May 2019: Free Horoscope Readings


Welcome to May, have a wonderful month! Here are your free horoscope readings for this month. These are very general horoscope readings…as they’re free of course based on each Sun sign’s general positions around the new and Full Moon.  For a personal horoscope, I’d need your birth date details, and to pull your actual birth chart. If you’d like a personal horoscope reading then check out this page. 

This Month’s New Moon: 4th/5th May in Taurus.

This Month’s Full Moon: 18th/19th May in Scorpio.

Aries (21st March-19th April)

This month the main will focus for you is surrounding your education, learning, childhood experiences, travel and general communication. There could be some growth in these areas of life, and you may even hear some good news communicated to you. Around the new Moon as we start the month, your personal house of finance and wealth could also be positively improved, as we head through May. The mid-month’s full Moon to the end of May money matters come up as a focus for you again, this time-shared money. Debts, taxes inheritance have you filed all your taxes on time Aries? The month ends with a focus on finances you share, there could be some transformation due in this area of life for you.

Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

Taurus, you are the ruler of the 2nd house of personal finance and wealth, and guess what? This month this is the main focus for you ,your personal wealth. The start of the month looks good financially. Around the new Moon it’s time to celebrate you as we have a new Moon in Taurus on the 4th, step into your personal power. New Moons are ideal for starting new projects, and fresh ideas planning for what you want to achieve. This energy resonates with you as Taurus’ reputation is ‘slow and steady progress’ and ‘building stability’. This is an ideal month to focus on new projects, or go back to any grand ideas you had. With your 2nd house of money being the main focus this month, there could be money to be made from new projects and ideas.

Gemini (21st May- 21st June)

Happy birthday Gemini! The Sun officially moves into Gemini from the 21st. This month the main focus is you, you, you! The 1st house of you. What is it you hope for this month? This is the perfect time to reach for that goal, with the Sun under your influence it’s time to shine and think big. Around the new Moon do pay close attention to any inner thoughts, feelings or even intuitive messages you find coming to you they could be important, also look after your mental well-being to do not work too hard or get stressed out. As we progress through the month, from the full Moon onward the end of your birthday month looks like it could be a fun one! Your house of fun, dating, sex, and creativity is in the spotlight. Treat yourself, have fun and it could be a good time for dating if you are looking for love.

Cancer (22nd June- 23rd July)

Cancer, the overall energy this month surrounds looking after you. Your area of life concerned with stress and mental well-being is under the spotlight as we enter May. Cancer is the 4th house of the home, foundations and security ruler so hard work and running a home come naturally too you, just don’t overdo it. From the new Moon onward it is time to focus on your hopes and dreams, it could really be an fantastic new Moon to focus on this area of your life, also a good time to socialise and meet up with friends. As mentioned if you have been working hard take time out, and focus on your friendships. From the full Moon onward, the house of life you rule over is the focus! The home, family, your foundations. This month, start off with some rest-bite, then go back to whatever needs your focus with your foundations and home later in the month.

Leo (24th July- 23rd August)

Leo this looks like a good month for your career, ambitions, status in the world and wherever it is you are on your way to work wise, generally that’s the focus. It could be the month to really start making a name for yourself. From the new Moon onward there could be an opportunity for and a very good time to focus on higher learning and your spirituality or personal beliefs in this area of life. With a new Moon under the energy of ‘ building’ ‘ stability’ and ‘ focus’ with the Taurus new Moon, if it’s academic higher learning it’s a good month for this. Long distance travel could crop up this month for you also. Towards the end of the month as we approach the full Moon, the theme of travel is still surrounding you, also general communication. Its a good time to write letters, emails, or chase things up and communicate with those you need to. Your communication skills will be sharp.

Virgo (24th August- 21st September)

Virgo this month the focus in on your house of spirituality and also higher learning as a general energy. It’s a good month to crack on with any ‘learning’ or self development you have in mind. From the new Moon onward finances are the focus, it’s what you share with others such as bills to be paid, debts ,taxes or even joint finances within the home. Make sure everything is in order here. As we end the month around the full Moon onward money also comes up again! This time it’s not what’s shared it’s your own money. The energy surrounding you seems to be to make sure all is well with your finances, so by the end of the month, there is enough left for you personally. You may even have a lucky strike and end up with some unexpected money, that said make sure everything is in order.

