Why The Eclipse Season Is Key In Your Life

So, we’re in full swing of the  2021 Sagittarius and Gemini eclipse season. If you are one of these star signs (sun signs) it will impact on you the most. Or if you have key planets in these signs in your birth chart  ( like me), you will feel the eclipse impact greatly. Eclipses will impact us all, some more than others depending on your birth chart. You may well already know this, and maybe have heard many astrologers echo what I’ve said. However I think often times, us astrologers and the astrology community as a whole including its fans  become so caught up on, what the planets are doing during an eclipse season that we (astrologers)  don’t fully explain exactly why an eclipse season (regardless of the year it happens) is key in your life, my life, and everyone’s life!


Firstly what is an eclipse?

I wrote about that and answered that question  in ‘why do we have eclipses’  to expand on this, and explain how it impacts life for you,  me, and the world, not just the technical things that the planets do, why the eclipse season is always key in your life is because:  an eclipse always opens a portal (direction) in life, for us all.  Depending on the kind of eclipse it is, it could be a portal/ direction of a new beginning or opportunities, fate and something must be released, or has to come to an end,  karma and/or ‘payback.’  Karma however,  that’s both positive and negative depending on how we have handled life. Never forget that karma is not always negative,  I want you to keep this in mind and you will see why when I give you an example. This new direction/portal an eclipse will bring to you in your life and why it is key will depend on the type of eclipse that is happening.

An eclipse also happens around the Nodes of the Moon. These are the portals /directions e.g, the south Node and the north Node. The south Node being = past, karma, where we have been, release. The North node being = direction, chances, where we could or should be heading for our highest good in this life incarnation. It’s due to the place (Node) the eclipse happens that gives the changes in life:

  • North node, Solar eclipse= fated events, a new beginning, new energy coming in.
  • South node, Solar eclipse= fated events, new beginnings but something must go!
  • North node, Lunar eclipse= openings, and new opportunities, new outlook.
  • South node, Lunar eclipse= karma payback from the Universe, and some kind of release  something has to go!

Secondly, how do the signs impact an eclipse and you?

An eclipse will happen in two signs of the zodiac, and the signs will be similar slightly but have different approaches in life. So they are signs in what we call ‘opposition’ or  have a small ‘conflict’ due to their natural energy, and approach to life that is different. The signs will influence how we go about things in life, during what happens during the eclipse in life,  based on the kind ( Node) of eclipse that we are having. ( See above.)

Okay, let’s get personal with birth charts…Why is this all key in life for you?

Everyone, all of us, have all of the twelve zodiac signs in our charts in different locations, they will rule a house ‘area of our life.’ I explained house ruler-ships and how to work this out in your chart here.So when it comes to an eclipse, if we consider that it will happen around a Node of the Moon- north or south, in a one sign one week and then in the opposite two weeks later (eclipse season), this means in everyone’s personal birth chart depending on where the sign the eclipse is happening rules in everyone’s chart you, me, your family, your boss, the dog and even the neighbours  will feel the energy of the eclipse in that area of life that the eclipse is happening in, what happens in life for you personally around an eclipse will depend on the kind of eclipse happening. And that’s why eclipse season is key for us all, we will all be ‘rocked’ where it personally hits us and the impact of the ‘rock’ will depend on the type of eclipse. Let’s look at an example:

  1. This eclipse season that started on the 26th May 2021, was in Sagittarius. So two weeks later on the 10th June 2021 we will have an eclipse in Gemini.
  2. On the 26th May it was a total luna eclipse around the south Node= karma, release, payback from efforts carried out between the last eclipse and now is the energy that will impact us all.

Real life example… Why the eclipse season is key.

