4 Key Things: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Four key things to know about the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius, on the 3rd/ 4th of December 2021.

What is The Energy of a South Node Eclipse?

There are several different eclipse types that can happen, the one that we have coming next week will happen around the southern area of the Moon’s nodes. We have the north and south Nodes for the Moon.  An eclipse around either of these areas opens a portal of energy in all of our lives, it can spark off or close and event, situation, person, place, or thing. The north is our direction and where we should be heading, the south can be thought of as where we have been, and the area of release and letting go. On the 3rd/4th of December 2021 the eclipse taking place is a south Node eclipse. This energy surrounding us is about release, letting go, karma, and ultimately something may depart or needs to leave to make way for new energy.

An eclipse at the south Node is seen as ‘karmatic’, while a north Node eclipse can be seen as ‘fated.’ One thing to keep in mind is that karma is not always bad! People always assume the worst. As a professional astrologer, I wish to ask you not too assume the worst, as what karma is delivered really depends. Here’s an example from real life of how karmatic eclipses are not always bad, based on one that we had earlier in 2021. Karma basically is ‘pay-out’ and what’s due to you. If you have been vibrating high, or you are due a karmatic turn around in life in some way, that karmatic pay-out may not always be negative. Around this new moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, for all of us something can, will, may, or has to depart that is karmatic. It’s time for release! Where and how this is will be different for us all, and will depend on where you have Sagittarius in your chart, and where the eclipse will happen.  You can grab a free birth chart download here.

Stelluim of Sagittarius energy

The Sagittarius new moon total lunar eclipse will have a stelluim. This happens when three or more planets are under the influence of a sign, indicating that the sign and the house of life it is in within a person’s birth chart is of significance. Where the stelluim will be for you personally, will depend on where you have Sagittarius in your chart. For example, if Sagittarius rules your 2nd house of finances and the eclipse is here, so will the stelluim be. Letting you know that this area of your life is key under this eclipse, for whatever reason the universe has in store for you, and there is where your karmatic pay-out under this eclipse will be. During the 3rd/4th of December 2021 Sagittarius new moon solar  eclipse the Sun, Moon, and Mercury will be under Sagittarius’ influence. The Sun and Moon of course as they form the new moon in this sign. The addition of Mercury is about thoughts, learning, communication, and short travel as this is what this planet rules over.  Mercury is also conjunct (working in unison) with the Sun and Moon at 15 degrees into Sagittarius, while the Sun and Moon are at 12 degrees.

Pluto and Venus Conjunction in Capricorn

A conjunction happens when two or more planets are within a tight orb of closeness to each other, they are side by side and talking. Standardly 8 degrees. This aspect means the planets are talking to each other, in a way that is helpful and working in collaboration together. Their energies are merging.

Pluto is the planet of slow transformational changes. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, art, connection to what we desire, money, and how we like to give and receive love. Capricorn is the most serious energy of the zodiac, mature, focused on building, an earth sign that’s cardinal and likes to instigate action. This energy working in collaboration can indicate that there could be some transformative changes around what we are desiring individually! Depending on where Capricorn is in your chart, this can give you an idea of what area of life this transformation around what we desire is taking place.

Moon Sextile Saturn:

A sextile is another aspect that planets can make to ‘talk’ to one another. This is an ever so slight harmonious energy between the planets that are forming a sextile. The Moon is a representation of emotions, the mother figure, how we are feeling, and intuition. Saturn’s energy represents hardwork, maturity, withdrawal, holding back, learning serious lessons, the father figure. The Moon is feminine, and Saturn is masculine.

So, with the Moon forms a sextile to Saturn, what we have here is a slight and I mean ever so slight energy of balance between masculine and feminine energy. Emotions and giving vs holding back and being more reserved are finding some middle ground. Saturn withdraws and takes away in order to learn and be the best, the Moon is more open and flowing. The Moon is under Sagittarius’ influence of freedom, adventure, finding information. Saturn is under the influence of Aquarius’ energy which is about logic, being eccentric, and humane. Sagittarius is mutable (flows through life) energy, Aquarius is fixed ( likes things as they are). This is about some balance being found. Where and how this is for you will depend on where Aquarius and Sagittarius rule in your chart.


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