Understanding Saturn Retrograde in a Birth Chart + His Lessons

Understanding Saturn retrograde in a birth chart  or horoscope is essential, he is a great teacher. In around twenty-four hours, as I write this Saturn one of the most distant planets from Earth will turn his back on us, and retrograde right up until September 2019. Saturn’s reputation or meaning in astrology is a harsh one, many fear him,  really dislike to discuss him or his retrogrades. He’s either portrayed as the wicked step-father with a belt in his hand, ready to teach us all a lesson. Or the grumpy old man…also ready to teach us all a lesson! While these stereotypes (as an astrologer), I don’t necessarily totally disagree with, there is more to Saturn than ‘discipline’ and ‘handwork’…. let’s take a look shall we.

Who And What Is Saturn?

Saturn was first seen  by Galileo Galilei around 1610 ,  he’s the sixth planet from the Sun. Saturn rules over the day Saturday, the Sun sign Capricorn and Aquarius’ traditional ruler before the discovery of Uranus.

The body parts this planet rules over : bones, teeth, hair and nails.

Metal: Lead.

Linked to the colour: Black.

Planet’s energy: The leader, head of an organisation, CEO, boss, authority.

What Astrological Facts Are Key About Saturn?

Saturn is so slow moving it’s crazy , this planet takes on average about two- two and a half years years to move through a sign, that means about twenty nine years or so to circle the whole zodiac. What does that mean you ask? Well, each planet moves through the zodiac as we know, some more faster than others, for example the Moon spends about 2.5 days in a sign, so she will get through all twelve times in record time. Saturn will spend  almost two- two and a half years in one, and moves around the atmosphere extra slow which means the impact from his aspects with other planets and transits on our lives are felt over a duration of time.

Secondly, this is why we have what we call ‘Saturn Returns’, ever heard the saying that thirty is the age not to get married before? Or do this, or that? Or that thirty is (for some of us)  the age when ‘panic’ sets in. ‘When will I have kids, when will I get married?’ etc. Saturn returns to the position he was at, at the time of our birth , however he does it when we reach around twenty-nine to thirty years old. It is said, this is to check in and see if we have learned our first set of life’s lessons laid out in our birth charts. He then returns to his position at our time of birth in our late fifties, to check in again! This is why, Saturn in my view is more than just a planet that retrogrades every now and then, and also causes some craziness or struggles in life. Once you understand what Saturn represents in your birth chart, you are on a road to self- actualisation as they say, meaning you will have a good sense of direction, of yourself, and what you can do to spiritually grow and involve. You can also understand why you keep having the same experiences in life- that may bring struggles to your door or lack of progression.

Thirdly, due to how slow Saturn moves this means that there will be people born  roughly two- three years  before  or after you, that have Saturn in their birth chart under the influence of the same Sun sign as you. This is good to know when seeking life partners also as it is an indication that your Saturn Returns or even life lessons, could be similar and you can grow together.

So, What Does Saturn Represent in a Birth Chart?

Saturn can show in our birth chart, what area of life we can really transform ourselves or the area that can be transformational for us and learn lessons from to progress. The Sun sign Saturn is under the influence of at your time of birth, can show you how you can transform. And will give an indication of what the theme of your Saturn Returns could be like. For example, my Saturn is under Scorpio- this sign rules over transformation and change, so my Saturn Return years when I was in my late twenties to early thirties, were about ‘transformation’ ‘shedding a skin’  and growing a new one. Let me tell you, I can testify and say, looking back now as an astrologer  who has analysed my birth chart until I’m blue in the face, yes ! My first Saturn Return did exactly that! And it all makes sense to  me, I did transform, majorly and so did my life. Now in my mid-thirties that looking back shaped me, and I am who I am today due to my first Saturn Return, which includes why I also went on to academically study astrology.

The point is, Saturn is a great healer, yes he is hard work when you don’t understand why the same shit keeps happening, yes he can be hard work when he is in retrograde but you know what? He is the greatest teacher of all the planets in my view, and I love him for that! Even if he’s a pain in the rear end sometimes…most of the time.

How Can I Make The Most Of Saturn In My Birth Chart

Here’s the thing, you need to be ready to embrace his lessons. When we get to the age of thirty(ish) we see ourselves differently, that’s just the way society has made that big 3.0 seem. In terms of astrology it has a different meaning, it’s not about panic, it’s about finding you, and only you. Not rushing down the aisle or trying to start a family, buy a house, own a car, take on massive debts in order to do what society has ‘programmed’ us to believe, we should have by the prime age of thirty. Nope, it’s about looking at your chart in this way.