  • My son has a Sagittarius ascendant (who he is deep down), so this will of course impact on him and his 1st house. Meaning the Moon during the eclipse on the 26th May 2021 was at 5 degrees of Sagittarius ( the eclipse angle) and for him personally, it fell in his first house of him, who he is, how he approaches life, and him on a soul level– what the first house covers in astrology.
  • The Moon ‘s energy (emotions, how we handle things) formed an angle  we call a ‘square’ which can bring frustrations, choices over how to handle things and ‘activated’  his Uranus ( the planet of unexpected changes, rebel like behaviour, eccentric ideas, and being different) which is in his 3rd house in his birth chart. The 3rd house is the area of life that covers: early childhood education, short journeys we make, the neighbourhood we live in, communication and how we learn.
  • The energy of the eclipse  for us all no matter where it will hit in your chart is: release, karma payback, something has to go a south Node total luna eclipse kind. This was triggered  in his 3rd house, when the Moon hit his planet of change in his 3rd house.
  • What happened for my son under this eclipse based on his Sagittarius ascendant and how it hit his chart? Without me even checking his birth chart, the week of the eclipse we made a decision that my son would continue to be home-schooled, due to what he prefers, how he learns best, and of course this damn Covid-19 pandemic! But mainly, after a year of home-school due to the pandemic  it became clear to everyone that: traditional school is and has been since he moved up a class and expected to learn differently, quicker, and more rigidly  a challenge for him. Due to his learning need and style and focused one to one attention is better– he progressed better over the last year outside the ‘tradition’ of school. We also found brilliant classes that he can attend for his social interaction with other children who are home- schooled, so he will not miss out on this if he has his education at home. So naturally,  we notified his school about this ‘unexpected change’ that of course in his life that does relate to his 3rd house of: early childhood learning  as he is still young, and how we learn generally.

So you see! As above in the cosmos with astrological alignments, so below in our birth charts as people. The eclipse will fall in a certain area of life for us all a ‘ house of life.’ The Moon’s energy under this Sagittarius eclipse will trigger: a change, release, and karma payback somewhere in life for us all!  For my son, something has been let go, something has been released, = traditional schooling went and was released, this is a karmatic payback for him that is positive. As he has spent a year at home being home- schooled and tutored mainly due to the pandemic. From this change that vibrated over a year ago, it was a positive release and karma for his long term educational development.  Now I did not know this until I looked at the eclipse impact on my chart and his after the decision was made and the school was notified.  Karma, how we handled things over the last year since the last eclipse vibrated  led to this change. This is why I would like you to understand that south Node eclipses ( like the one we had)  are not all bad, and if you have been vibrating highly since the last eclipse ( in my son’s case really applying himself in home-school and progressing better than he did in traditional school), the south Node ‘payback’ can be a blessing in disguise for a person.

In summary, how can you make the most of this eclipse season?

Sagittarius is about ‘freedom’, ‘ new ideas’ ,’ the true authentic self’ and rules the 9th house in modern astrology of ‘ the higher-self.’   Under this eclipse see where it falls in your chart and how Sagittarius’ energy applies to that area of life for you, or have an astrologer look for you. Check out the blog I did on finding out what sign rules your house and you will see where Sagittarius is. If you’re a Sagittarius star sign, or have it as your ascendant sign like my son it will impact YOU directly, and your 1st house in life.  Remember this is a release eclipse and something may leave your life, or a new direction  may be found which means you leave something and accept something different. Whatever you need to leave and accept is it ‘authentic to you’ ,’ give you freedom’, ‘align with your higher-self’ ? Just like the Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius seeks information too, that’s related to philosophy and how we view life,  your overall outlook on life where ever the Sagittarius eclipse falls may need, or may be forced to have an overhaul under this eclipse energy.

Enjoy the new directions! Stay tuned for this month’s journal writing prompts.



6 Replies to “Why The Eclipse Season Is Key In Your Life”

  1. Hi Kae!
    I’ve never thought there would be so much about eclipses and the related impacts in our life. However, its was an interesting reading and honestly opened my mind to new approaches. It was so new to me that I will go through it again and again … your article made me so curious!

    Thanks for your lovely post and take good care.

    1. Hi Antonio, yes there is a hell of a lot when it comes to eclipse energy, and in all honesty I have simplified it for you all! But I am glad that you got the jest, and can see how it can apply to your own life. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Kae

    I enjoy reading about astrology and star signs and find the information interesting.

    I live in South Africa and I had no idea that with our recent full moon that there was a lunar eclipse.  I must admit  I did think the full moon did look particularly beautiful.

    As you mention the moon is in the fun-loving and free spirited Sagittarius and so the theme of breaking free  of the past is apt.

    I enjoyed reading about the positive example you give about your son.

    Thank you

    Best wishes


    1. Hello and thanks for joining me from South Africa! That’s amazing to see the message has reached so far. Yes, it was a beautiful full Moon, look up again on the 10th June for the next one. I hope you receive many blessing. Blessed be.

  3. Each time I hear the word karma I always think of negative things, thank you for teaching me that it can be positive as well. I have learned a lot of new things in your article. I definitely need to leave something and accept something this season. Thank you very much for this article. I am so glad I came across it. 

    1. You’re very welcome. And yes karma people always feel is negative the thing is if we ‘reap what we sow’ when we really do good things the law of karma means= we get blessings! Thanks for stopping by.

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