Best Online Psychic Reading Service: Life Reader Review

Online psychic reading services are everywhere! Life Reader is an online psychic reading service I highly recommend. It’s hard to know which ones are accurate, honest, or worth the money. Whether it’s for love, finance, numerology, Tarot. Life reader has a vast range of online psychic readers.

You might be wondering ‘ Kae, but you’re an astrologer, Tarot reader,  and numerologist and highly skilled spiritual worker with all these abilities, why would you recommend or use this service?’ Simple, yes I have these abilities however, sometimes, I don’t want to do my own readings and have sort guidance from others. This is so I can have an objective spiritual worker guide me with what thy pick up, and see what energies they see around me. I have used Life Reader’s online psychic services and been really impressed 10/10 for me. I have found one reader in particular who I always go to and that’s why I am recommending this service.

What is Life Reader?

From their website …’When you have registered your new account with LifeReader simply choose which professional Online Psychic you wish to connect with and click to connect by Phone or Online Chat, our system will do the rest. Our readers are all hand selected and are here to guide and care for you. Your personal information and Readings with LifeReader are 100% private, confidential and secure.’

Basically, Life Reader offer a range of spiritual guidance via Tarot, astrology, numerology and much more via the phone in person, or online chats. All readers from what I understand have been ‘vetted’ for their abilities before acceptance.

How Does It Work?

Very easy, you visit their website, sign up with an email address, search for the type of reading services you’d like, and then a reader and connect with them. You can connect when they are online via phone, email or online direct chat.  You can use your laptop, tablet, or phone to connect online. Everything is confidential also.

 What Special Offers Do They Have? 8/10

They offer the first four minutes free for every caller who is new at the time of writing this, readers also are very kind and often send you free minutes to use when you connect again. 0.19 cent per min for the fist ten mins is also what new users are charged at the time of writing.

Variety of Readers 10/10

This is one of the my favorite aspects of Life Reader’s Online psychic  reading service. There are SO MANY to choose from, each profile has their astrological make up such as star sign, their personal areas of expertise, a bio, awards they have won, and very in depth details on how they are able to offer guidance, and their suitability to the service they are offering.

Variety of Services 10/10

As mentioned whether its Tarot, astrology, numerology or any area of life you need guidance on there is a reader who can assist you.


                                 Accuracy of Readers 10/10

As I said, I have used a few readers some obviously more detailed or accurate than others. That said I have found a lady so accurate, from the other side of the world, when events happen  she has spoken to me about personally I find myself going back! She has guided me a lot. I must also say that I have never felt as though a reader is trying to spin me a load of s*hit, or get information from me. They have all been very forth coming with what messages are channeled through to them, via their own guides and intuition. I have never felt like I am being taken for a ride, robbed of my money, fobbed off, or that they do not care. Generally, my experience with readers here have been that they are very caring and want to assist you with the guidance you need.

Reader’s Availability 9/10

This is from personal experience as this site is so popular, sometimes the reader I want to connect with has a is marked as busy, and I have had to wait a few mins. Or they are offline. That said, there are many others to turn to. Or if you really want to connect with a certain person at a click of a button you can be alerted when they are free, or online again. Overall, if you ever find that a certain reader you want is not there it’s a short wait or there are many alternatives.

Value For Money 10/10

Looking at the rates per min for readers I feel that they can set their own, therefore they will vary. That said, the prices are not massively different normally a few cents. The site does require you to deposit at the time of writing this, a minimum amount of $29.99 however this will go a long way! Depending on how many questions you have or minutes you spend. Due to the quality of the readings I have had, I would say that it is excellent value for money. Especially when you consider that many psychic readers online or not charge a hell of a lot more than this! You also can use your deposit on different services, and you receive discounts the more you deposit in your account. Don’t forget the free minutes that readers often send to you also. I have received them after I make contact straight away and later down the line too.

Final Thoughts

Overall Life Reader  online psychic reading is a brilliant place for accurate, trustworthy, honest spiritual guidance, for your highest good on any area of life, situation or problem. From readers all over the world, from diverse background and skilled, who really do have psychic abilities. And this is coming from one person with psychic reading abilities! I recommend it without hesitation.  The reader’s profiles also have feedback from other users, and the feedback is uploaded in real time. You can see what feedback the reader received in the last hour for example, if they have been busy connecting with others online.

If you are in need of online spiritual guidance, quickly, check out Life Reader’s  online psychic reading services via chat, phone and email. You won’t be disappointed remember 0.19 cent for the first ten minutes is what you will be charged as a new user for the first time, and you have four minutes free.

Enjoy your reading on any and every area of life love, work, money, absolutely nothing is taboo. If you have used this service drop me a comment what was your experience?

Ps. would you like a free reiki energy healing bracelet? Okay check out my article here.

Love and light!

Connect to Life Reader today below.

*Affiliate links attached I am supporting this service as I believe in it, have used it. and feel it can help the highest good of a lot of people. If the service is used The Spiritual Parlour will receive a few pennies for the referral. Thank you for your support and enjoy your reading!

6 Replies to “Best Online Psychic Reading Service: Life Reader Review”

  1. Both myself and my partner have been looking for a service like this for quite some time now, and it’s great there appears to be so many diverse readers in one place. 

    The one query I have is over demographic choices – we would both prefer a native English speaking reader if possible, is there a way to filter this in with your choices through the service?

    1. Hi Chris, I am so glad that hopefully the article has helped. Yes, you can filter  and I think they are all only English speaking readers. I have never noticed a feature with different languages. But for sure you can filer by reading the pages each reader’s  profile is very detailed. Love and light, I hope you get some guidance you need.

  2. Very well put together article. I have only had one reading an the experience was interesting. It is cool to hear about your online experience and the solid details they were able to give you on it. I have always be cautious of reading, but your experiences of them sound quite fascinating!

    1. Hey Cliff, I think it fascinates a lot of people, the thing with online reading is to know who and where you can  trust. In  my personal experience this is one of the  places I personally feel users should let down their barriers, be open and trust the reader. I have been back to the same reader due to the level of accurate detail that did actually happen!

  3. Is it true that Psychics possess certain kind of power to do this stuff? I had an experience before with palmistry. It’s pretty amazing. I haven’t tried this yet through online service though. Looks good to try especially if its recommended by a person who knows a lot about this. Thanks for  sharing. Hope I can try it soon.

    1. Hey, well I would not say it’s a ‘power’ it’s a ‘sense’ or ‘ability’ to communicate, see, hear, feel more. We all have the ability to tune in to psychic powers,  however some more than others. And depending on your beliefs some say we are all born with them, but we forget them in our human form, but our ‘spirit’ does not. Children especially as they are young and just incarnated into this life they are in have the ability to see ‘spirits’ and communicate , as they remember being in spirit form themselves a they have only just entered this life, and still young. They remember past lives too more easy etc. Up to about the age of 4-5. Some of us, don’t forget as adults, or  fine tune our abilities later in life and become very in tune with our spirit guides in human form and therefore have ‘abilities’ to tap into what some may see as another realm….. hope this help!

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