New Moon Rituals For Beginners: Spiritual Showers + Herbs To Use

Moon Ritual: Spiritual Showers + Herbs To Use

We’re entering into the wonderful new Moon in Taurus, yeah! Time to clear out the old and bring in the new. As new Moon ritual for beginners (or anyone), what better way than with a spiritual shower. It just dawned on me to share this with you along with the egg cleansing ritual you can check out here

Plus, I literally just stepped out of one of these wonderful showers and I always feel ah–may–zing! Every time.

What Is A Spiritual Shower?

Basically , it’s not a shower with the aim to smell nice like your normal products you use, or a shower to actually try to be physically clean, nope the aim of this shower is to become mentally, emotionally and spiritually clean and free.

When’s The Best Time To Do it & Who Should Do It?

Everyone should do it, whenever  you feel the need, have been working hard, had some stresses etc. The waning Moons (to rid and banish), new Moons ( to start a fresh) or whenever you feel the call to. Especially if you feel negative energy around you, being sent to you, or you just don’t feel ‘ like yourself today’. Also, if you are a spiritual worker or healer of any kind, this includes Tarot reader, astrologer, witch or any kind of esoteric practitioner  no matter your path, do it often! Your abilities and natural ‘talents’ will draw in every and everyone’s energy, which can impact on you in a good or bad way. You need to keep your charkras and especially third eye sharp. Note that, you can do them for other people also, your children or anyone who is physically unable to do it themselves.

So… What To Do?

Basically, you jump in a shower of plain water, with all the things below to hand. As you are in the shower set the intention to ‘remove’ ‘rid’ ‘banish’ or ‘open’ ‘refresh’ whatever feels natural to you, the aim is to cleanse away any blocks, bad energy, negative thoughts, self- loathing etc. This is about stepping out of the shower like a new man or women, energetically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. What ever you wish to energetically, mentally or spiritual send away now’s the time to focus on it, or if you want to start a fresh with something and just want really positive energy now’s the time.

What you’ll need

A shower

A white candle ( and you can also use a blue one too or both).

some purifying incense like sage, musk, eucalyptus, aloe vera, frankincense, or gentle benevolent energy ones like ceder, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender. Alternatively use what you feel drawn to. However, I do recommend a scent that is inline with your intention and the shower.

These herbs are great, I’ll explain why lemon slices, lemon balm, salt, rosemary, basil, bay leaves.

Optional- purification or protection oil, make your own or purchase online.


Lemon: it cleanses , removes, banishes it can also sour and send negative energy it is a wonderful fruit for rituals.

Lemon Balm:  Any witch ( those especially mainly from a non- European background) will tell you that this herb is EXCELLENT at breaking up old conditions, and is therefore used a lot in love spells and rituals ( when you want to draw in love) also road openers ( to open the road) and general banishing or healing spells. It is a really good multi purpose herb, but can be hard to get hold of. I always have it! So check out The Spiritual Parlour store and just send a message that it’s lemon balm you want. Also if you can’t find it look for one of it’s cousins lemon verbena or lemon grass they are more likely t be found in the food aisle than lemon balm. They are just as good ( for this kind of work, not love spells as they are true cleansing ones).

Salt: does what it’s told, and is excellent in cleansing, removing, protection rituals.

Rosemary: this is a good herb for protection, and also it’s the protective herb of women, I recommend all women keep this to hand at all times.

Bay leaves: offer protection for whatever it is told to, brings success. Used a lot in money and love spells, also road openers.

Basil: there is a saying that ‘ no evil can go where basil has been’ hence, it’s used to offer protection in all kinds of rituals or spells. It’s also sprinkled on door steps, carried in pouches,etc. It is one of the most fiercest protective herbs I can think of.

The Spiritual Shower Process Itself

This is a very personal thing, but as a general guide gather your herbs place them in a small container one by one, and set the intent for each herb – your own personal intent based on what they are used for. eg. the basil will protect xxx, remove xxx the bay leaves will xxx and xxx etc. Pass the container through some incense.

Head to your bathroom light the candle and incense, get into your shower of plain water I use really warm water I like it hot! Grab your lemon  rub the pieces all over your body staying your intent out loud or in your mind. Really get everywhere, don’t scrub too hard just pass it over you with an intention. Don’t forget your back as much as you can, and your shoulders this is where energy clings.  Use the water to wash it away all over your body under the spray, all the time with your intent in your mind.

Grab a pinch or small handful of your herb mixture, and do the same  as you did with the lemon, then wash away.

Once you have done this a few times rotating between lemon pieces and herbs, spend a while just washing the water over  your body, enjoy the process and the freshness of it, keep your intention in your mind. Jump out, dry off, you can then do an egg cleanse if you want the next day or whenever you feel drawn to or if not just add on your protection or purifying oil to your body, keeping your intentions in your mind. Then enjoy the rest of your day or evening, meditate,  start your  new projects, do whatever you want enjoy life! Feeling mentally, spiritually and emotionally cleansed, protected and ready for the world.

Happy new Moon! Ps…. I finished this article at 22:22 p.m that’s an angel number and how Spirits or the  Universe communicates with us via the signs. Two is also the number of duality, coming together, building,  and a message from the Universe  to me that I blogged this in divine timing for someone who needs, it I hope the article reaches you and you feel better. I was going to post it on the weekend, I will post it today instead.

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