Libra ( 23rd September- 22nd October)

Libra this month the focus is on your house of shared resources, as a Libra I don’t need to remind you to make sure all is balanced and fair when it comes to shared resources. Naturally, as the representation of the scales you’ll do this! This month there could be some positive news with your shared resources, which includes joint finances, sexual desires and anything and everything your share with others. From the new Moon onward your relationships, partnerships both business and personal are an ideal focus, especially if you wish to breathe new life into them with the new Moon’s energy of ‘building and stability’ from the Taurus new Moon. The area of life you rule as a Libra ( relationships and partnerships) ,will be under the spot light as we move forward through May. By the full Moon the energy surrounds your house of personal non-shared money. There could be some transformation and change energy surrounding this area of life for you.

Scorpio (23rd October- 22nd November)

Step into your personal power Scorpio! We have a full Moon in your sign around the 18th. An ideal time for you to focus on anything you want to move forward with. As the ruler of death and re-birthing, this month could be an ideal month generally for anything you wish to transform in your life. The energy this month generally for you is on your relationships and partnerships area of life, this includes personal and business. It’s a good month generally to place focus on this. From the full Moon onward it’s all about you, and whatever it is that you wish to manifest moving forward. Make this month a month of progression, transformation, and re-birthing what it is your heart desires, as the Universe astrologically has your back with a full Moon in Scorpio.

Sagittarius (23rd November – 20th December)

Sagittarius, this month the energy surrounding you is your house of how you earn money, your day to day routines, how you are of service to others, health ,and disputes with others. There could be some positive changes, news, or luck with these areas of life for you. It’s also an ideal month to look at revamping these areas of life, if this has been on your to-do list. From the new Moon onward the energy surrounding you is your house of fun! Sex, dating, romance, children and creativity and risk taking. May could really be a fun month, and a good time for dating and romance. As we move from the full Moon onward make sure you are not overdoing things, too stressed, and also listen to your inner feelings especially as at the start of the month your area of health is under the spotlight. Towards the end of May, your house of mental well-being, is under the spot light, so take care of you.

Capricorn (22nd December- 20th January)

Capricorn, this month your romantic life is under the spot light, it good be a great month for love, romance, dating, sex, and creativity. Basically it’s a month of fun and taking small risks and creativity. As a Capricorn this may sometime be hard for you as you’re ruled by Saturn which is all about hard work and discipline. Let go this month Capricorn, have some fun. From the full Moon onward transformation and change surrounds your career, status, how others see you. Which is excellent as this is the area of life you rule! May looks like a good month to have a little fun, and focus on your career towards the end.

Aquarius ( 21st January – 19th February)

Aquarius this is a month to focus on your foundations, family, home, and everything you class as secure. There could be some positive changes around this house of life also, or some news to be received or communicated that could bring positive feelings. If you have plans for this area of life it’s a good month to crack on with them. From the new Moon onward your area of life concerned with learning and education is under the spotlight, and it’s a good time to get on with any studies you are doing, whether they are for pleasure of academic reasons. From the full Moon onward transformation and change surrounds your area of personal beliefs in life, higher learning which includes spirituality, you may also need to make a distant trip or if you need to make plans to travel towards the end of the month looks like a positive time for you. The end of the month looks like a spiritual connection or break through is made or you have a different outlook on life.

Pisces (20th February- 20th March)

Pisces, this is a great month to focus on your area of learning and also self development, if you have plans to make short journeys this could also be a good month for it. As we move from the new Moon onward finances could need tending too, and if so this is a good time for it and to also organise everything under the new Moon’s energy. Building and stability is ruling the new Moon and this includes material gains as Taurus’ energy is linked to this. It’s a financial month! Get organised. From the full Moon onward the focus for you is still on your finances, this time it’s more transformation energy with all that is shared. Your house of shared resources could see some changes, make sure they are positive by getting on top of your money matters as we move into May.

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