Birth Charts & Your Destiny



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So, you’ve landed here wondering what the hell is a birth chart? And what secrets will it unlock for me? Well, what I can tell you is all reinforced by my own experience of interpreting my own, as well as interpreting the birth charts of other people.  I’m Kae, I hold a diploma in Astrological Studies, I’m a numerologist, Tarot reader and spiritual shop owner. For over fifteen years I have had a connection to astrology and the Tarot. My other gifts include having ‘clair’ intuitive abilities,  I am blessed with clairsentient abilities ( receiving Spirit messages via feeling and sensing) and clairaudience  (receiving Spirit messages via hearing them) and empathy (feeling the emotions of others). I am very guided by my spirit guides that have connected with me. I’m also a down to earth mother in her mid-thirties, and lover of all things esoteric and witchy! And in the process of writing some books on esoteric subjects.

If you’re wondering about my astrological make up, I’m an Aquarius Sun ( Star sign) , Virgo Ascendant sign, with my Moon in Pisces. Yes,  very intelligent (Aquarius), hard working perfectionist ( Virgo Ascendant), with the ability to tune in well to others emotionally, ( Pisces Moon).


What Is A Birth Chart?

Gemini New MoonIn basic terms it’s a snap shot of the positions of the planets in the Solar System, at the precise time of your birth. Each planet is linked to a certain energy, for example Mars is the planet of ambition, determination and go-get-em, Mercury is the planet of communication etc. Each of the eight planets, plus the Sun and Moon in the Solar System will be location in a ‘house’, which in Astrology terms is ‘a house of life.’ For example, the seventh house is the house of partnerships and marriage and legal matters, the fourth house is the house of family, home, parents and the past.

In addition to this, each planet in a particular house of life will be under the influence of a particular zodiac sign. For example, Mercury could be in the seventh house under the influence of Gemini. Also, each planet will be positioned in a house a certain amount of degrees into it, and a planet can also be a retrograde. Which means, appearing to move backwards or in reverse from Earth, due to it’s position.



Okay, So What Can a Birth Chart Show Me?

In all honesty, in my very first experience with interpretation of a birth chart I interpreted my own. It answered a lot of questions for me, for example why things were they way they were at that point in my life. Why I had experienced certain things, looking forward it also showed me where I could be the most successful in life- what house of life. Following this, I started to interpret birth charts for people I did not know  well, like co-workers only to find out that I was deadly accurate! They could see why things had panned out they way they had. One person feedback that ‘their childhood was as it was interpreted.’

In a nutshell, a birth chart can show you what’s going on, has gone on or what may occur in all areas of life. Relationships, marriage, work, family and so much more! Finally, a birth chart can show you what your life’s lessons or mission are in this life to learn, also past life baggage you have brought with you. In other words it can show karma issues.

Who Should Have a Birth Chart Interpretation?

Everyone! No doubt about that. You don’t need to be of a certain age, religion, background etc. None of this is relevant, as whoever you think you are now, trust me your birth chart will uncover the true you.



The ‘True Me’ What’s That Mean?

Well my friends, a birth chart reading or (natal chart reading) will also breakdown your personality both your outer (ego) what you present to the world, and your inner (private) personality as well as how you emotionally deal with things. The benefit of this is as above. You can make changes in your approach to life if needed,or embrace a different side to you that is presented. A birth chart will also show you your ‘Ascendant sign’ or ‘rising sign’ (the sign the Sun rose from before it landed in your Star sign at your time of birth), your Moon sign, which is where the Moon was placed at your time of birth. These are both key bits of information that make you, you.

What Do I Need to Have an Accurate Birth Chart Interpretation?

First thing to know is that your date of birth, location of birth both country and city or town, and the time of birth to the nearest hour. Theses are all key to an accurate interpretation. The time especially. This is because there is movement in the Solar System roughly every two hours it is said, therefore being too in accurate with your time of birth could place your chart in the incorrect position. Secondly, the country and location are very important as things like daylight time savings and the relevant time zone will need to be accurate, for planet positions based on the time zone you were born in. That said, not everyone knows their time of birth, a guess to the nearest hour is recommended. Charts can be done with an ‘unknown’ time also, if you are really stuck for this info.

What is The Importance of the Sun, Moon and Rising or Ascendant Signs in Birth Charts?

These are three key things that make you, you and your experiences in life experienced how they are or have been, under the influence of the Sun and Moon’s placement and the sign the Sun rose from, before it settled in your Sun (Star) sign. This is otherwise known as your Ascendant or Rising sign.


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I’d Love  A Detailed Birth Chat Reading ! What Do I Do Now?


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  1. My  services are honest, accurate, detailed and I will give you a balanced picture the good energy as well as the challenges.
  2. Lastly astrology is a wonderful and accurate tool to navigate life, and understand the self, past and future. However, remember we all have ‘free will’ you have choices in life, and therefore you should always follow your intuition and retain your power. Events predicted by astrology can be influenced or avoided by us all depending on how we use  our free will. The Spiritual Parlour can not be held responsible for any life decisions you make based on astrology predictions…remember, free will!