May Full Moon in Scorpio:Looks Like Drama In Love & Sex Lives

Welcome to the May full Moon in Scorpio. The energy looks full on folks! I really find this Sun sign a fascinating one, so misunderstood at times. This month’s full Moon in May is in wonderful Scorpio’s energy. At around 20.11p.m UTC the Moon will be 27 degrees into Scorpio, full, bright and powerful! The full Moon is the most powerful Moon phase. So, what’s going on astrologically?


What’s The Theme of The Scorpio Full Moon?

First thing to say is, the house of life the Moon in Scorpio or any full or new Moon falls in will depend (personally for you), on where the Sun sign who rules the energy of the Moon rules in your birth chart. So, look at the edge of your chart for the Scorpio sign, or have it checked by an astrologer ( that would be me by the way), and that’s where the energy is for you personally. In this area of life.

From the point of view where we are on Earth, the full Moon will fall in the 11th house. The house of hopes, dreams, friendships, human acts, how we experience life socially and mentally with others. This is Aquarius’ house, an air house, Scorpio here will turn it a little emotional, dramatic maybe, or even passionate as this is Scorpio’s energy. This sign is also the ruler of ‘death and rebirth’ something falling away, in order for something new to come in.

At around 20.11p.m UTC, the Moon will  be in the 11th house of hopes, dreams, friendships, social circles, how we  experience life on a mental and social level. It will oppose (harsh tension) Mercury, the planet of thinking, learning, how we communicate, all communication itself like emails, phone etc and short distance learning. Mercury will be in the 5th house the house of romance, sex, dating, children, creativity, risk taking. What’s important to note is, in this house we have a stellium of energy again, just like we did on the new Moon under Taurus on the 4th May. If you missed that astrology update check the recent posts.  A stellium of energy of three planets or more, under the influence of one Sun sign indicates significance in a chart. For some of us, around the full Moon there could be tension in the 5th house of life.

The other planets involved are Venus ( the planet of love, money beauty and what connects us to our desires), Uranus ( the planet of unpredictable change, upheaval and rebel behaviour) and the Sun ( the ego, blessings, growth also). It looks like the Universe is sending a message, that for some of us our emotions real, deep, tense maybe even sexual emotions and desires (as this is a Scorpio Moon ) are in conflict with our thoughts or even how we are communicating ( Mercury), what we need over our emotions, or the 5th house of life with others or even with ourselves. Some may need to be honest about what they want to no one but themselves.

Adding Venus and Uranus in the mix just adds to the change, upheaval or even erratic behaviour some of us may experience around this time. I’ll be honest the 5th house is not the best place for Uranus’ dramatic and upheaval behaviour… Yikes!  Venus is all about love and very at home in the 5th house. Her energy here is just another indication that this Moon, is about love, emotions.

The full Moon in Scorpio is also sextile ( working in slight harmony), with Pluto’s energy of transformation and change, in the 1st house of you, who you are, your appearance and everything concerned with you. Pluto, is also Scorpio’s ruling planet ( modern ruler) in astrology….so…. looks like this full Moon is all about transformation and change, to do with some of us personally with the sextile in the 1st house of you. Possibly linked to how we feel about our 5th house of life romance, sex, dating, children, creativity, risk-taking and having generally fun and good times.

How Can I Make The Most Of The Full Moon Energy?

Ask yourself, are you happy with your 5th house of life? If not this full Moon may just allow all the s*hit to hit the fan! And it’s time to deal with it, face it, and create your own emotional happiness. This is a Scorpio Moon, it’s all about emotions, secretes, mystery , the occult, magic and spells, sexual desires, crime, the underworld… don’t you just love Scorpio?! No, seriously, this is one very emotionally driven Sun sign, and it looks like the Universe is sending a message to focus on the watery energy of emotions around the 5th house of life,  and any changes that are needed or how we think about the 5th house for some of us at least.

Happy full Moon!

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