Deity of The Week: Adamu- Goddess of Blood and Fertility

This week’s deity of the week is the Adamu

Origin: Chaldea.

Sacred and favourite things: fertility, blood, the womb.

Colour: red.

Area of influence: fertility, mensural cycles.

Petition for: female fertility, help with mensural cycles, to delay menopause. Child birth.

Patron of: women, Earth, the womb, blood.

Offerings: water (all deities will accept this), candles, ancestor money can be burned in honour.  Blood, especially mensural. Add your own drop of blood to the earth. Red candles, or red wine.adamu





Legend has it that this female energy is the female counterpart to Adam, from the bible in this part of the world where she originates from. She is a female spirit that is called on by women for fertility, help and support with mensural cycles, and protection during childbirth. She is seen as the mother goddess of the Earth, and a representation of the womb. Legend has it that some connect her to the vampire world also! So if you’re a fan of the undead she could be a good deity to connect with.

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