The First House in Astrology Meaning: What’s It About?

The first house in astrology is an angular house, and is concerned with the individual, and everything about them. From their looks, body, personal tastes, dress sense, style you name it it’s all about you, you and yes more you! The first house in astrology otherwise known as ‘the first house of life’ is not concerned with others, or our relationships with others ( that’s the seventh house). This is strictly  our relationships with ourselves, how we present ourselves to the world and the relationship with do, or sadly do not have with ourselves.

Key Words: Identity, ego, self-expression, personality, leadership, being unique, quirks, who am I?

The Ascendant Sun and The First House in Astrology links:

The line on the cusp of the first house is known as the ‘Ascendant’ line. The Sun sign (Star sign) on the cusp of this line is the Sun sign that the Sun rose from, before it settled in our Sun ( star) sign. This is significant in astrology! Because, this sign is the sign that shows our true self, deep down, when the mask or the ego of the Sun sign is removed. For more detail on the importance of the ascendant sign check out this article here.

In astrology, the Ascendant shows us a lot about a person’s astrological make-up and deeper personality. Often, if you read a horoscope and your Sun sign does not resonate, read your Ascendant sign’s horoscope and see if there is any meaning there. To Know more about the importance of the Ascendant and how it can help you understand you, or another person. Check out this article here.

The First House in  Modern Astrology is  Ruled By The Sun Sign: Aries

Of course, who else right? The first sign of the zodiac which is concerned with itself, and has the reputation to be ‘self-centered’ or ‘self-indulgent.’

 The First House  in Modern Astrology is Ruled by the Planet:

Mars, Aries’ ruler. This planet’s energy is about determination, war, ambition, sexual energy and how we express it,  forward movement and ‘let’s go’, ‘this is what I want’.It also rules the day of the week Tuesday. Perfect energy for the first  house of you.

 The First House’s Energy: 

The first house is a fire house being ruled by a fire sign,  also a fire sign that is very action based,  (cardinal), progressive and likes to move forward. The first house can represent  in a birth chart how we approach life, move forward, it’s our experiences on a very personal level, our motivations, our ego.

 Tips On How to Interpret the First House in a Horoscope or Birth Chart?

In a horoscope the first house is all about your personal self, what’s going on for you, or could be going on for you, or even the recent past and you. The key angle for interpretation is YOU that’s the focus, or the other person if you are completing their horoscope. Then, I also look to the planets what are they doing? Which way are they heading? How are they interacting with others to give an idea of what could be going on for that person. The planets’ energies in the first house, again will be focused on you or the other person.

In a birth chart, it’s much the same depending on the planets of course that are in the first house. In  birth chart we can see things that are important to us, things that we may be emotional about, also if we are self-destructive, if a planet such as Uranus is here.

Personal Planets In The First House In A Birth Chart

Sun- a big personality, your personality shines through a lot. Your ego, and how others see or think of you could also be of importance, self confidence can also show up if you read the rest of the chart for an indication.

Moon- you may be hard on yourself emotionally.

Mercury- your thoughts or ability to be creative could serve YOU very well in this life incarnation. The person could also be someone who puts themselves first ( read the rest of the chart for an indication). Intelligence, enjoying mental stimulation could also be a theme if you check the rest of the chart.

Venus- lots of love for ‘ the self’ or love  and relationships are  of importance to the person. Read the rest of the chart for an indication. Love, money, beauty  could be of importance in this life incarnation.

Mars- a very good self-starter, self-motivated, the ego or personality can be a little aggressive ( read the rest of the chart), sex could also be of importance to the person placed here. ( Read the rest of the chart also). Self employment may also suit a person with Mars in the first house.

Other planets such as Pluto ( transformation and change), Saturn ( learning, challenges or even areas to master to evolve spiritually), and Uranus ( erratic behaviour, sudden changes, rebel like) I also pay close attention to if stationed in the first house. Naturally due to the energies of the planets. The signs they are under the influence of also should be noted, as the signs can give an indication as to how the planet’s energy could be expressed ( by the person) or impact them ( personally), if placed in the first house of them and all that they are.

So, there we have it in very basic terms how we can understand the first house of life. 101 on the  second house is here.

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