Where is Saturn located? What house of life is he in?

What does that house of life represent?

What sign is he under?

What does that sign rule over, it’s main energy?

Okay, this is the area I need to be ‘disciplined in’ ‘ learn from or about’ ‘experience changes or some difficulties’ ‘ I must over come or master what this lesson is.’

Okay, the sign ‘s energy is a key to how I can do this?

What element is the sign? Fire, water, earth or air?

What is the mode of the sign cardinal, fixed or mutable?

Reflect, what happened when I was twenty-nine- thirty and the two to three years after? Did I learn anything? What was my struggle back then? Have I overcome it? Or if you are more mature, and approaching your sixties,  what’s going on now that is relevant to back then?

We have a thing called a ‘mid life crisis’ partly due to Saturn’s influence and reputation, when we panic, act out of the ordinary or don’t know where we are going, let alone where we have been. To avoid this, recognise what your Saturn means to you and your life in your chart or have it checked.

Saturn In The Elements

Fire- this element deals with passions, progression, creativity, action, movement, confidence.

Water- this element deals with sensitivity, matters of the heart, emotions, flowing through life.

Air- this is the mental experiences in life and thinking/thoughts/learning/academic, communication and speech, even struggles.

Earth- this element deals with stability, grounding building, longevity, achievement, finance, material gains.

Cardinal signs – deal with taking action, instigating things, not letting life happen ( Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra).

Fixed signs– deal with keeping the status quo, resistant to change unless they want it, stubbornness. ( Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio.)

Mutable signs- go with the flow, bend and flex, adapt, move through life at a pace that suits them as it comes- (Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini).

What About Retrogrades? And Everyday Transits?

Yes, well Saturn will make aspects to other planets, and retrograde and do what all planets do naturally. During a retrograde generally any planet is forcing us to go back, and look at something again. It is based mainly on the house of life the retrograde planet is traveling back through. Saturn retrogrades around the 29th-30th April  read about that on the link highlighted.  During this time, it’s the same energy what do you need to go back to in that house of life? While Saturn or any planet is in retrograde? What is there to learn, change, adapt, think about, or restart again?? During these transits, check the house of life that the planet, Saturn in this case is moving  back through and what aspects he is making to help you navigate the period of time, so many class as ‘painful’ or ‘fearful’ as it’s Saturn’s discipline period.

Bottom Line

Embrace it! I have learned to love Saturn in my chart, and so can you, I have learned to love retrograde and make the most of them and so can you. So, now you understand the whole point of Saturn in basic terms, understand him in your chart and spirituality involve and achieve your true potential. Understand your struggles that could be laid out in your chart, and just waiting for you to understand them and conker them! Put it this way, understanding Saturn helped me make sense of my past, know what I am and am not prepared to take or do, and helped me actually change my career! To my true love which at the time, to my surprise when I analysed my chart deeply is also indicated there too… no coincidence, astrology is real! And a great tool to help navigate life. Do you know what Saturn means in your  birth chart? Have it checked over and life may just make a lot more sense. Birth Chart reading is very empowering.

I will do more on Saturn as we move through the retrograde period of 2019, when ends in September stay tuned.

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14 Replies to “Understanding Saturn Retrograde in a Birth Chart + His Lessons”

  1. This was a very excellent and interesting article even for someone who isn’t into astrology! I still don’t understand retrograde well, just because I’m uncertain how y’all tell its moving back. I understand what retrograde means, just not how you tell its IN retrograde, because planets don’t go backwards and that’s what I keep picturing! That said, I learned what Saturn represents now so thank you!

    1. Hey, I am so glad that you learned something about Saturn as he is KEY in shaping our lives. To help you understand a bit more, we tell that a planet is in retrograde as it reaches a point (in forward motion) and stops, kind of hovers for a bit as this is as far as it can transit to in the sky.  As the ‘houses’ in the Sky that relate to life move forward, it appears to be going backwards through a ‘house of life.’ But, not literally, it is just stationed at a point then starts to travel again and is out of retrograde. Also all planets apart from the Sun and Moon retrograde a certain amount of times,  in their own cycle so astrologers can predict when the next retrograde happens. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Kae

    I have read your article and learned all the necessary information about the Saturn retrograde. I really did not know it affected people’s life. I did not know that Saturn could tell about the future of people. I found out what the elements are on this planet after reading your article. I will try to find out more about the planet. This is an important thing that we must know.

    Thank you so much for this awesome article. 

    1. You’re very welcome and glad that the article helped to inform you a bit more. Yes, Saturn to me is a key planet to watch in astrology. Much more than what meets the eye with his energy.

