The 4th House in Astrology: Home, Private Life, The Mother Figure

What Is The 4th House?

The 4th house in astrology meaning is an angular house, planets placed in the angular houses are often thought to be placed in a position of natural strength in a birth chart. How strong depends on the aspects the planets make.  Angular houses  like the 4th house, are houses that sit on a key point of a birth chart the ascendant, descendant, mid-heaven, and IC.

Planets  in these houses,  their energy is normally felt swiftly, early on in life, or even can be dramatically in life. These houses are places of ‘power’ for a person in their chart, they can be use to the energies of the planets in the house, or the areas of life the angular houses represent.  The  4th house  astrology  meaning is  therefore an area of ‘power’ for us, and the astrological meaning of the 4th house is that it’s concerned with the early stages of life, foundations, the past, private life, homelife, personal matters, and the mother figure in a person’s life, or dominate parent(s) that raised a person, the home environment in which they were raised, and life now as an adult.

Key Words: the home, family, private life, foundations, the recent past, property owned.

The 4th in (Modern) Astrology Rulership: Cancer

This Sun sign has a reputation of being the carer and nuturer of the zodiac, hence why in modern astrology Cancer is linked to the 4th house’s energy. The 4th house’s overall meaning and energy is about the home, care, and how we were raised or the environment we raise our own family.

 The 4th House in (Modern) Astrology is linked to: The Moon

The Moon’s energy in astrology represents the emotions, how we react to things, what’s important to us and matters of the heart. It’s a feminine energy and she is also the ruler of the Sun sign Cancer in modern astrology.

 The 4th House’s Energy: 

The fourth house is a water element house with it’s links to Cancer. Therefore it’s all about the emotions, what we feel, how we feel it, what’s important. The area of life this is linked to is mainly the home life, our upbrining as a child, the foundations we have then and later in life. It’s an area of privacy too as it’s all about the private life. This house really shows how a person was prepared for life from childhood by their parent(s), and what foundations they could then create for themselves and their own family.

 Tips On How to Interpret the 4th House in a Birth Chart?

In a birth chart,  in this area what we can discover is how a person was raised, or what their childhood may have been life. We can also gain an idea of what their relationship was / is currently like with their parents especially the mother. This all depends on the planets that are in this house ( or lack of) and what aspects the planets are making. House rulership is a good thing to understand also.

We can also see what their home life may be like as an adult, what they will go on to do, where they may decide to live. For example having Jupiter here could indicate someone who would like a big home, or even a home in a distant place, that’s abroad from where they were born as this is a planet that represents expansion, distance and travel that’s far away. If planets like Uranus are here , it could show someone who has a very unusual homelife either as a child, or as an adult.  Or they experience a lot of unexpected changes with this planet’s energy here.

Personal Planets in The 4th House In A Birth Chart

Sun- The Sun represents the ego, how we approach life and with a Sun in the 4th house  could show a person who really values, shines, and is energised by the home life. Family, home life, personal life, their mother figure, the past and upbringing are areas that really could have shaped this persons ‘ego’ and who they are. This is as the Sun is a representation of the ‘ego’ and how we approach life. The key is to see how the Sun is interacting with other planets, to give you an idea of how the home lilfe was and could be for a person.

Moon- The mother figure in this person’s life is very dear to them! That person means a lot. They also could be a person who can become emotional when it comes to their home life, private life, upbrining the past and/ or it means a lot to them emotionally. This does not have to be emotional in a bad way, or to suggest the home life was one that was emotionally hard, it could be the home life was wonderful, and the motherfigure really helped to shape it. Check how the Moon is interacting with other planets.

Mercury- Having this planet here could indicate that a person is very communicative when it comes to their home and private life. They may make the decisions for or with people who make up this area of this person’s life. They could spend a lot of time thinking about it, or they could even have experienced the need to travel a lot, due to the foundations in their life that make up their 4th house.  The 4th house later in life could bring about the need to travel short distances a lot also.

Venus-  The home is where the heart is, there is a real passion for the home life, private life, mother figure, how they were brought up, their recent past and/ or the mother figure in this person’s life. The 4th house could also bring them some luck and fortune in terms of money too, as Venus is a representation of money, connection, desires to what we want. This person could really value and desire in life the ideal homelife, however this resonates for them they could desire it.

Mars- The home life could have been up and down as this person grew up, Mars’ energy can bring seperation also, so they could have experienced this within the home life. On the other hand Mars is the planet of motivation, drive, and ambitions. Therefore the home life, family, foundations are a great source of motivation for this person in life, and this could be the one thing that drives them as an adult.

Other planets such as Pluto ( transformation and change), Saturn ( learning, challenges or even areas to master to evolve spiritually), and Uranus ( erratic behaviour, sudden changes, rebel like) I also pay close attention to if stationed in the 4th house. Naturally due to the energies of the planets. The signs they are under the influence of also should be noted, as the signs can give an indication as to how the planet’s energy could be expressed in relation to the overall meaning of the house related to our  mother figure, upbringing, personal life, foundations, property we own etc.  These energies in this house could indicate some transformational, changeable,  challenging experiences in life related to the 4th house. Remember this house is an area of life that is experienced strongly, dramtically in ife, and the planets here are placed generally in a position of strength, so the rest of the chart should be checked.

So, there we have it in very basic terms how we can understand the 4th house of life. Keep an eye out for 101 on the 5th house! The first house is here.   the second house is also here and the thrid house is here.

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