The Second House in Astrology: The House of Money!

What Is The Second House?

The second house in astrology is a succedent house, planets placed here are neither strengthened nor weakened, as they are when placed in the angular or cadent houses. The second house in astrology is concerned with the individual’s approach to money, their possessions, wealth, their body and their personal values they hold as a person. This house is all about ‘values’ tangible and intangible. It is concerned with ‘ what’s mine’.

This is a house that is often focused on a lot during astrology interpretation, and for a very good reason! Understanding your second house, and the meaning of the second house in astrology could really empower a person, change their life, and help them to make good financial decisions.

This is a house that can show a lot especially when planets transit here on a day to day basis, not just in a birth chart reading. If we have planets retrograde in this house also for example Saturn, it can indicate a slow down, or some challenges of struggles with money. ( Saturn’s energy), this will depend on what aspects a planet like Saturn is making with other planets.

Keywords: wealth, values, money, possessions, building, stability, the body, personal values you hold as a person.

The Second House in Modern Astrology is  Ruled By The Sun Sign: Taurus

This Sun sign is the sign linked to wealth, stability, grounding, focus and enjoying the finer things in life. This includes rich tasting foods or drinks, and sex. Taurus shows us how to accumulate wealth, not spend and enjoy it! That would be Leo who shows us how to spend and enjoy.

The Second House in  Modern Astrology is Ruled by the Planet:

Venus, Taurus’ ruler. This planet’s energy is all about love, beauty, attraction, money and the heart’s desire. A very supportive energy that links us to what we need and want.

The Second House’s Energy:

The second house is an earth house as it is ruled by an earth sign, that is grounded and focused on what it wants, likes or needs and is a fixed sign. The second house in astrology can represent in a birth chart our relationship with money, what it means to us, where it may come from or how it can disappear!

Tips On How to Interpret the Second House in a Horoscope or Birth Chart?

In a horoscope the second house is all about your personal finance what’s going on for you, or could be going on for you, or even the recent past and you. The key angles for interpretation are finance, stability, values that’s the focus, or the other person if you are completing their horoscope. Then, I also look to the planets what are they doing? Which way are they heading? How are they interacting with other planets? To give an idea of what could be going on for that person. The planets’ energies in the second house, again will be focused the overall stability, and values of the person.

In a birth chart, it’s much the same depending on the planets of course that are in the second house. In birth chart we can have an idea of the value a person places on money, how they can earn it if you look at other areas of the chart, their financial stability in life or lack of.

Personal Planets in The Second House in a Birth Chart

Sun- blessings with money, good relationships with money, growth, health vitality in this area of life. Read the rest of the chart for a good indication of this, for example where is Jupiter, and how does he interact with the Sun in the second house? What other planets are in the second house, and what are they doing? Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, and expands the energies of the other planets he interacts with. Therefore, if he has good aspects with the Sun’s energy of growth and health in the second house this could be a good sign. The same can be said for his interactions with the planet Venus, the ruler of the second house in astrology which connects us to what we desire, love, money and beauty.

Moon- money could be something that causes emotional feelings, what kind of feelings these are the rest of the chart should be looked at. Money may also be up and down in a person’s life.

Mercury- your thoughts or ability to be creative could serve you well to help materialise money, in this life incarnation. Ideas, thoughts, creations, communication, contracts or even travel could be linked to money for the person. This is the planet that is linked to our communication, how we communicate, thinking, learning and creativity.

Venus- lots of love for money! Read the rest of the chart for an indication. Money could be something that comes to you with ease, read the rest of the chart. Don’t forget that Venus is the ruler of the second house also, to have her placed here and if she makes good aspects with other planets could be really positive for a person.

Mars– a money motivated person, keen to make money, keen to have money, self-employment could also be a good option for this person. Mars is the planet of drive and how we move forward in life.

Other planets such as Pluto ( transformation and change), Saturn ( learning, challenges or even areas to master to evolve spiritually), and Uranus ( erratic behaviour, sudden changes, rebel like) I also pay close attention to if stationed in the second house. Naturally due to the energies of the planets. The signs they are under the influence of also should be noted, as the signs can give an indication as to how the planet’s energy could be expressed in relation to the overall meaning of the second house of finance and value.

So, there we have it in very basic terms how we can understand the second house of life. Keep an eye out for 101 on the third house! The first house is here.

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  1. I have often read my horoscope but never really understood that there was a second house beyond by birth chart reading.  Especially one that would help me understand how to handle my money.  Thanks for the information on how this works. I am going to go back and see exactly what mine says now and how it lines up with the planets so I can figure out what it is saying about my bank account!

    1. Hi Angela, yes there are actually twelve houses of life in astrology! I have covered the first three and will be doing all twelve so stick around. It’s very helpful and empowering to know what each house represents as it links to an area of life. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love astrology and this site of yours is very interesting in that it tells people how to read their charts. I like that I can have my free Astrology given on a daily basis. I have always been wondering how people read charts and tarot cards, I found your site informative and something I would like to learn for myself. Great work. 

    1. Hi Dianna, really please you found The Spiritual Parlour in that case! Feel free to subscribe to the free daily horoscope service, and thanks for your feedback.

  3. Hello Kae

    I found this article so interesting -who knew there are twelve astrological houses. I have gone back to the first article and have bookmarked this for the coming articles on all the astrological houses. I signed up for my daily free horoscope and they were very insightful. What a wonderful service you offer.

    1. Hello Catherine! You are so very welcome, thank you for your readership and welcome to The Spiritual Parlour!

  4. Thanks for sharing your website with us. I love what my horoscope might say for that day. Sometimes, I might check to see what it says for the day.

  5. Thanks for sharing your website with us. I love checking my horoscope every day to see what it says. This is the month of the Gemini right now. That is my horoscope, that means my birthday is coming up. My birthday is coming up next Saturday. Can’t wait. Then I’m going on vacation. I learned something new about the planets. I never looked at horoscopes that have something to do with planets. Maybe in the future, I look at your website more and learn more. 

  6. Hey there. Love the sound of this house. Just kidding. I am born in the Taurus sign – so I know whenever Venera is rulling it will be good days for me. Whether is it something like sudden and unexpected income to really good ecnounters with others. Enjoyed reading this article really much.

    I already bookmarked your website and I just might subscribe for my weekly horoscope.

    Let me know if my email address passed through.


    1. Hi there, oh thank you so much for your readership! I’m happy to have another Taurus on board. I did not see an email in the updated list. Try again or you can send it to me directly on the contact me page and I can manually add you. Take care.

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