Universe’s Messages: New Moon in Sagittarius 14th December 2020


On the 14th December we have a  new Moon in  Sagittarius, not only that it’s a Total Solar Eclipse! I wrote about the differences between eclipse energy here in this article, you can catch up if you missed it. As you can see from the chart above on the 14th December 2020 at around 17.16 CET time where I am, the Sun and Moon will be conjunct ( working together) at 23 degrees of Sagittarius, around the new Moon. Not only that we have a stelluim of energy in Sagittarius with both Venus, Mercury and the South Node here!

What’s The Universe’s Message During This Solar Eclipse New Moon, How Could It Impact On Life?

Well the first thing to say is that this is a new Moon so the energy is about ‘newness’ in whatever why that resonates for you. The fact that it is a solar eclipse puts this on steroids. It’s also a  south Node solar eclipse so something fated can happen, new things can start, but most importantly something may leave or has to go in order for a new start to happen.  In addition we have a stelluim in Sagittarius involving Venus and also  Mercury. Get prepared, and ask yourself what happened around the last eclipse that was  on the 30th  November it was a north Node lunar eclipse giving possibly a new outlook, and this eclipse it’s time to say ‘bye bye’ after reflection.

  • North node, Solar eclipse= fated events, a new beginning, new energy coming in.
  • South node, Solar eclipse= fated events, new beginnings but something must go!
  • North node, Lunar eclipse= openings, and new opportunities, new outlook.
  • South node, Lunar eclipse= karma payback from the Universe, and some kind of release  something has to go!

Looking more deeply at the energies, this is a Sagittarius eclipse, Sagittarius in modern astrology is the ruler of the 9th house of life.  This is a house dedicated to ‘distant places, situations, people, things, foreign land or new to you situations, spirituality, the meaning of life, higher education, travel, publishing and sports’. It’s the house of the ‘higher self’ essentially. Sagittarius is the ‘free spirit’ and ‘adventurer’ of the zodiac. It’s also a mutable sign so it ‘goes with the flow’ ‘bends and flexes as needed’.

The Moon is also in trine ( extreme bliss and harmony) with the planet Mars. Mars is about ambition. determination, sexual aggression, and aggression in general. And he is under it’s ruler Aries this is fantastic! Now add in Venus ( love, money, connection to what we want) and Mercury ( thinking, thoughts, communication and short travels). What’s key to remember is that how this eclipse, or any eclipse will impact on you personally will depend on where the eclipse is taking place in your chart. So where Sagittarius rules, what area of life, and if you’re a Sagittarius yourself this will be a key time.

However, as a general message bringing everything together the Universe’s message is: connection to what we want ( Venus) and thinking about this or traveling to it ( Mercury),   motivation, action, taking charge  (Mars trine with Moon)  over  or with a new outlook in life, possibly saying good bye to old ways, ( the type of eclipse) and with Sagittarius’ influence reaching for distant,  unknown things , situations, people, places, and what’s new to the higher self.’ Mercury and Venus play a key role being ‘connected’ Venus  and ‘thinking’ or ‘traveling and communicating’ Mercury about this ‘new outlook’ even if we say ‘good bye’ to something else, it’s time to get motivated and ‘just do it’ with the Mars trine to this New Moon’s energy.

How does this resonate for you as we end 2020?




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