4th May 2019, New Moon In Taurus: It’s All About Compromise #astrology #newmoon

Taurus is all about ‘stability’ ‘progress’ ‘building’. So let’s take a look at what’s going on for May’s Taurus new Moon.

What House of Life Will The New Moon Fall In?

First thing to say is, the house of life the new Moon or any Moon falls in will depend (personally for you), on where the Sun sign who rules the energy of the Moon rules in your birth chart. So, look at the edge of your chart for the Taurus sign, or have it checked by an astrologer ( that would be me by the way), and that’s where the energy is for you personally. In this area of life.

Generally, from the point of view of where we are on Earth, this new Moon  will be 11 degrees into Taurus and will fall in the 6th house of life, around 18.00 hrs UTC.

Taurus New Moon.jpg

The 6th house is the house of how we earn money, being of service to others, health, pets, disputes with others and generally our day to day activities and routine. A perfect Moon for the energy of Taurus which is about building, stability, linked to finances, and taking time to get things right. The 6th house looks pretty busy too! We have a stellium of planet energy here with three planets under the influence of Taurus. The Sun, Moon and Uranus.

What’s The Energy Of The Taurus New Moon?

A stellium indicates significant energy, normally showing big empahise on this area of life, if found in a birth chart. As a new Moon energy, I’d stress the same,. For some of us work, how we earn money,  are of service, day to day routines , health even disputes with others could be of importance around the new Moon.  I also feel this as, the Moon at 11 degrees will oppose (tension energy) with the Ascendant ( the line along the first house), in Scorpio and square ( frustrations or annoyances) the Mid-Heaven( the line of the 10th house) in Leo. These are the only main aspects this new Moon makes.

The Ascendant is seen as who we are when the mask is removed ( deep down), when other’s know us. Taurus and Scorpio have very different energy. Taurus is an earth sign, grounded, slower, more focused on the long term. Scorpio is a water sign, emotional and a more fiesty energy. They are also both fixed energy signs, which means they both want their own way!  But around the new Moon there’s harsh tension.

Generally, earth and water signs can get on well as earth needs water to flourish and grow. That said, the Moon’s aspect to the Ascendant is one of  harsh tension and opposition. Some of us could be in conflict with what we want or who we are deep down, and our work, how we earn money, and the service we give to others, or even our day to day routines.

The Moon will also be in a slightly tense ( frustration) angle and square to the Mid-Heaven.  This area of a chart is seen as the area of ‘life’s calling’ in a vocational ( work related) sense. This angle also points to more tension around work and how we earn money.

The Mid-Heaven is in Leo, yet another fixed sign! Leo is about being grand, big gestures, often even the leader of the pack. It seems like there is general conflict around vocations and calling, the 6th house which covers how money is earned, and routines, and the Ascendant what we truly want/are deep down.

The energies of the signs interacting with the Moon in these aspects are also, all fixed. Everyone want’s their own way, has their own agenda… can we find a middle ground?

Let’s not forget Uranus, the planet of upheaval, sudden changes, erratic behaviour and being a rebel is also in the 6th house also. Indicating there could well be some fireworks as he is there, making up a stellium of energy around the new Moon. He is not making any major aspects, but the energy of Uranus is enough to spark fireworks, wherever he is. Looks like for some of us a tense new Moon, especially if you want to start something new and the universe has other ideas.

How Can We Make The Most Of The Energy?

Uranus is in Taurus’ grip, the good news is Uranus under this Sun sign is in a position of ‘fall’, or not as powerful. Taurus slows down his erratic behaviour. With the tense aspects that the Moon is making on very key parts of the chart for the day, think carefully about changes you’re considering. Especially around your 6th house of life. If you are facing tension with the aspects around the new Moon find a middle ground and try to compromise…. all this fixed energy with everyone wanting their own way ( Scorpio, Taurus and Leo’s energy), the only way to keep everyone happy, is compromise friends!

Happy new Moon!



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