March Equinox 2021: Astrological New Year! + Spiritual Journalling

On the 20th March 2021, it;s the March equinox, we have the start of the new year in astrology terms. The Sun will enter the sign Aries at 0 degrees. This is wonderful energy, when any planet is at 0 degrees in a birth chart it shows us where or how in our life in this incarnation we can, ‘make a new start’ if we ever need it. When a planet or the Sun or Moon transits and moves into a sign at 0 degrees it’s always an energy of ‘reset.’

What Happens During an Equinox?

Equinox means literally ‘equal night and day’ so the amount of day light, and night time we have no matter where you are in the

world will be equal on the equinox. This is due to the sun’s position to the earth. Which brings the energy of balance and a new start. It’s also when Aries season starts, and Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and in modern astrology the ruler of the 1st house.  It’s around this time also that the seasons change. The March equinox in the northern hemisphere this will indicate the start of spring, with equal day and night time. In the southern hemisphere it’s the start of autumn.

Then  where I am in the northern hemisphere we have the start of summer with the summer Solstice in June time, where it’s the longest day of the year (lots of sun light). Then we move on again to another equinox for autumn around September, and winter solstice where it’s the shortest day (lack of sun light for winter)  in December. Essentially during an equinox it’s an indication of a new energy coming in, with a new season. A chance to take stock of life, reflect, think about what’s next, or just rest if it’s the autumn equinox.

Spiritual Writing Prompts: March Equinox 2021

During this equinox when the sun moves to 0 degrees Aries it will also conjunct with Venus, in Pisces a conjunction means that they are working in unison, happily together. Venus is the planet that connects us to what we want, about love, beauty, what we see as value to us as she rules over the 2nd house of personal values also. It’s a time to think about balance yes, reset yes, a  new start yes, but with what? This is what we need to figure out with Venus’ involvement in this conjunction. She’s asking us what is of value, how are your finances, how’s your body, what about your love life, and self-love? All things that she deals with. Venus blesses what she touches, as does the Sun’s energy. The Sun’s energy is about growth, health, expansion, vitality. It’s time to focus on what’s of importance and how we grow toward it! Here’s a few spiritual  writing prompts to ponder.

  • What is important to you right now? What about as we move into this new season what is of importance moving forward?
  • How is your overall body and health? What has it been showing you?
  • Are finances in good check and balanced?
  • Generally, as you look forward and we move into the spring season (in the northern hemisphere) or Autumn  (the southern hemisphere) what needs more balance, change, a fresh start or going over again to improve it or make progress with it.
  • What’s the future plan, that’s of importance to the new season?

Happy writing! And why not grab a free download of my book:  30 Days of Positive Affirmations  as we move into a new seasons also.



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