Saturn Retrograde 2019: Financial Impact For Some?

So, today at around around 1.54 a.m UT Saturn retrograde 2019 will start, are you ready? There’s a lot that can be said about Saturn, his reputation in astrology is quite a harsh one. The planet of challenge, struggle, discipline, hard-work the list goes on. In all honesty in my view, there is a lot more to Saturn than this. That’s another blog post, for today let’s look at what his retrograde could mean.


What’s A Retrograde?

Saturn will retrograde  (start moving backwards), the planets will do this some more often than others, all apart from the Sun and the Moon will retrograde. When a planet travels backwards (or appears to be traveling backwards I should say, they don’t literally go backwards) from and Earth’s point of view, often this planet is back-tracking us to an area of life, situation, place, person or thing we need to take a closer look at. Or experience again, or just generally go back and learn or redo something. A retrograde can bring up many different things, depending on the planet that is in retrograde.

What’s Happening With Saturn?

First thing to say is, the house of life this transit, or any transit will happen in  (personally for you),  will depend on where the Sun sign who rules the energy the planet that is transiting  rules in your birth chart. So, look at the edge of your chart for the Capricorn sign, or have it checked by an astrologer ( that would be me by the way), and that’s where the energy is for you personally. In this area of life.

Capricorn will retrograde under the sign it rules one of them anyway, Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of learning, challenge, hard-work and discipline as we know, Capricorn has a very similar energy to it. It is linked to hard-work, hence Saturn rules it. Saturn will transit the 11th house of hopes, dreams, ambitions, friendships, how we experience life of a social level and mental level. This is an air house ruled by Aquarius. Naturally the Universe is calling some of us back to something in this house of life.

Saturn will also be conjunct ( working in unison) with Pluto, who also went retrograde on the 24/25th. Pluto is the planet of transformation and slow change, Scorpio’s ruler. This could indicate that while for some of us we are being called back to something to do with the 11th house of life, ( or whatever house Saturn will fall in for you) some kind of slow transformational change needs to happen, or will be happening  during the retrograde period. 

Saturn will also square ( tensions or frustration energy) with Mercury, the planet of thinking, learning, communication and short distance travel. He will be in the 2nd house of personal finance, what we own, wealth, the body and our values we hold as people. This could bring around frustrated thoughts with personal finances, or even the need to hold back ( Saturn’s discipline energy) with finances, or at least how we are thinking about them ( Mercury in the 2nd house).

Mercury is under the influence of Aries, so again check your chart for where Aries rules, to see the other house of life the Saturn is causing possibly some frustrations for you during retrograde.

Capricorn and Aries are two different energies, one is a fire sign ( Aries) the other an earth sign (Capricorn) so their elements and approaches to life are different. Aries is naturally a ‘let’s go’ forceful energy, however it lacks what Capricorn has and that’s discipline and stability to see things through.  That said, they are both cardinal signs, meaning the initiate action and things. One is ruling the thoughts (Aries) one is ruling the need to be disciplined ( Capricorn). For some of us our thoughts could feel Aries’ rush of ‘let’s go’ in whatever house Mercury will be stationed in for you, if it’s not the 2nd house of money. Capricorn and Saturn are calling for a little more discipline and maybe even learning before we go wild!

How Long Will Saturn’s Retrograde Last?

Brace yourself! Saturn retrograde 2019 will last until around the 18th/19th of September 2019. It’s a long transit as Saturn is an extra slow moving planet, taking anything up to up to twenty-nine years to move through a single sign! Hence we have two Saturn returns in our life, one around twenty-nine to thirty years old, and one in the late fifties.  During this time Saturn will obviously have aspects with other planets, which will impact on other areas of life. For now just know,  that Saturn is calling us all back for some lesson learning and maybe even some slight struggles, but also transformation as he is working with Pluto, in some aspect of all our lives. Where this is, will depend for you personally on where Saturn and Pluto sit in your chart and their energy.

How To Make The Most Of Saturn’s Retrograde?

Recognise what he is asking you to learn, experience, re-do or go back to. Also what he and Pluto may be asking you to change or transform in your life. Both of them are in retrograde, they are both powerful planets and they are both extremely slow moving! So the changes, challenges, or learning can be with us for at least the next five months of our lives. Don’t fight it roll with it, as Saturn’s energy really can be spiritually uplifting if you allow it to be, he is not all doom and gloom….I promise you!

It’s also a good time to have your birth charts read to see what’s going on, or have a few month’s horoscopes personally done during the retrograde.

Happy  Saturn retrograde 2019!

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