Personal Planets in Astrology

The moon is in Pisces

Personal planets in astrology refer to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. These are an astrologer’s ‘big five’ planets to take note of when looking at birth charts or horoscopes. Why are they so special? Because the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are inner planets. They are planets that are what could be considered near to the Earth comparted to the outer planets of Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus. Personal planets in astrologer are also the energies that make up a person’s personality, how they approach life, and can show how well or not so well a person can get on with other people when Synastry astrology ( relationship astrology) is done. In astrology with have thee key signs other than the Sun sign ( star sign) and the personal planets make up all of them. Sun, Moon, and ascendant sign.


The Sun

The Sun is the first personal planet in astrology. It will be under the influence of a zodiac sign. The sign shows a person’s ‘Sun sign’ (otherwise known as star sign). For example, the sun under Aquarius’ rule in a birth chart would make a person an Aquarius. You can check

the sign by the symbol for the Sun ☉  to see what a person’s Sun is ruled by.

Represents: a person’s approach to life, how they shine, them as a person. It can also represent the father figure in a person’s life.

House location: in a birth chart the house a person’s Sun is in can show where or how they find natural skills, joy, talents. Or where they naturally enjoy pleasing others and do well in life. For example someone with a Sun in the 4th house of a birth chart may naturally be family orientated as this house covers the house, home, private life, foundations.

Masculine or Feminine: the Sun is masculine, Yang energy.

Rules over the sign: Leo



The Moon ☽

This is the second personal planet in astrology. It will be under the influence of a zodiac sign, which will tell you the ‘moon sign’ a person is. For example, the Moon under Taurus’ rule would make a person a Taurus Moon. You can check the sign by the symbol for the Moon ☽ to see what a person’s Moon is ruled by.

Represents: The personal planet of a Moon in astrology is especially important, as it will show how a person reacts emotionally, how they handle their emotions, and what things may make them emotional. It can also represent the mother figure in a person’s life.

House location:  in a birth chart the house a person’s Moon is in will show what area of life they care about deeply, what they can find emotional or may make them emotional. For example, a Moon in the 2nd house can make a person care deeply about money and finances.

Masculine or Feminine: the Moon is feminine, dark, Yin energy.

Rules over: Cancer


Mars  ♂︎

Mars is the planet of war, aggression, determination, motivation, and sex drive. Therefore this planet is a key personal planet for anger management and managing conflict. Mars will also be under the influence of a sign. Check the sign for Mars ♂︎ in a birth chart.

Represents: how a person expresses their anger, how they manage their anger, how they express their sexual desires, or even what kind of sex they may enjoy or not enjoy. It can show where and how in life a person is naturally motivated or what can naturally bring motivation to them.

When it comes to showing a person’s sex drive and desires around sex, you can look at the sign Mars is under. If Mars is under a more reserved sign like Virgo, they may not be a very sexually driven or even over sexualised person. If Mars is under a sign like Leo that is bold, brave, and ‘out there’ this is how they may view sex and approach it. It Mars is under a sign like Pisces, they may be romantic, enjoy sex that has an emotional connection etc. The sign can influence a person’s approach to sex and can show you if they will get on well (sexually) with someone else. They key is to look at how Mars and Venus react in two people’s charts towards each other. Mars and Venus positive aspects in astrology is like woaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Sex and a relationship that are both on fire LOL. The other thing to note is that Mars represents how a person goes to war, literally how they will  battle and manage their anger. So, if you have Mars under a fire sign like Aries (that it rules), you might be faced with a hot-head, ‘me first and what I want’ aggressive kind of personality. How extreme this will be will depend on the rest of the person’s astrological make up. Like their polarity, masculine and feminine energy, and element balance.  Mars under signs that are less forceful, can show a person who may manage anger in a less forceful and aggressive way.


House location: the house that Mars falls in can show what really motivates a person or their desires. For example, Mars in the 1st house can show that they are a self-motivated person, Mars in the 5th house can show that they are motivated by 5th house things sex, dating, fun, creativity, love, children.

Masculine or Feminine: Mars is masculine, Yang energy.

Rules over: Aries in modern astrology Scorpio in traditional astrology.


Venus  ♀︎

Venus is the planet we all know and love for her benevolent energy. As a personal planet in astrology Venus is about the heart of a person, their values. Venus like all the other personal planets and outer planets she will be under the influence of a zodiac sign. Check the symbol ♀︎ and the sign for find out a person’s Venus sign. Venus in Pisces for example will give a very romantic person, who values emotions, connection, dreamy, and is the best sign for Venus to be under as she is exalted = at her best under this sign. Some signs may repress her energy so it’s not so natural or forth coming. Capricorn which is a very serious and mature sign so the fun side of Venus can be lost. Or Virgo that is a very analytical sign and  that’s reserved may mean for Venus under this energy, expressing love openly would not be as easy as if Venus were under a different sign.

Representation: in personal planets astrology Venus will represent how a person likes to give and receive love. For a man in his chart, she can represent his ideal kind of woman. For a woman she can represent how she likes to be loved also.

House location: the house that Venus is in, in a birth chart, will show what a person values first of all, what they may find beautiful, joyful, or really love. Venus in the 2nd house could bring a love or high value for material things, but also the body, principles, and morals as these also cover the 2nd house.

Masculine or Feminine: Venus is feminine, Yin energy.

Rules over: Libra and Taurus


Mercury ☿

Mercury as a personal planet will show how a person communicates, thinks, or learns. This is a very key personal planet in astrology as it will show how well two people, or a group of people can communicate with ease. If you check the sign Mercury ☿ in a birth chart and see what zodiac sign it is under, this can show you a person’s communication style and mental energy. Mercury under a sign like Libra may bring a great balanced communicator, Mercury under a sign like Aquarius may show a very intelligent person that’s good with sorting through facts and bullshit! Mercury under a water sign could make a person very emotionally intelligent, especially if under a water sign like Cancer.

Represents: how a person resolves or does not resolve conflict via communication, how they handle conflict and communication in general. It can also show how they learn, if they are naturally highly intelligent and rational, or more right-side brain dominated and creative.

House location: the area Mercury is located in a birth chart will show where a person may naturally excel education wise, what talents they may naturally have, and what they may naturally spend their time thinking about. For example Mercury in the 5th house of creativity (like me) can show a gifted and talented natural writer and author (like me!) Or even that this is something that a person may really enjoy if they gave it a serious go. Any artist or creator of any kind can show up with a 5th house Mercury, indicating that they can communicate well via the house of creativity with the world at large with ease. Mercury in the 3rd house may make a great teacher, especially a primary school teacher with younger children.  Mercury in the 9th house may make an excellent high school teacher, university lecturer or professor etc. When it comes to how a person will communicate or how they will or won’t resolve conflict via communication. Look to the zodiac sign to see their style. Mercury under air signs will probably give a pretty straight forward no bullshit person, that will be open for a battle of wits in resolving conflict. Mercury under water signs may bring a more emotionally sensitive person when it comes to communication and resolving conflict, Mercury under earth signs may be more slower to respond with communication and conflict resolution, as they really need to be sure about what they wish to say. Mercury under fire signs may bring quick wit, sharp tongues, harsh words, and someone who is more aggressive with their point making and communication, even if they are trying to resolve issues via communication.

Rules over: Virgo and Gemini


Generally, the personal planets in astrology are key to learn and understand who people are. Then you can compare them with other people and see compatibility in the longer and short term. Birth chart readings will tell you a lot about personal planets as that’s what birth chart readings should focus on, as well as the life path of a person.



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