an egg cleansing ritual is done to remove negativity whether it’s our own or others, and to unblock us. Before you jump to conclusions and worry that people are out to get you, think about how your own energy and state of mind has been of late? Has it been 100% positive, or as positive as it can be? Sometimes this is drawn out with an egg cleanse or egg cleansing. On the other hand, it is also very good at highlighting and drawing out those who have a clear evil eye for us, and don’t want to see us progress.

How to remove evil eye?  And more details on it -Simple get protection against evil eye.

When To Do Egg Cleansing?

As often as you want. It’s really a good thing to do to remove blocks  generally whenever you are trying to draw in something, or doing road opening work, or to help with removing and banishing in a waning Moon. There are no hard and fast rules when to do it, I would generally say it’s good to have a regular energy cleanse and make sure there is nothing or no one standing in your way to prosper.

Also, one you have done one, done some protection work, or self-love work or even just meditated to remove your stress do another one a few days later an check your energy.

This new  new Moon under Taurus’ ‘ building’ energy and the full Moon in Scorpio of ‘death and rebirth’ energy this month are perfect!

Ps. would you like a free reiki energy healing bracelet? Okay check out my article here.

Also learn more about ‘evil eye’ here.

Happy new Moon.

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