  3. Cool article, and since I’m 28, just two years away from 30, I want to get a little more in-depth with Saturn before he returns to check up on me. It makes sense, being that I’ve recently been going through the ‘OMG’ phase in my life. Like, I’m 28 and I was doing what I wanted for a living, stopped, went and worked a normal job, and now I’m on the road back to my passions, which I should stay started last year in one capacity and have continued to this year in another. Needless to say, it’s all happening as Saturn evokes his return to me. 

    1. Oh Todd, welcome to ‘Saturn’s Return’ my friend. Yes I remember the ‘OMG’ feeling too, but what I remember even more now I am 36 at the time of writing this, is Saturn’s Return years that’s what I remember more and how it shaped me looking back. My advice is find your calling keep going, and if you ever get a chance to look at your chart and see the  house and sign Saturn is under. Google can show you what the astrological icon for Saturn is and also the signs. Once armed with this, research my friend! Pay attention to what goes on in life as you approach 30 and the few years after. Love and light all the best.

  4. Guess that makes two of us Kae,

    I love Saturn and have been attracted to studying it for some time now, mainly because I’ve always been curious about it compared to the other planets. I’m still just a novice but my predictions are on point too – Life starting to turn around on the thirties, and it did! Out of curiosity, did you create the astrological birth chart yourself? I came across it on Etsy and it’s really cool 😀

    1. Wonderful! Yes he is very interesting. I have a book that I highly recommend that is all about Saturn I will do a review and post it later this evening, so stick around and come back if you like. Yes I do write the details and interpretation of any astrology I do 100% myself, I don’t use print offs. The actual chart is created from the astrology software as well… it’s 2019 after all, I don’t want to hand draw a chart i rather spend the time analysing it plus we don’t need to anymore  with software. BUT interpretation is by me.

  5. Good afternoon Kae,

    When I was a small girl my parents had a great friendship with a well-known astrologer in Holland. I would call him uncle.

    He made my radix, I still have it, and explained my life possibilities. He told my parents I should leave the house while still young and spread my wings. He also warned my parents I would go my way, poor parents, as that was true. When I now look back at the age of 69 I can see and understand the pattern. Because of my age, I have seen Saturn appear already a couple of times. Even if I have not learned all life lessons yet I have learned some of them. I have still some time left to continue learning. 

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Oh Taetske, reading that made me smile! This year I had the pleasure of doing a 12 month astrology horoscope e-book for a mature lady  too. She is currently experiencing her second Saturn Return, it was so interesting to look at her chart when she was 29 and now almost 60! Thank you for stopping by, and I am happy to hear the astrologer was right in his interpretation. Love and light!

  6. Thank you for this informative article. I really enjoyed reading it. I use to follow astrology and was very eager to check my daily horoscope to make sure I will have a nice day. I was born in Taurus sign and my ruler is planet Venera. Retrogade Saturn always brings changed, at least that is my experience.

    I loved that you mentioned all the key traits of each element. This way we will know how to deal with our weakspots when retrogade Saturn hits.


  7. I cannot wait to read more of your post about Saturn. Are you saying that we all have Saturn when we hit our 30? I am also in my mid 30s like you and I made the biggest mistake in my life. I opened 2 restaurants with an old friend whom I lost trust. I didn’t get to know her at all. All I wanted back then was my own business and just like that I found out that she stole from me. I came from a place where I needed to settle for something since I turned 30 and it is funny that is the same quote from your reading about Saturn. Will Saturn going to hit me again when I turn 40? Omg I am scared lol. Thank you again for this post.

    1. Hello, thanks for reading and your kind words I will be doing more on Saturn this week. To answer your question Saturn spends around two years and a bit on average in  a sign, we have twelve signs of the Zodiac he ‘returns’  to the sign he was in at the time of birth around 29-30ish years later and then again in our late-ish 50’s. If you live a long life you can have three ‘returns’. And yes, sadly in my view a combination of society making us feel we need to be ‘settled’ by 30, rather than find our calling or true happiness leads sometimes  to  making choices in the late twenties and early thirties that may not be the best for us. But that’s fine as long as we learn. If one can understand Saturn in our own personal charts it not only can make sense of the past, but also really where we should be going and the area of life we need to overcome to be the best version of ourselves. We also need to consider the house of life Saturn is in, in the chart to give insight into possibly the area of life Saturn is helping us to transform. Yes stick around for more on Saturn, and much more hopefully interesting astrology and spiritual insight to help you navigate life! Thank you for your readership.

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